Evie’s 15 Month Update

IMG_3109Sweet Pea is going through so many changes lately!  After that year mark, it’s almost like they just take off with crazy amounts of learning and growing up.  She is still our teensy little peanut just weighing in at 20 lb.  Last time we checked in at the doctors, she was continuing to hang out in the 4th percentile for weight.  Evie Grace still naps twice a day: 1 – 1 1/2 hours in the morning and another 1 – 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon.  She goes to bed at 7 p.m. and is usually up by 6:30 a.m.  Watching and “helping” with cooking is so much fun!  Here Evie was assisting with scrambled eggs for breakfast!


Evie makes anything look cute, but check out this adorable hat!  I mean, come on! haha



Evelyn enjoys communicating more and more every day.  She has really taken off with her signing and speaks a handful of words now too.  “Mama, Daddy, Abby, Evie, Bye, Hi, dump, Ya-ya! (yes), Dis (this), uh-oh, and beep,” are some of her most commonly used.  “Beep” is probably her favorite word.  Whenever she hears someone using the microwave, she races madly into the kitchen screaming, “Beep!  Beep!  Beeeeeeeeeeeep!!” in anticipation of getting something food related.  She is more obsessed with food than anyone ever (didn’t think this was possible after Abby, but it definitely is!).  People probably think I don’t feed her enough, when in reality, she is almost constantly eating!!  Her favorite words to sign are “food” and “eat” so at least she’s consistent.  She uses her version of “this” to ask questions.  She’ll ask to be carried and then point around the house saying, “Dis?  Dis?  Dis?” in the hopes of having everything explained.  Oh, and licking off the spatula after Mama makes mashed potatoes?  Major win!!



She absolutely loves when I give her a whole, peeled apple (Abby eats an apple every day, and that’s why Evelyn thinks it’s the best).


Another mode of communication Evelyn has down pat is head shaking/nodding.  She’ll often add a “ya-ya!” to her head nods and we may or may not try to ask her questions all the time since it’s fun having her respond.  The best is when Abby asks her things and she answers.  The two of them starting to have more communication is really fun to watch.  Maybe now Abby will slow up on putting words into Evie’s mouth.  She often will tell me what Evelyn is thinking or wants. ha


Our little tot has loooong, intense conversations on her toy phones multiple times a day.


Evelyn recently has taken a little more interest in books.  We can now get her to occasionally sit through a short board book.  She also loves “sneaking” off into the girls’ room with a book in hand, climbing up on Abby’s bed, and “reading” her book while lying on her back.  I think it’s hilarious.  She’s always so smug about it.  We quickly found out that books were NOT a good church activity for Evelyn because she will “read” them very loudly, just like at home!


Getting to climb up on the rocking chair to watch the rain outside was so exciting!  Check out this first picture though…. does she have her Daddy’s head shape, or WHAT?!




Little Sister is our blondie at the moment.  So far her hair is taking after mine.  I was very blonde as a little girl and had some of the slowest growing hair around.  I was mostly bald until I was nearing 2!  Evie’s hair is now finally long enough that I can get a little ponytail in there.  I love those tiny sprouts!!



Each morning before Daddy leaves for work, he gives all his girls a hug and kiss goodbye.  Then he signs “I love you” as he heads down the steps.  Usually, his girls are at the top of the steps signing “I love you” back (Evie’s version is pointing) while both screeching, “BYE!!” and wildly waving.


Hanging out with Daddy is always the best.  Lately, he has been playing Abby’s crow game with the girls at night and they think it’s the best!  Getting pulled around in a sled is pretty great too.


Evie has reached the age where she likes a little peace and quiet to get her diaper duty done.  She’ll usually run into a different room or at least get in a corner of the same room.  If I ask her, “Evie, are you going potty?”  She’ll usually pretend not to hear me.  Then if I say, “You don’t want to talk about it?”  She’ll quickly shake her head, “no.” haha  Something recent has been majorly fighting diaper changes.  It actually is almost impossible sometimes to change her on my own.  When she gets in a mood, I can’t keep her hands out and get her cleaned up properly!  Abby will often help by holding Evelyn’s hands down and then I try to keep her pinned to one spot while cleaning her up.  I was planning to hold off potty training until after baby #3 because I didn’t want to deal with it, but I tell ya…. this makes me want to reconsider.  And this is the face of Little Miss Trouble herself!


Climbing up on the picnic table with a toy and then sitting on the table and playing with the toy is pretty much the most exciting part of every day.


There are times that Evelyn gets obsessed with REALLY LOUD screaming – often just for the fun of it, other times because Abby is frustrating her.  Lately, the two of them have been getting along really well overall and having a lot of fun together.  We still have the occasional bout of screaming though.  It seems to cycle.  Evie will get on a roll and constantly use screaming to communicate frustration.  Then I’ll work on an alternative signing word and she’ll train out of it.  A couple weeks later and she’s doing it again and we start over.


Getting to play outside it always the best part of our days.  We’re definitely starting to miss the warm weather, but spring will be here before we know it…. right? 🙂



Evelyn got new “boots” (more like house booties to wear around since she was constantly slipping on our non-carpeted floors) and was SO proud of them. haha  I have to admit, they looked so cozy I almost wanted a pair myself!


Abigail is perpetually full of energy and will sometimes jump around the house to let some of it out.  Evie thinks she knows how to jump as well and will stretch up and down on her tippy toes while yelling, “uh! uh! uh!”  She’s always very proud of herself.


Evs has a mouth full of teeth now.  It took the longest time for her to get more than two, but once they started coming in, it was like they couldn’t stop.  I’m not sure exactly how many are in there now, but there’s a good deal.  If you want an exact count, go ahead and stick your finger in there.  I’ll pass.  We try to brush her teeth every night, which she loves.  She loves it so much that it breaks her heart when she has to hand her toothbrush back to Daddy or Mama.  For a while, she would have a few sobs about it before moving on.  Now I think she realizes she’ll get another chance tomorrow. 🙂


Evelyn still really likes finding baby dolls and caring them around the house.  She usually has them cry and then gives them kisses or wants me or Daddy to give them kisses.  She also likes to feed them out of the play kitchen food.  She’ll spoon things to them and make a loud smacking noise that’s adorably funny.


Music is Evelyn’s favorite!  Whenever we play music, she can’t help but dance and she gets soooo giddy about it.  She will often sing along (loudly!) as well.  Big Sister has a toy that sings the alphabet song.  It’s funny because Evie has heard it so often that she knows it perfectly.  Although she can’t actually say most of the letters, she will sing that song all the time and it’s completely recognizable to us!


I have a kitchen cupboard full of pots and pans that is one of Evie’s favorite spots.  She’s so tiny, it feels like a giant cave to her and she will often hide/play in there while I’m cooking.  It’s not the most ideal for accomplishing meals, but at least I can keep track of her this way!


If Evie’s not in her cupboard, or tearing apart the can cupboard (taking out all the spices, cans, cereals, pastas, everything else and putting them all over the floor) while I’m cooking, she will often be giving my leg a squeezy hug. haha  She’s the best!  She really does give the most amazing hugs.  Every time before nap or bed, she will give me a tight hug and I treasure those little moments.  She’s much more of a cuddler than her big sister.


We attempted staying in a hotel (for the first time with the girls) over the holidays and that was….. rough, to put it lightly. haha  I was in a bed with the girls and Evie woke up almost every 20 minutes to scream and cry for a minute.  She was also just awake most of the night, grouchy and reaaaaaaally overtired.  I think I maybe got 2 broken hours of sleep.  Abby had a rough time too since Evie kept kicking her and screaming.  Daddy probably got the best sleep after he decided to ditch our bed (this took him about 20 minutes to decide on) and use the inviting, empty, queen bed a few feet away. ha!  It’s always great to see people, but I think Caleb put it best when he said, “As far as sleep with kids goes, there’s no place like home.”  Truth x 1,000,000.  This was before we actually attempted any sleep – thus the cheerful expressions.


Bath time is always a blast.  The girls love playing in there together.  Evie was throwing a fit every time she had to get out for a couple weeks, but after watching Abby consistently get out without a fuss, she is starting to move on.  One evening before bath, Evie whipped out one of my hairbrushes and began brushing her “luxurious” locks (a favorite activity for the past few months).  Abby exclaimed, “Look!  Evie is combing her hair!  She’s a talented girl!  That’s what Daddy says.”  I thought that was funny.  Abby always has so much to say and sometimes we run out of good responses.  “Yup, Evie’s a talented girl” was one of Daddy’s fall backs apparently.


Evs has been on a kick with yelling for, “Ma!” almost constantly.  If I leave the room, “Ma! Ma! Ma!” until I answer or come back.  Sometimes she will leave the room, so she can enjoy screeching for me. haha


Getting pictures of this busy, loud, little girl has become quite the task, but I keep trying because I love catching her on camera!  This sweet tiny tot is full of nonstop energy and destroying the house is her daily delight.  It’s crazy to think that her next update (18 months) will be right before baby arrives!  I can’t picture Evie as a big sister yet, but I’m sure she will be awesome when the time comes.  For now, we’ll let her enjoy her babyhood a little longer. 🙂




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