I Week

This is majorly overdue, but I’ll just blame that on my children and the brand new little guy who has been staying with us.  Things have been a bit more chaotic around here, to say the least.  The best is definitely the appalled looks when I drag around 2 kids and a newborn while I am massive at 30 weeks pregnant.  The looks of extreme confusion and pity I get are pretty priceless.  I can see it all over their faces, “Aww, look at that sweet baby!  WHOA!  That mom is still HUGE!  Poor thing.  I’ve never seen anyone struggling that much to shed their baby weight!”  I’m quickly learning not to care about what other people think of me.  Even most of the people who recognize the situation think we’re crazy (it’s okay…. by now, we know we are!).

Letter Ii post – here we go!

I is for insects!  Abby filled in her block letter “I” with insect stickers.  I also found some fun insect images from Google and laminated some insect cards for her.  She loved hearing the names and learning a few facts about each one.

Block Letter I for Insects

Preschool Insect Cards

Abby’s letter “Ii” handwriting and tracing practice.

Letter Ii Handwriting PracticeI is for Itchy Tracer Page

This was a fun “I” craft that allowed for beginner scissor practice, which is always a hit.  I gave Abby rectangular strips of paper and she cut each one into smaller pieces.  Then she glued them as kernels on her Indian corn.

Indian Corn CraftScissor Cutting Practice

Indian Corn Fall Craft Letter I

Find and color in the letter “Ii” page.

Find Letter Ii Page

I combined Abigail’s “I is for” and “J is for” pictures this week and had her sort them onto the correct page.  She thought that was pretty fun.

I and J Sort

Ii is for page

Ideally, I wanted to use marshmallows for this activity, since it would still be possible to see the igloo afterwards, but I didn’t plan ahead enough so we ended up using cotton.  Abby still thought it was fun.  You can’t go wrong when you get to glob glue around, right?

I is for Igloo Cotton Craft

I is for Igloo Cottonball Craft

Finally, the girls got to try out some ice experiments this week!  First, we talked about how water turns into ice in the freezer and Abby got to pour some water into our ice cube tray.  We added a drop of food coloring to a few of the sections and popped it in the freezer for later.

Preparing Ice

After quiet time, the ice was ready!  First, I gave Abby a bowl of hot water and a bowl of cold water and she got to put one ice cube in each bowl to find out which one would melt faster.

Melting Ice

Hot and Cold Water with Ice

Our next ice experiment used the colored ice.  It was kind of a fail, but the girls still thought it was exciting.  I poured some baby oil in a baking dish and as the ice melted it was supposed to form colorful droplets all around in the pan.  You can sort of see that happening here, but not as well as it did on pinterest. haha

Colorful Ice with Baby OilBaby Oil with Ice

Melting Ice in Baby Oil

Our final ice experiment was the best!  The girls each got to set an ice cube in a bowl full of water.  Then, they tried laying a string on top of the ice and nothing happened.  But once we tried again, this time sprinkling a little salt on top of the string/ice and waiting about 10 seconds, the string stuck to the ice!  I was impressed how long the string stuck on the ice.  The girls each played with theirs for about 5-10 minutes before it broke off and we had to do it again.  Evie was so proud that she got to do the experiment too.

Salt, Ice, and String ExperimentIce Experiment with Salt and String

Ice on a String!Ice Stuck on a StringProud Girl



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