J Week

Abby’s handwriting and letter “J” tracer pages.

J Handwriting PageJ Tracer Page

J is for jellyfish!  I’ve done this craft with children I’ve cared for in the past, and I typically like to use a paper bowl since it’s a little sturdier to work with.  However, when you aren’t as prepared as you should be, a coffee filter works in a pinch. 🙂

Jellyfish Craft with Coffee Filter

First, Abby chose a color and painted her coffee filter.  After it dried, she cut eight strips of blue streamers for the tentacles.  She enjoyed taping those on.  Then we glued on some big googly eyes and I helped her tape a string to the top so she could make her jellyfish “float” around the house.

J is for Jellyfish PreschoolJ is for Jellyfish

Find and fill in the letter “Jj” page.

J Find Page

Jello starts with “J” so we had to make a batch of that.  We usually slice up a banana and pour in a can of fruit cocktail to make it more exciting.  The girls were excellent helpers.

J is for JelloCutting up banana

Jello starts with JMaking Jello!

…. and excellent taste testers. 🙂

Yummy jello!Jello!!

What starts with the letter “J” cut and paste page.

What starts with the letter J

Abigail made some jingle bell jewelry (a bracelet) using a pipe cleaner and jingle bells.  Not that I ever have to wonder where she is (talk, talk, talk), but there was absolutely no doubt left when she was jingling around the house with this all day! 🙂

Jinglebell JewelryJinglebell Bracelet

Finally, Abs glued “jewels” in her block letter this week.

J is for Jewel Preschool CraftJewel Preschool Craft



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