K Week

We attempted key paint stamping to fill Abby’s block letter “K.”  It was definitely messy, but she thought it was fun.  I ended up having her use a little paint brush to coat one side and then she would pick it up and flip it onto her paper.

Key Paint Stamping Block Letter K

Abigail’s letter “K” tracer page.

K Handwriting Page for PreschoolersKk Tracer Page

Handwriting practice and what things begin with “K?”

Kk Handwriting PracticeWhat begins with K

I had fun making some interactive pages to go with “The Three Little Kittens” children’s rhyme.  Abby loved learning it and playing with the little mittens.

3 Little Kittens Activity Page

Three Little Kittens Preschool Activity

K is for Kittens Preschool Activity

Three Little Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens

I made the girls little kitten ears to wear and *gasp!* drew on their faces with marker to complete the look.  They thought it was the best!!  Evie decided she wanted her whiskers and nose washed off long before her big sister.  Abby kept hers on (and stayed in character) until her bath at the end of the day.  She found a pair of socks to wear as “mittens” later on, but I missed a picture of that.  She has been role playing a kitten (Rosie) every day since.

You look like a kitten!

My little kittenKitten Costume

Kitten EarsKitten Dress up

My Little Kittens

Abby loved making her own little kite.  I cut out a diamond shape for her to color and then punched a hole at the top and bottom.  Through the bottom hole, I tied a tail string for her to thread colorful straw pieces on.  Through the top, I tied a piece of yarn she could hold to “fly” her kite around the house…. which she did very enthusiastically up and down the hallway until she had pelted into Evie one too many times and we had to call it quits.

Kite Preschool Activity

Kite Preschool CraftKite Straw String Activity

We attempted a homemade kaleidoscope.  Abby’s favorite part was getting to decorate the outside of a toilet paper tube roll with pieces of craft tape.  She got to choose from a variety of kinds, cut off pieces, and stick them on all by herself and she was loving it!!

Homemade KaleidoscopeCutting Tape!Kaleidoscope Preschool Activity

I folded up a piece of aluminum foil (sorry, I didn’t have any reflective or mirror paper available like all the pinterest sites called for) into a triangle shape and put that in the tube, leaving about 1.5″ of empty space at one end.  Then I shoved in a plastic circle.  Abby picked through my sequins and dumped her favorites on top of that.  Then I taped a second plastic circle on the end to hold the sequins in.  On the opposite end, we taped a little paper circle with a small peek hole in the middle.  It didn’t end up working the best, but it was still enjoyable.  Evie thought it was our usual “tooter horn” tube at fist.  After some persuasion, she attempted “looking” through it, but she never quite caught on. haha!!

Toilet Paper Tube Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope FailTrying out the Kaleidoscope


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