L Week

L is for letter!  My friend, Brittany, had just visited us (one of my girls’ favorite people) so Abby thought we should write a letter to her.

L is for LetterL is for Letter3

Brittany is so wonderful that the girlies got a letter back in a matter of days!  It was an exciting moment. 🙂

Letter from Brittany!

Abigail’s handwriting practice and tracer page.

L handwriting preschoolL Tracer Page Preschool

Abs was so excited about practicing her letter “Ll’s” all week.  She was loving writing them with sidewalk chalk outside.


Color, cut, and glue objects that begin with “L.”  For our block letter, Abby practiced some lacing.

Objects that start with LlLacing Block Letter L Preschool

We tried making some homemade lemonade which was a lot of fun!!  The girls thought it was great!

L is for Lemonade!

First, I sliced a lemon in half and let them each try sucking on it.  They were forewarned it would be very sour!!  As expected, I got some pretty good little pucker faces afterwards.  To my great surprise, they both went back for more and would have kept at it if I didn’t cut them off and continue the process. ha!

Lemon TastingLemon Tasting1

Lemon Tasting2Lemon Tasting3

Next, we dropped their lemon wedges into ziploc bags and the girls added about 1/2 cup of water and 2-3 teaspoons of sugar to each bag.  Then they squeezed their lemons and shook their bags.  I taste tested a couple times to make sure they were sugared enough.

Lemonade - adding sugarHomemade LemonadeMixing up Homemade Lemonade

When their lemonade was ready to go, we stuck a curly straw in and they slurped away!  I think it was a successful experiment.  Abby later was telling Daddy all about it, “And lemons are sour!  Until we put salt in!”  I quickly assured him it was actually sugar.

Lemonade Slurping

Lemonade with a curly strawLemonade!

For Abby’s quiet time, I set up a little laundry station where she could “wash” her dollies’ clothes and hang them up to dry.  We used an empty plastic bin for her washer and a piece of yarn nailed to the wall for her clothesline.  It was a little tricky for her to manipulate the clothespins at first, but she quickly got the hang of it and thought it was pretty fun.

preschool laundry clothesline

L is for Laundry Preschool

Abigail still enjoys the rock ladybugs from her ladybug number leaf matching activity.  She can easily count to ten, but will often get distracted when I’m having her count something.  Instead of carefully pointing to each object as she counts out loud, she will start to trail her finger, look away, and count until she runs out of numbers.  This was good for her since it made her slow down, look, and think about what she was counting.

Ladybug Counting

The concept of long vs. short was pretty familiar for Abby, so this was a quick worksheet.  She enjoyed it because she got to use glue, while being closely supervised.  I let her use a glue stick independently on two different occasions now and both times she ended with glue smeared all over her papers and empty glue sticks.  According to her, “I just got kind of excited there about my glue!” haha

Long or Short Worksheet   Long or Short Worksheet Preschool

Our lion craft involved paint, which is always a thrill.  Abby dipped a fork in orange paint and used it to make a mane all around her lion’s face.  Afterwards, I let her use up her pile of paint on some scrap paper and that was probably her favorite part.  Messiness is best!!

Fork Lion Mane Preschool Craft

Duplo counting stacks were another way we reinforced careful counting this week.  Abby really enjoyed building the lego stacks just like the pictures, carefully selecting the right colors and doing it all by herself.

Lego Counting

Lego Math Duplos

We did some light experiments before bed one night.  We had just purchased a cheap flashlight, since we somehow didn’t have one up until now.  The girls each took turns running around the dark house and playing some sort of hide and seek game with us.  Then Abby helped collect a few household items and guessed which ones the flashlight would shine through and which ones it wouldn’t.  She was actually right for every guess, except for the aluminum foil.  The aluminum foil and the book were the only two it couldn’t shine through.

What can light shine through

We had Abby practice shining the flashlight at specific objects throughout her room. Then it was time for the finale.  Using a colander, we held the flashlight underneath and created a star filled room!  It was hard to capture on camera, but really awesome!!  You should definitely try this at home. 🙂

Flashlights are fun!Flashlight Sillies

Bedtime Stars

Making StarsLight Star Show


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