M Week

M was a fun (and extra long) “week!”  The girls started it out making these awesome marble paintings.  I kind of wanted to make about a million of these!  Aren’t they awesome!?!

Marble Painting 5

Marble Painting 4

The girls used my lightweight aluminum baking dish to put their papers in.  We used old yogurt containers to put the different paint colors in.  Then, the girls used a spoon to get the marble good and coated before carefully scooping it out and plopping it on their paper.  They loved watching it paint the paper as they tipped the pan around.  Evie needed some major supervision as she would have had the pan upside down without, but she thought it was pretty great too. 🙂

Marble Painting 2Marble Painting 3

Marble Painting 1

Abby made a mosaic to fill in her block letter “M.”  Evie thought it was fun that Big Sis let her stick some papers on as well.  Abs also made a shamrock mosaic because it’s March!

Mosaic Letter MM is for Mosaic Shamrock

Abigail’s handwriting, tracer, and objects that begin with “M” pages:

Letter M Handwriting PageM Tracer Page Preschool Learning

Objects that start with M

The girls beg for experiments all the time, so they were thrilled when I told them we would be doing a milk experiment this week from laughing kids learn!  I poured some milk in a bowl and each girl got to drip some food coloring in.

Milk Experiment 1

Milk Experiment 2Milk Experiment 3

After checking that out for a bit, we squeezed a drop of dish soap right in the middle and watched the food coloring quickly sweep to the sides.

Milk Experiment 5Milk Experiment 4

Of course after all that watching, I let the girls each poke a toothpick around in the colors and that was quite possibly their favorite part.

Milk Experiment 6

When we were hanging out at my parents’, the girls had their aunties and uncle help them decorate a giant mural.  We had to hang it up for a while so everyone could admire it.

Mural Preschool


We had ordered a little magnet set in preparation for “M Week” and it was a huge hit with the girlies.  They loved playing with it and testing it all out!!  Here’s Evie giving the horseshoe magnet a try.

Magnet Exploration 1

There were two little cars with snap in magnets.  They would connect or spin away from each other based on how you held them.

Magnet Exploration 2

The girls both loved this little magnetic pole.  It had some magnets you could slide onto it.  They thought it was great when you would push down on the circular magnets and watch them bounce.

Magnet Exploration 3Magnet Exploration 4

It also came with two little ladybugs and a maze.  Abby was pretty good at holding a magnet underneath the maze and guiding the ladybugs through it.  The girls’ parents had some fun with this set too!

Magnet Exploration

Another day, we used the horseshoe magnet to do some magnet exploration of our own.  Abby helped me collect a variety of objects around our house.  Then she guessed which things would be magnetic and which things wouldn’t.  These were her guesses:

Is it Magnetic Guesses

Then she gave it a try and came up with these results:

Is it Magnetic Results

Afterwards, she thought it would be a fun idea to try and pick up all the magnetic objects at once with her horseshoe magnet.  She managed to do it after a couple tries!

Horshoe Magnet Preschool Learning

Our last activity was homemade maracas.  The idea came from Made Everyday and was a lot of fun!  It was great for this time of year since you need Easter eggs and we are all getting excited for Easter around here. 🙂

The girls spilled spooned some popcorn seeds into their eggs and then I helped them tape them between two plastic spoons.

Homemade MaracasHomemade Maracas 1

I let them use permanent markers to decorate their eggs which was a debatably good idea in Evie’s case.  She loves using markers, but doesn’t get the whole – when you aren’t coloring yet are still holding your marker, it continues to color things for you.  Oh well.  We weren’t planning on keeping our living room rug forever anyway, right?

Homemade Maracas 3Homemade Maracas 2

Shake, shake, shake!

Homemade Maracas 4

Muffins were a yummy snack for “M Week!”  Check out our current favorite, Raspberry Yogurt Muffins.  Yummy in the tummy!

Raspberry Muffins are Yummy!

Raspberry Yogurt Muffins



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  1. We have those “bouncy” circle magnets on a pole at our preschool too. They came with several cards for the kids to try and recreate the order. It can be quite challenging to figure out how to turn them the proper way to “bounce” or not to”bounce”!

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