N Week

N week is later than ever.  I think we are finally over the flu around here though!  Or at least, past the worst of it.  We’ve had our roughest winter yet with sicknesses.  No matter how careful I tried to be, the girls kept on catching things – one cold after another.  I can’t say I’m sorry cold season is (almost) over. *sigh*  We had maybe a week off in between colds the entire winter long!!  This last “fun” we experienced was some most unpleasant Influenza A.  It came complete with crazy high fevers for 2 – 3 days (104 + ), sore throats (strep in Evie’s case), bad coughs, nauseous stomachs,  diarrhea, loss of appetite, and headaches (ear infection in Abby’s case).  The girls were miserable with it.  They were pretty much wiped out on the couch for a few days, alternately crying, sleeping, and lying there miserably.  Little Guy got a slight fever, as well as a bad cough and lost his appetite for a couple days, but we’re hoping he has avoided the super high fever part.  I had to drag the kiddies to the doctor a couple of times on top of hitting two of my OB appointments during the sick period.  Caleb and I dealt with ourselves being sick mostly over the weekend, and somehow Caleb managed to not miss any work as a result.  It has been a REALLY FUN last week to say the least. haha!!  However, on a positive note, we are thankful Baby didn’t get the really high fever and we are also very thankful I somehow missed that symptom as well!!  There were a few people praying I could avoid it and I think that made the difference!  My OB was pretty worried about me getting the high fever since she told us she just had another pregnant mother hospitalized for a few days because of that. (Oh good.  Now we know where my kids picked this up. 😛 )  Anyway, we’re still coughing a tad, but for the most part are very grateful to be moving on!  Now if we can just stay healthy through Baby Girl making her arrival…..

Since the girls were excited for Easter to arrive, we themed a couple of our activities with that in mind.  The girls had so much fun with this number Easter egg hunt!  I put a magnetic number (1 – 10) in each egg and hid them around the living room.

Number Hunt with Easter Eggs

Who needs candy when you can find numbers?!  I mean…. come on.  They wanted me to hide them again and again and again… until I passed the role on to them and they took turns hiding and finding.

Number HuntEaster Egg Number Hunt

Hunting for Numbers

Number Hunting

We made edible nests for snack one day, supplied with little candy eggs that Daddy brought home from work.  I had seen the kind using chow mein noodles and I just wasn’t feeling it.  I know they are probably tasty, but it sounded weird and I didn’t want to watch the girls eating those things.  Maybe it’s a pregnancy thing.  Regardless, I chose to just melt some chocolate, dip some pretzels in it, and let them build their nests with that instead.

Nest Snack

I had some sneaky sneaks swiping pretzels while they were getting dipped.  Caught in the act, girlies!!

Sneaking PretzelsPretzel Sneakers

It was a mite messy and definitely not quite as cutesy, but the taste was spot on!  We let them set in the freezer a minute before eating to contain at least a bit of the mess.  As you can see, that worked reaaaaaally well.

Nest Snacks with Eggs

Messy Eater

What begins with “N”?

What begins with the letter N

Abby filled in her block letter “N” with strips of newspaper she cut and glued.

N is for Newspaper

Of course we had to pick out some pretty purple nail polish and paint Abby’s nails!

Nail PaintingPainting Nails

The girls helped me dye some noodles pretty colors.  We poured 2-3 cups noodles into 4 separate gallon baggies, added a few tablespoons of vinegar and about 1/2 – 1 teaspoon food coloring to each bag, and the girls shook them up until the noodles were nice and coated.  I assisted with carefully dumping them out on parchment paper to dry.

Noodle DyingDying Noodles2

Red NoodlesBlue Noodles

Dying Noodles

Once they were ready to go, the girls made noodle necklaces!  Evie was so excited about wearing these!  Abby didn’t want to model hers, but Evie had no problem putting them both on for the camera.

Making Noodle Necklaces

Threading NoodlesNoodle Necklace Modeler

Abby used some of the leftover noodles to create noodle art!  She used “a lot of green because Daddy really likes that color.”

Creating Noodle Art

Noodle ArtNoodle Art for Preschoolers

Evie found ways to play with the leftover noodles as well.  It was all cook and stir until the dumping began.  Then she cried to me, “Mess!!” and quickly exited the scene.  Thanks, Sweet Pea! 🙂

Playing with Pasta

Noodles everywhere

Abby’s “Nn” handwriting and tracer pages.

Handwriting Page for the Letter N

N Tracer Page

I thought this was a good week to start doing some name spelling practice.  I made 4 of these name sheets for Abby to use (one for everyone in her family) and she thought they were pretty cool.  Evie liked the picture of Abby so much she kept hugging it until it will probably never look quite the same again.

Name PracticeName Spelling Practice

The girls loved making newspapers for Daddy to read when he came home from work.  Evie’s looked strangely akin to scribbling and unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it.  Here are the pages from Abby’s though.  She wrote, “News” on the front and I helped with the rest of the writing.

Homemade NewspaperMaking Newspaper

Newspaper for PreschoolersWeather Page

The Letter NSick Girl


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