Happy Resurrection Sunday 2016!!

As you might have seen from a previous post, we celebrated our Easter a week late due to some rancid sickness overtaking our household.  Thankfully we’re doing a lot better now and the kiddies were able to enjoy a late day of fun. 🙂

Easter Dresses

Of course, everyone had to oblige Mama and wear their cute Easter outfits.  I could just give them squeezes all day! haha

Easter Cutie

Easter Babe

Easter Girls

Easter Baby

Easter Sweetie

We kept up our tradition of last year and hid the girls’ lunch in a dozen eggs.  They thought that was pretty great, although Abby thought she, “was going to get a piece of candy too.”

Easter Egg LunchEaster Lunch

After quiet time, the girls enjoyed a more exciting egg hunt outside.  We kept it pretty low key.  The girls each got to find eight eggs containing a total of 15 M&M’s each (That’s right…. candy binge at the Miller house!!), 2 bracelets, 3 pairs of Thomas the Train socks, and a fun washrag for tub time!

BraceletEaster Egg Hunt

Abby was really into finding all of her eggs and then sitting down to open them, while Evie barely found 3 and just sat down to enjoy them.  I’m pretty sure Daddy had to find the rest of her eggs for her eventually.

Easter Egg Hunt TreasuresEaster Treasures

The highlight for Abigail was the Nemo kite she also got to find.  It actually worked out really well since the actual Easter Sunday was rainy and nasty out and the Sunday we celebrated was gorgeous, warm, and windy!!  Perfect for kite flying!

Kite BuildingFlying Kites

Kite Flying

I’m still pretty sure Daddy had more fun with kite flying than the girls did.  Abs even had to remind him to let her have some turns.

Daddy's Turn

New Kite!

These photos are embarrassing now because this is what I currently look like – a little over 2 weeks away from my due date, swollen face, swollen hands/feet, generally humongous.  BUT, someday I will (hopefully) look back at these and say, well… it was a phase.  Not my best moments, but it’s real life, folks. ha!  My body (not just stomach) actually does morph when I’m pregnant.  Not cool.

Easter Family

My silly big girl was totally over pictures.

Silly Girl

Evie Grace was wearing a little thin herself.

Evie and Mama

Happy Easter!  Of course we talked multiple times to the girls about the actual reason we celebrate Easter.  We discovered a bunch of YouTube videos from The Beginner’s Bible and they even had The Easter Story!!  You should check them out.  Our girls have been enjoying them every once in a while.  The last couple of Fridays (our movie/popcorn night), Abby has picked to watch one of them.



2 thoughts on “Happy Resurrection Sunday 2016!!

  1. What a wonderful way to document the days of your life as a young family. You will look back in years to come and treasure each memory. May your delivery be swift and the new baby healthy. God Bless you all.

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