Evelyn’s 18 Month Update

Baby Girl

Ohhh, our little peanut is getting so big!  Okay, not really so big size-wise, but she’s been doing such a lot of growing up lately!  Her Daddy and I miss her being our baby!  This girl is extremely full of energy and already very opinionated.  It’s so funny to see what a different personality she has from Abby.  Caleb and I laugh about how crazy opposite they are in almost every way possible!  Abby is our rule following, careful, thoughtful, introverted, organized, more serious, nurturing little soul.  Evie is our wild child, risk taker, independent, smiley, extroverted, rambunctious, loud, little cuddle bug.

Evie 6

Evie 4

Even look-wise, our girls couldn’t be more contrasting if they tried!  Here is an age and outfit comparison picture at 18 months.  Also, Abby had about ten pounds more hair than Evie does. haha

18 month comparison

Evie has no qualms telling me exactly what she thinks about something.  She will eat most foods, but if she looks at something and thinks it isn’t going to be good, she won’t try it to save her life.  Usually this is demonstrated towards fruits.  The ones she will try, she always likes (aside from blackberries), so I don’t really know what her hesitation is stemming from.

Evie 3Evie2


The all time favorite food for Evelyn is CHEESE.  That probably comes from her Dad. haha  If I am cooking and pull out some cheese, watch OUT if I don’t give some to Little Miss!!  She will excitedly scream, “Cheese!!!!” as she frantically signs it and, I mean… she’s so cute she usually gets a little nibble.  If there’s a time I tell her she needs to wait, a meltdown is pretty much guaranteed.  In general, snacks and meals are some of Evie’s most anticipated times of the day.

Snack Fun

Speaking of me cooking, Evie Grace is never far off when I’m busy in the kitchen.  She loves to cry, “See! See!” as she signs it.  “Up! High! Up! High!” is another I often get while trying to make a meal.  It’s her way of begging me to pick her up so she can see what I’m cooking and talk to her about it.  This worked out okay, until she didn’t want to be set back down and this pregnant Mama can only do so much one handed cooking while holding an 18 month old.  If I tell her I can’t lift her up right now, she usually reverts to whining and clutching my leg.  It’s hard to wait patiently for your supper when you’re little.  It’s hard when you’re an adult too, but you learn the art of hiding it. 😉  Her favorite is getting to help with the cooking.  (always exciting)

Cooking Helper

Little Sis weighs 21 pounds now and is fitting into mostly 18 month clothes.  She wears a few 12 and 24 month things as well.  She fits a shoe size 5.  I’m not sure where she’s at currently on the growth chart, but I still get comments like, “Oh my!  She’s a tiny little thing!” from strangers out in public. haha

Church Baby

Last week sometime, Evie busted out her first 3 word sentence.  “I want you!”  She now uses that all the time, with almost 100% of those times being directed at Mama when she’s busy.  She was sick for a few days and one night was crying out from her bed, “I want you, Mommy!!  I want you, Mommy!”  It was kind of heartbreaking, so she got a few extra cuddles while her tylenol kicked in.

Evie Grace

Overall the girls have really been enjoying time together.  They love playing with one another and often have a lot of fun.  Evelyn is definitely not a pushover though and will not hesitate to get feisty with Big Sis if she feels like she isn’t getting to play the way she wants.  Interestingly enough, the girls often play happily the longest when Abby is allowing Evie to make a lot of game decisions.  For example, they’ll be playing with their kitchen and I’ll hear things like, “Evie, do you want to keep stirring this food?”  “Uhhh..no.”  I love how Evie will give her short responses and then Abby will provide the filler for me, just in case I’m wondering.  “Evie is all done stirring now because she thinks the cookies are done.  That’s probably a good idea!”

kitchen play

Sister Luvins

My girls also love being goofy together.  Giggly goofballs!

Goofy Girls

Goofy Girls2

Bedtime Snuggles

Apparently, Evs saw me holding my phone with my shoulder, because she has been walking around like this with her phones ever since.  We think it’s hilarious because she thinks she is soooo cool and it looks ridiculous since the only way she can get it to stay is by having her arm straight up in the air. haha!!

One Handed Phone Call

Although there was a while there when Evie wouldn’t sit through an entire book, they are officially her FAVORITES now.  She is constantly running back to the girls’ bedroom and when I ask her where she’s going she’ll yell back, “Book!  Book!”  She will often have me read her a book and then run with the same book to Daddy to have a reread.  Abby went through a stage where she was fascinated with trucks and tractors and that is definitely Evie at the moment.  Any book centered around these oh-so-interesting subjects is one I “get” to read every single day (at least once).

Stories with Daddy



Hands down, Evelyn’s current favorite word is, “Why?”  She pronounces it more like, “Hwhy?” and I hear it on average about five million times a day.  Half of those times come from her and the other half come from Abs.  Rest assured if I say anything – anything – someone will respond with, “Why??”

Big Girl

Abigail’s car seat is in the back of our van right now because there’s no where else for it (after Baby Girl #3 arrives, Evie will be moving back herself!).  Because Abby can’t quite do her whole buckle by herself yet, one of us always has to climb in, lean over Evie and finish it up.  Evie has started crying, “Scuze you! Scuze you!” repetitively until we say, “Yes, Evie, excuse me!” ha  She does a similar thing if you accidentally bump her (I have been accidentally bumping the girls almost constantly lately since I’m super pregnant and they are almost always right at my side, asking for it).  She’ll say, “Sa-wee! Sa-wee!”  Until I say, “Yes, Evie, I’m sorry I bumped you.”


Cute Little Monkey

Our little tot loves to see what’s going on and was getting very frantic about being able to see out our living room windows.  Abby would always look out and announce to me when someone was arriving at our house, and Evie was dying to do the same.  She started climbing on our doll house, which wasn’t going well, so we knew we had to find a little stepping stool of sorts for her.  Abby actually had the brilliant idea of bringing her little pink chair out and setting it next to the wall for Evie to stand on.  Evelyn loves it!!  She is up there waving bye to Daddy when he leaves for work every morning and is often peering out to see what’s happening in the world.

Window Watching

I cut Evie down to one afternoon nap a little over a month ago and she is always ready for it!  She will often run in to the bedroom asking to go to bed.  She’ll hang on her crib and cry for me to put her in.  She does this at night too if she’s ready before I get her in.  Usually she naps from about noon – 2/2:30 p.m. and then her bedtime is around 7/7:15 p.m.  She is an early riser and often wakes up rattling her crib rails before Daddy’s work alarm goes off.  Then he takes her out with him and she gets Daddy time (aka, gets to eat cereal with him) before I get up and join them.  I appreciate those last few peaceful moments lying in bed.  *Side note: Evie’s bouncer seat suddenly became extremely fascinating once Little Guy began using it.

Bouncer SillyIMG_4424

IMG_4088 edit

Evelyn has been saying all of our names for a while now, but we all thought it was really funny when she referred to our Little Guy as, “Bay-boy!” a few weeks ago.  I often will call him, “Baby Boy” and she now calls him that all the time.  She even named her favorite dolly, Baby Boy.  I showed her a picture of Abby the other day and when I asked her who it was (expecting her to say, “Abby”) she said, “Bi -is!!” (Big Sis) haha

Baby BoyBaby Boy2Baby Dolls are Best

Evie gets a kick out of pointing to all her body parts and finding them on the rest of her family too!



Our little one’s go to dance move is what we call, “The Peg Leg.”  It seriously looks like she has a little wooden pirate leg the way she bounces around. haha

Growing UpHappy Girl

If Evie accidentally hurts someone, she will quickly try to calm them down with some patting and, “Shh!  Shh!  Shh!”


Abby never outgrew her love for dogs stage (That’s my girl!) and Evie has been obsessed with them as well lately.  She will run to the window if she hears a dog barking and tells me allll about it when she sees one on our walks.  When it’s warm enough out for less layers, I have started letting Evie hang on to the stroller and walk a little with us.  She loves it, but our pace definitely takes a toll.

MowingOutside Fun

Outside Fun2

One thing my girls both love is being outside!  Anything out there is way more fun than sitting in the house.  I would have to agree.


Daddy Fun

Both of my girls are obsessed with the little guy staying with us.  If he’s crying, one or both of them will be trying to comfort him.  Evie would love him to death if I wasn’t on the constant look out, while Abby is much more gentle/nurturing with him.  Whenever he is crying, Evie also takes it upon herself to frantically announce it to me, “Ry! Ry! Ry!” until I acknowledge that, “Yes, Evie, yes!!  I hear him crying.  It’s ooooooookay!”  She also enjoys announcing that he went “Pee! Pee!” as I’m changing his diapers.  There was a time the girls were both so excited about throwing his diapers away (I guess that’s because disposable diapers were exciting to kids used to my reusable cloths… haha) that they would use teamwork and one would hand it off to the other who got to – wait for it – throw it in the trash.  Talk about a fun life, right?


Although Evie was right around 15 months old when we took Little Guy in, she adjusted really well to losing her baby status and becoming one of the big girls.  She has moments where she really wants me to hold her or just needs to sit on my lap and whine about something, but she has dealt with it all pretty well for the most part.  We’ll see how she does when Mama’s lap has two babies on it in another week or two….



Evs is talking sooooo much more lately.  She willingly attempts any word you throw at her and thinks she is speaking a lot more clearly than she actually is.  She will often come up to me with something important to say and babble it out there.  Without context, it can be difficult to pinpoint her message, so I’ll sometimes look at her questioningly and give my best guess at what she’s saying.  If I’m wrong, she will get right in my face, and very seriously repeat her babbling like, “Now you get it, right, Mama??”  It’s always a bummer when I haven’t quite. haha  Between her signing, showing me, and knowing a lot of her “words,” this doesn’t happen too frequently at least.


Sweet Girl

Evelyn found one of Daddy’s old caps about a month ago and thought she was literally the coolest thing ever wearing it all around the house.  Of course, the only way she could get it on was backwards, so that just added to the cuteness factor.

Drummer Girl

This girl’s hair (or serious lack thereof) always cracks me up.  She is finally starting to sprout a little, but it’s so spastic and the lengths are all over the place.  I should probably attempt trimming it somehow to help it out, but I mean… where do you even start with this? haha!!  I love it.

crazy hair

Evs has been enjoying working on her colors lately.  So far purple seems to be her favorite.  She thinks color cup sorting is the best, but of course whenever I try to video her doing it right, she puts on a stubborn front and does it wrong.  She asks to play with these a lot though.

Color Cups

She loves getting to do school time with Big Sis too and often gets to participate in her way.  K Week was one of my favorites because…. I had the cutest little kittens ever.  Just look at this sweet little face!!  Ahhh!!  If she wasn’t sleeping right now, I’d go give her some snuggles!

My little kittenMy little kitten2

Our little girl is obsessed with drinking.  I mean, obsessed.  She is constantly guzzling her water and milk and gets absolutely GIDDY when I give her a cup of my keifer.  I’m telling you, I can give her a cup full of keifer and she will sit there and DOWN IT in like 30 seconds flat.  It’s crazy.  She definitely out drinks me in a day.

Chugging Keifer

As much as Abby clams up or acts silly in social settings, Evie is our little social butterfly.  The more, the louder, the better as far as she is concerned.  She has no fear and would run off without a second glance if I wasn’t keeping close tabs on her.  This actually makes it much more frightening to go anywhere that she isn’t nicely contained.

Pretty DressesPretty in Pink

Church Sissies

We love our vocal, independent, cuddly little girl an incredible amount and wouldn’t know what to do without the spice she adds to our lives every day!! ❤

I love Daddy

I love Daddy2



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