Eliana Hope Miller


Our precious little girl made her arrival about a week ago now!  And yes, it’s taken me this long to try and find the time to round up a few pictures and give her a proper post welcome. 😉


She was a big baby and weighed close to 9 pounds!  Her official birth weight was 8 lb 13 oz and she was 19″ long.  I even thought she looked like a pretty good sized newborn when I held her for the first time.  For the record, we weren’t trying to do yet another vowel name, but it was literally the only girl name we (Ahem! Caleb!) could agree on. haha


At birth she had her cord wrapped around her neck and one leg and it had a knot in it!  All of these things could have caused big problems, but thankfully nothing was tight enough for that.  There was also something with the placenta and her cord that wasn’t quite right but also didn’t cause any issues.


We realized later that they never used that little booger sucker thing to suction out her mouth.  It’s a bummer, because we’re pretty sure that’s why she was having huge amounts of mucous spit ups for the next 24 hours.  She had a pretty rough time nursing because she kept having to puke everything up.  It was sad. 😦  Thankfully, that has moved on.  I don’t know what it is with my babies and I, but we always seem to struggle with nursing in the first few weeks.  I won’t go into detail, but it’s been a little rough for me.  She does have a good appetite though and is getting plenty to eat, which is great!


I wanted to get out of the hospital asap because I missed my sweet babies at home so much and the hospital just isn’t my favorite place on earth.  They usually make you stay longer, but due to my constant asking they finally agreed to pursue discharging us the morning following birth.  We had a few things come up with Elly – for a while they were getting different oxygen levels in her various limbs and she was having rapid breathing (same things that led to all the trauma with Abby’s birth, so it was a little scary for us).  She also had some jaundice going on, but not bad enough to keep us.  After things eased up, the pediatrician gave her the O.K. and my midwife said I was good to go too.  We hung out until my brother arrived with our kiddies and then we all packed up and headed home!


Although we got out of the hospital the day after Elly was born, we were back and forth to doctors because they wanted to keep checking her bilirubin levels.  It was annoying, but we are finally done until her 2 week appointment!  YES!


I love when babies sleep with their arms up.  Relaaaaaaaaaaaaxed.


We love this sweet babykins!!



A real life snapshot of our current life:

– At least one child is usually bawling

– Meal times are actually scary, because everyone wants to eat at the same time

– It’s a given that I will be changing Baby Boy’s diaper while Elly is filling her pants while Evie walks by stinking while Abby yells, “I’m DOOoooooooooooone!” from the bathroom

– It’s almost impossible to leave the house haha

– All of the kids (except for Elly – praying, praying, praying!!) caught colds and have been really grouchy as a result

– I’m healing slower than last time, also got the cold really badly, and still feel pretty crappy (this cold includes a cough and let’s just say coughing is reaaaaaally not so fun after giving birth ha)

– I am CRAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaazy thankful for Caleb being home with us this week!!!!!!!!!!  We would actually all die without you, Babe!!


– Quiet Time is pretty much the best part of our days right now

– Two babies, a toddler, and a 3 year old is harder than we thought, but God is giving us grace to survive each day

– Even in the craziest moments, we are beyond blessed to have this wild bunch of kids and love them all so very much!!  I don’t want to be anywhere except taking care of them all and we still do that thing where we look at pictures of our kids almost as soon as they’re in bed.  We can’t wait for bedtime and then we just spend our time missing them. *conflicted parents* haha!!  We may not always make it out of our pajamas, but by golly we love our kids!


SO proud of her new baby sister!!



Abigail and Evelyn were both excited to welcome Eliana into our family, but Abby continues to be especially infatuated with her.  She loves to hold her and talk to her.  It literally makes her day when Elly looks at her!!  I love watching her love on our babies.




Elly has the best frowny face ever.  We love it!



Eliana is our perfect little bundle of sweetness and we love her so very much!!  We can’t be happier that she is finally here.  Four days late felt like forever.  Praise the Lord for her precious life!




One thought on “Eliana Hope Miller

  1. What a beautiful baby with a beautiful name! I wish I could come hold her!!

    Audra did the spitting up for the first 24 hours thing, and it was so upsetting. Every time we tried to nurse, she just spit up on me instead. The nurses told me she probably swallowed amniotic fluid (??). Probably contributed to all the nursing issues we had.

    Praying that you would be able to have peace through Christ even though your life is crazy right now! I love how much you love all of your kiddos!

    Liked by 1 person

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