O Week

We’re back!  No promises that our letter weeks are actually going to be only a week long at this point – with 4 littles, there are just some days we don’t fit school in, much to Abby’s disappointment.  She informed me the other day, “Mama, kids are supposed to do school with their Mamas every day, not just sometimes.”  My bad.  Just let me finish feeding the two screaming babies, change 3 diapers, and then….. oh bummer.  Now it’s time for lunch. haha  Someday we will get back on track, darling girl. 😉

This octopus was a lot of fun!  Abby wanted to use one color for each number and carefully (painfully slowly) selected the perfect beads.

Octopus with Beads

Octopus with Counting Beads

Of course we had to attempt an octopus snack to go along with our craft.  Yes, I realize these turned out super creepy, but the girls thought their oreo octopuses were the best!  (If anything, they ended up looking more like spiders – ew!)

Octopus SnackOreo Octopus Snack

Oreo Octopus

Abigail turned her block letter “O” into an owl!

Block Letter Oo Owl

I thought our owl snack was quite a bit cuter than the octopus one. haha

Owl Snack YummyOwl Snack is Tasty

Owl Snack with Berries

Here are Abigail’s handwriting practice and tracer sheets.

O Handwriting Practice

O Tracer Page

What begins with the letter “O”?

O is for

Abby enjoyed this shape worksheet I made for her.  There were six different shapes she needed to color according to the chart.  I scribbled the corresponding color over each word so she could do this more independently.  Of course we started with the ovals because oval begins with “O”!

O is for Oval

O is for orange!  Abby ripped pieces of orange streamer into little bits, crumpled them up, and glued them on my circle template to make this orange.  It would have been more effective if she wouldn’t have kept referring to it as her pumpkin. LOL  When Daddy got home, she announced, “O is for my pumpkin I made!!”  He was a little confused….

O is for Orange

This is a set of animal science cards I printed off (thanks Google images).  I wrote a few different facts about each animal on the backs and Abby loved learning about them all!

Preschool Science CardsO Learning Cards

Finally, here is a set of opposite cards I made for Abby.  She enjoyed matching them up and talking about all the pictures with me.

Opposite Cards

Opposites Preschool

Opposites Card Set



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