Abigail’s 3 1/2 Year Old Update

Happy Girl

Ohhhh, our little Abigail Joy!  She is 3 1/2 now and our “big” girl in the house.  It’s funny how at times she can seem so big and grown up and in other moments we realize she’s only a little 3 year old tot and that’s not so old after all.  It’s probably a combination of her personality and being the oldest, but she has always been very mature for her age.  Abby is seriously the best helper and I don’t know what I would do without her each day.

Sweet Pea

Per Abby’s request, we have been growing her bangs out.  Although her hair grows quite fast, it feels like her bangs have been taking fooooorever to get long enough to stop clipping back.  I think they’re almost there now though!  It made her extremely nervous when I would trim her bangs because I made the mistake of telling her (calmly!) that she needed to sit still because I didn’t want the scissors to cut her.  Ever since then, it was like a freak out session when I had to cut them, so I finally asked her if she wanted to just grow them out and the answer was a resounding, “YES!!”  Thus ended the bangs.

hair bun

Big Girl

Abs is still so funny when she’s having an adult conversation that she’s excited about.  She will do her cute little excited hop as she talks and use a lot of hand expression.  It’s really difficult not to laugh at her.  I tend to get rather animated in conversation myself, so there’s a good chance I passed that on to her. haha  *Disclaimer* I was prego and swollen up in this picture.

IMG_4128 edit

Abigail is usually very thoughtful and empathetic towards others.  She always wants to help when someone in her family is sad or hurting and is often quite creative with her solutions.  She is definitely a problem solver.  Here’s Abby feeding her Flopsy Bunny some “carrot juice.”

Flopsy Bunny

Our little introvert can still be pretty shy around unfamiliar faces.  She often needs a warm up time (this varies in length) where she hangs out by one of her parents for a bit to quietly observe.  The less new people there are, the faster she will warm up to them.  She approaches new situations much better if I’m able to talk it through with her beforehand and if she doesn’t feel rushed into it.  The more information I give her, the better she’ll handle it.  It has always been stressful for her when people try to engage her too quickly and don’t allow her a few minutes to transition and scout things out from a safe distance.

Daddy and Me

Abby wants to know about everything.  She is never satisfied with guessing what something is, but must know exactly how to pronounce it and what its purpose is.  After hearing once, she usually will never need to ask again, but will tell everyone about it a few dozen times.  Normally we only have Ranch dressing in our fridge because that’s our staple, but the other day we had a different kind as well.  I think I had asked Caleb if he could hand me, “The other salad dressing” and Abby’s ears had instantly perked up.  A couple days later I was giving her a salad and she cautiously attempted to use the information she thought she’d overheard, “I want the Ranch one though…. not the other dress-up.”  I explained it was called salad dressing and she then repeated to herself a couple times, “It’s called dressing, not dress-up.”  Our sweet perfectionist at work.

Pretty Girl

My Girl

Speaking of being a perfectionist….  Abby started drawing people a few weeks ago.  I never showed her how – she just came running over to me with this one day and said, “Look, Mama!  I drew Elly!  Can I bring it to the hospital for her when she’s born??”

First PersonI drew Elly!

Since then, her people have been improving bits and pieces.  I love this one – a king with a crown, sleeping on his bed!


One day, I drew her a person per her request and was talking through my drawing as I went.  “Here’s her head, and two eyes, and a nose, and a smile.  And here’s her body with arms and legs, etc.”  Abby was looking thoughtful as I finished and then she said, “I was doing it wrong before, but now I know how to make the body.”  For context, she had been doing the classic legs and arms coming directly out of the head look (leaving out the body).  After seeing my one, unintentional demonstration, she never made such a “mistake” again.  Awwww!

Recently we’ve been working on helping Abby interpret idioms.  She always wants to know what I really mean when I say things like, “Keep your eyes peeled!”  The other day, we were having Southwestern Chicken Stacks and I was in the living room trying to eat while feeding a baby.  I yelled over to the kitchen, “Caleb, could you toss me the bag of chips, please?”  Before he could respond, my little helper shrieked, “I can!!  I can!!” and snagged the chips off the table.  It was opened already and it was one of those slow motion life moments as I watched her barreling towards me, lifting the bag of chips in the air to “toss” it to me.  I tried to say, “Nooooooooooo!” but it was too late. haha  The chips were officially tossed to me (and the throw was a bit short).  Chips.  Everywhere.  I took that opportunity to explain that sometimes when people ask you to toss them something, they don’t really want you to TOSS it.  Instead, they’d prefer a hand off. ha!


We’ve learned that if Abby says she sees something, she always does.  Example: we were driving on the highway and Abby called out, “There’s a water tower!”  Caleb and I couldn’t see one for the life of us, but I whispered, “Don’t tell her there’s not one – she’s proven me wrong way too many times!  Just wait a minute and we’ll probably see it too.”  Sure enough, a few seconds later we were able to spot one in the far distance.  That’s why we call her our Eagle Eye! haha!

Sittin' PrettySweets

Abigail is usually Little Miss Responsible.  She will quickly report if Evie is causing trouble and does an excellent job informing Daddy how to do things the way Mama does when he is home. hahaha  I had given her a list of instructions for Papa back when I was about to go into labor with Elly.  I had told her things like, “Make sure you show Papa where your clothes are, and Evie’s, and where all the diapers are if he needs help,” etc. etc. and he told me she very thoroughly relayed every single thing I said she could mention. (there was a big list)  He said he kind of zoned her out at some point because she was going on and on and on…..  You mean our Abby??  No way. haha

Summer Dress

Chapter books have continued to be a hit for our big girl.  Listening to books in general has always been a favorite activity.  There was a short period of time, a couple months ago, where Abby picked up on book lingo and would say things like, ” ‘Bye Daddy’, I called.”  Or, ” ‘Is it time for supper?’ I asked.”  It was so funny.  It was one of those short lived phases, but we enjoyed it while it was around.  Another thing she likes to do is reenact or build off of scenes from books we read her.  After reading the first Little House book, she was churning butter with her dolls, and after Charlotte’s Web, her joy was playing with sneaky Templeton in her and Daddy’s Duplo games each evening.


Piggy Girl

Abigail is a firm believer in the ‘apple a day’ idea.  Sometimes she will eat part of it, store it in the fridge, and pull it out again when she’s hungry later on.  She always asks me if she’s eaten enough of it before she throws it away.  One day, she asked me if it was ready for the garbage and I told her to take a few more bites first.  Her response, “But I don’t want to eat the bone!!”  That’s actually called an apple core, dear, but good guess! 🙂

Apple HeadApple

We got in a round of frisbee golf pre baby #2.  Abby was thrilled about that – she had been asking to go all winter.  She did get a little sidetracked with all of her walnut findings though.

Frisbee Golf

I love how Abby will remember and follow through on things.  Sometimes it takes me by surprise.  Quite a while before I went into labor, we were on one of our daily walks and saw some little purple flowers (weeds) in someone’s yard.  Abby asked me if they were violets too, and I said no, but I couldn’t remember what they were called.  I told her when she went to Emmy and Papa’s house, when I was having Baby Elly, she should ask Emmy because she would know.  Well, she did remember to ask her and then when we were walking again post baby, she saw one of the purple flowers and exclaimed, “Emmy said those are…!!!  Those are…!!  Charlie Browns!!!”  Then she paused because she knew that wasn’t quite right and said, “Well…. Charlie….”  And then it came back to me, “Oh!!  That’s right!  Those are Creeping Charlie, aren’t they?”  “YES!” haha  We had recently rented the Peanuts movie from Redbox and it had caused the slight jumble up. 🙂

Flower PickingFlower Girl

Speaking of our walks.  They are one of the girls’ favorite activities (mine too!).  Being outside is really just the best and everyone is so much happier.  Abigail absolutely loves to find “treasures” on our walks – flowers, seeds, nuts, sticks, rocks, leaves, etc.  For a while there, she was finding so many that her jacket pockets were stuffed, my stroller was stuffed, and her hands were stuffed.  It was a little on the too much side of things, so I had to make a rule.  Now she is allowed to find three treasures on each walk.  She can put one of those in the stroller and has to hold the other two.  She can drop one to make a trade if she sees something better, but no more than three.  Although this has helped significantly, it is amazing how many ways there are to get around this rule.  She will find a big bunch of helicopter seeds, but they really only count as one because they’re all hooked together, right? And then a branch with like 5,000 leaves on it.  Abby loves to find her treasures in our yard as well.  She will walk around with her bucket and collect all the cool things she finds scattered about.  Her heart has always delighted in collecting and sorting, while Evie is much too on the go for that sort of pokey business.  She will tag along with Big Sis for a bit and then she’s off and running.

Bucket Treasures

Treasure Hunters 2

Treasure Hunters

It’s so lovely to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine with the kiddies!!  They love playing in our little sandbox and digging in the dirt!!  We make sure not to skip baths on those nights….


Overall CutieDigging

Parks are pretty great too!  Abby has always been such a risk taker. 😉

Balance Beam


Picnic fun on the deck!!

Picnic Fun!

One of the girls favorite little activities right now is cuddling up in Abby’s bed together with their Bibles and singing “Bible songs” together.  It is about as tuneful as my singing, but oh so funny.  Abby will be in there singing a bunch of strung together words from her Bible stories.  I don’t know why, but my fav is when she bursts out with, “Tabernacle!”  These two, in general, are pretty much inseparable.  They love to be goofballs together which reminds me of Trisha and I when we were little our whole lives.



A few different stories from Abby’s Bibles mention idols and how we shouldn’t worship statues, etc.  One day we were out walking and I noticed Abby studying some lawn decorations in a yard we were passing by.  She commented, “God doesn’t want us to worship statues, but they have statues at their house.”  I explained those weren’t  statues people were praying to (hopefully? haha), but were placed around the people’s yard as decorations. haha  Such a thoughtful girl.


Building with Legos has been a favorite lately – especially if Daddy builds and plays with her (he makes the coolest stuff!)!!  Life can’t get much better than that.  Abby has spent a good portion of her Quiet Time the past few weeks with building fun creations.  Afterwards, she loves to tell me about each thing she built and show me how they work.  Legos are definitely one of the best toys ever.

Lego BuildingLegos

Duplos with Daddy

Another Quiet Time activity Abby was all about for a while was writing me, and the rest of her family, letters.  Since Baby Boy arrived and then Elly…. well, we haven’t really made it to the library in quite some time.  Nothing gives you the guilt trip like getting a letter from your 3 year old that reads (according to her), “Dear Mama, please go to the library again someday.  I love you.”  It’s on my to-do list.  For real and for true!

AbbySo Big

Along with Legos, coloring, reading, and being outside, Abigail continues to enjoy playing board/card games, loves playing independently or with Evie with their little dolls and toys, and loves the girls’ play kitchen.  The girls are always setting up picnics and having little parties together.  They always want me to play along too, and I’m often found on the living room floor feeding a baby while the girls “feed me” their play food they worked so hard to prepare.  We like to keep things exciting around our house.  Our toy kitchen was probably the best garage sale purchase I’ve ever made.  It gets played with multiple times on a daily basis.  I would highly recommend a toy kitchen set to anyone with children.  THE BEST.  Abby also still enjoys playing with her train track and Thomas trains, although Thomas has lost some of the old fascination.

train track

Our girl is still a constant chatterbox at home.  And she knows it.  Case in point, Daddy always calls us when he is leaving work (probably so I can look at the clock and know I only have about 15 minutes more to survive without him – haha!).  Often, I will let Abby answer because I’m in the middle of feeding or changing someone.  About a week ago, there was a day I actually answered and talked myself.  When I hung up, Abby burst out, “Why didn’t you let me talk??  ‘Cuz I have more words!  ‘Cuz I talk a lot!”  True, Sweetpea – very true!

Growin Up

Gabby Abby is the best when she mixes up a new word.  In our defense, we usually correct her, but this is one we can’t seem to put an end to.  It’s just too great:  “Mama!!!  Evie’s terrifying my puzzle!” (“terrorizing” gone wrong! ha!)  Abby still enjoys her puzzles, although she doesn’t put them together on a daily basis anymore.


Someone has been reluctant to have their picture taken lately, but really into striking a goofy pose each time I try to get a cute smile out of her….  Unbelievable!

Silly GoosePicture Time

However, she is ever ready to jump in when I am attempting to capture a moment without her in it (see Daddy and Elly being cute in the background *sigh*).

Me Too

Our evening walk time is one of Abby’s favorite times of the day because she gets to ride her Strider bike.  She thinks it is the best!  She is super fast now – Daddy usually has to jog or run to keep up with her! – and will go for a couple miles.  She was really excited to enter a balance bike race this summer, but it doesn’t look like there are any in our area this year. 😦  She also likes to go up the slight grass hill along our driveway and then zoom down it.  This is a great activity until Evie gets in the way and although Abby is trying to steer away, it’s like her bike is a magnet to Evie.  Oops.  Maybe we should look into having Evie wear a helmet as well when Abby is biking….

Strider Rider

This is the little smirk I see all too often around our house. haha!


Abigail has been telling us lately that she wants to grow up.  Her reasons?  Then she can buy and drive a pink car to drive around with Evie and be a fisherwoman.  Those are her current life aspirations.  I asked her if I could ride in her car too and she told me I could sit in the back.  Hey, at least I still get to participate!  The color of her dream car changes almost daily, along with her favorite color.  For a long time, purple was her definite favorite, but that’s over for now!  *Side note, this picture is from Christmas, but I never got around to posting it.  Woops!


Abby gets so excited to help throw Elly and Baby Boy’s diapers away (following Evie’s example… something that happens with other areas as well currently) and loves when they “do teamwork!” together.  Ever since I explained that word, she is really into it.  She LOVES using new words and if she hears us say something and is unsure what it means, she always asks, thinks about it, and then uses it in context sometime in the future – maybe even days later.  We love it!

Summer Days

Our big girl is so nurturing and loving with the babies.  It always melts my heart.  She is so gentle and kind with them.  If they are crying, she will often lay next to them, hold their hand or rub them gently, and sing to them.  It absolutely thrills her when one of the babies smiles at her!!  She gives them kisses and is pretty much obsessed.  She truly loves being a big sister.  I always know how I sound and what I say when talking to the babies because Abby will repeat everything I say to them in a funny baby talking voice.  “Where’s your smiles??  Where’s your smiles??”  “Do you need your Mama?  Yes you do!!”  “What’s wrong, Sweet Cheeks?”  etc. etc.  You never know how much like a goofball you appear when interacting with a baby than when your kids repeat it in front of you.  So there’s that….

Big Sis and Baby Sis

Sister Playing


Sisters 2

Although the girls have their moments, Abs is usually very sweet with Evelyn.  She will help Evie scoot her chair in for snacks, put new outfits on her dolls, help her pick things up when she spills, and one of our personal favorites….. read books to her when Mama is busy with one of the babies.  It’s sooooooo hilarious, because Evie will plunk down on Abby’s lap with her book, assuming that should work out just fine.  Abby will sometimes say, “Evie, maybe you should sit next to me” or something similar and Evie totally doesn’t acknowledge her because she’s too excited about her book, so Abby attempts to make it work anyway.  It’s great because poor Abs can barely see the book at all around Evie and the book has to be right in Evie’s face since Abby’s arms are only so long.  Ooooooh man.  I could laugh at this all day.  The bottom picture is from a few months ago already and it’s amazing how much Evie has grown since then!!



We love our Abigail Joy so much!  She is such a smart little girl and keeps us on our toes!  She is ever ready for a new family adventure and is the best oldest child we could have hoped for.  She is always watching out for the little ones and ready to help me with any and everything!  ❤

Me and my Big GirlUp a Tree!

CutesThree and a Half!




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