Third Pregnancy Weight

I feel like I should give my leftover third pregnancy weight a name.  Maybe something like…. Flabs.  Kinda sounds like a name, but it’s you know… short for Flabby.  Yes?  No?  Anyone?

The truth is, the pounds aren’t shedding off like they did the last couple times.  I gained significantly more than my first two pregnancies as well, so that probably isn’t helping me out here.

I tried attempting work out videos, but here’s the thing.  They take too long and I’m in the house with my kids.  This means there are constant needs and no matter how hard I try, I have to stop constantly to address said needs.  I take at least one really long walk (often two) daily, but it’s not doing me much good.  I have been getting really fed up with not being in shape.  I decided to bite the bullet and kill myself with a little running.

Let’s just stop here and allow me to point a few things out:

*I am not a runner like my marathon competitor sister

*I only like running when it involves something fun such as ultimate frisbee (I will also run towards ice cream or other worthy bribes)

*I haven’t gone for a run since my college days

The past week and a half I forced myself to run around one block every evening after 3 of the 4 kids were in bed.  Yes, you read that correctly.  One.  Block.  It was rough stuff.  My shins were killing me and my toes always get ingrown after giving birth, so they felt incredibly pinched the whole time.  But I made myself do it.  I was averaging about 3 1/2 minutes per block.  (It’s okay, you can laugh.  It’s definitely pathetic. haha)

Alright, what is the point of this post?  Not too much.  I just want to brag slightly about my sad “success” tonight.  I was feeling pretty good and my shins weren’t hurting for the first time, so I decided to branch out and go further.  (I may have also been slightly spurred on by remembering the drunk guy at the park who called me, “Fat Girl” the other day.  Thank you for that.)  I managed 0.63 of a mile at a “killer” pace of 6 min. 6 sec.  Hey, it was pretty good for me and Flabs!  I even felt like I could have kept going.  Maybe next time.  I feel like a mile is a pretty sad goal, but that is my current one.  If I can make it running for a whole mile, this postpartum lady will be feeling pretty accomplished.


2 thoughts on “Third Pregnancy Weight

  1. You go girl! I think running any distance by yourself is a major accomplishment!

    Why do we live in different cities again? I would totally run fractions of a mile toward ice cream with you. 😉

    Seriously though, I had shin splints in middle school and they were terrible, so be careful if that shin pain comes back!

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