One Mile Down…

Yes.  I did it.  I went out there tonight and in spite of the heat, I was determined to run a mile.  I just realized the one positive thing about the natural births I’ve survived is that it helps in situations like this.  I mean, it’s only about a bajillion times harder to force myself to go through the labor and birthing process.  If I can get that done (three times now!) then I can surely force myself to run a mile. haha

Ironically enough, the entire time I was running I had to hear our neighborhood ice cream truck making its rounds.  At one point, I was on the “long” home stretch and it was almost like something out of a movie.  I see the ice cream truck turn towards me faaaar down the road (okay, like 2 blocks).  We move towards each other and it feels like a slow motion effect (it was kinda slow motion in real life).  The “melodious” music drifts towards me, getting louder and louder until we are almost directly in front of each other and the music is so loud you know the climax is coming!

Do your ears hang low?  Do they wobble to and fro?  Can you tie them in a knot?  Can you tie them in a bow?  Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier?  Do your ears hang low?

At that point, I turned and headed home.  The driver was probably bummed because he totally thought I was running towards him to place a big order.  He was going super slow and even started the pull over move.  I probably looked like I needed a little refreshment at this point, but *plot twist* I had some Coldstone waiting at home from my awesome hubs. 😉  That was the main reason I needed to bust out a mile tonight.  Plus, if I make a goal for myself, I have this constant urge to GET IT DONE pounding in my head until I do it. haha

Alright, you’ve all been waiting for the stats, right?  Maybe not… but here they are anyhow.  I ran 1.03 miles (ya, the .03 totally counts!).  It took me 9 minutes and 49 seconds which was, according to MapMyRun, a pace of 9:32.  My 2nd goal was to run my mile in under 10 minutes, so at least I got that done!  Otherwise I’d have to be out running another mile tomorrow….


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