P Week

P Week has been our longest “week” yet as it started prior to Elly’s birth and didn’t end until quite a while afterwards! haha  It was a good letter to be stuck on though, as we found a lot of great activities to go along with it!  Get ready for a long post of fun. 🙂

One of the girls’ favorite “Pp” activities was our picnic on the deck.  They were looking forward to that for a long time – mostly because we never eat pb & j’s. haha


Abby’s handwriting and tracer page practice:

P Handwriting

P Tracer

What begins with the letter “P”?

P Objects

We used our favorite play-doh recipe and attempted to make purple play-doh, but it turned out a bit more on the gray side.  Mixing food coloring to make purple is hard. haha

Making Playdough

Homemade Playdough

Stirring Playdough

I should have just bought the good stuff and it would have been prettier.  Oh well.  The off color didn’t seem to interrupt the girls’ fun!


Purple PlaydoughPlaying Playdough

Evelyn hasn’t done a lot of painting in her life and thought painting pink pigs was the best!


Painting Pink Pigs

Can you tell who painted each one?

P is for Pig

We had a lunch that all started with “P”!  Pulled pork, peas, and peaches (or pears)!

P lunchP Lunch!

We had some unplanned “Pp” fun right after Elly arrived.  One of my wonderful aunts, Christy, sent us an awesome package!  The girls were loving it, because it was full of fun new books to read!  We love our books around here and something to occupy the older girls was just what we needed in that moment.  I could hardly pull them away for bed time.

Package of FunPackage Books

Package Reading

Speaking of bed time, the girls got to have a “Pajama Day” to celebrate our letter of the week.  Abby was thrilled about this because she has a Fancy Nancy book where Nancy has a pajama day too.  Of course we had to reread that one a few times.

Pajama Day 4

And yes, Evie has Thomas jammies.  She thinks Thomas is cool because Abby does.  Go figure.

Pajama Day 2Pajama Day 1

P is for pudding!!  Yummy!


P is for pink and purple!

Pink and Purple

The girlies both enjoyed making princess hats.  We went with the colors pink and purple for the cone part.  The girlies loved sorting through my ribbon bag and choosing which ones they wanted for their hats.

Princess Hats Preschool

They each had sparkly “princess” stickers to decorate their hats with as well.  I just used plain old yarn for the string part, which didn’t work the best, but the fun was in making them!

Pretty Princess 3Pretty Princess

Preschool Princess Hats

We gathered some good looking pine cones on one of our walks and used them for this fun experiment.  We tried putting one pine cone in a glass of cold water, one in a glass of hot water, and one in an empty glass.  Some people online had said their pine cones reacted pretty instantly, but ours took so long, we found something else to do and came back to check later.

PineconesPinecone Experiment

The pine cone in the empty glass stayed the same, all opened up.  The one in the hot water closed just a little.  The real exciting pine cone was the one we placed in the cold water.  It had closed all up very tightly.  This is because the pine cones open up to release their seeds in nice weather and in cold, damp weather they close tightly to keep them inside.  Pretty cool.

Pinecones!Pinecone Changed!

Pinecone Folded in

The next day, we used a couple of our leftover pine cones to make bird feeders!  (Or annoying squirrel feeders as it turned out)  We tied a piece of twine to each end, spread peanut butter around them, and then sprinkled bird seed all over.

Pinecone Peanut Butter Feeder

Pinecone Feeder

The girls were all business hanging them up in our tiny pine tree.

Pinecone Bird FeederPeanut Butter Bird Feeder

Homemade Bird Feeder

P is for personal pita pizzas with pepperoni!  We just made these and ate them cold and they were pretty tasty.  I pack something similar to this as our “lunchables” when we go somewhere over lunch time.  Evie had a hard time actually getting the cheese ON her pizza.  Every time she took out a big handful, it went straight to her mouth.  Oh dear…

Pizza Time!

Pita PizzasPersonal Pita Pizzas

Penguins and pom poms helped Evelyn work on her colors.  Abby enjoyed “helping” her too, although this looked more like Abby completing a color and telling Evie about it.

PomPom Penguin Color Sorting

Penguin Colors

I’ve been wanting to try out the decorate and bake idea with glass plates/mugs/whatever, and this was a great opportunity to try out plates!  We found white, glass plates at the dollar store and used sharpies (this was a little scary with Evie, but we survived) to color them.  (yes, I made one too, although I guess I didn’t take a picture of it)  After the marker had dried overnight I stuck them in the oven and turned it to 400 degrees for 40 minutes.  Once they were done, I turned off the oven and let the plates completely cool inside.  As I had read elsewhere, the sharpie color does change somewhat in the process.  It definitely becomes less vibrant, but it did stay on.  I haven’t tried washing them yet, but I did read you should hand wash only as the dishwasher can take off the color.  That shouldn’t be a problem for us, since we haven’t yet used a dish washer in our married life. haha  We even own one now and don’t use it!

Plate Baking

Coloring Plates

Evelyn wasn’t very excited about this picture.  She thought we were going to fill her new plate with snacks and was way more about that idea.


Plates Baked

Our final fun was a trip to a new park!  Evelyn was all over the place, going crazy and loving every minute.

Park 1

Park 2

Park 3

Park 4

Abby enjoyed it as well, but was much more excited about all of the flowers she could pick.

Park 6

Park 5




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