It’s the small things….

I am not very fast, but I have gone for a run every night (except once) for the past couple of weeks.  It’s kind of annoying, but I have such a competitive spirit that I always want to one up myself.  This will only be a good thing until I can’t get any faster. haha  Until tonight, I didn’t own a stopwatch and although my phone has one, it is so old school that I have to leave it flipped open to use it and if I accidentally press anything or let it shut it stops timing.  Cabz asked me why I timed myself and I told him it’s the only fun part about running.  I like to beat myself and get faster.

Last night I ran my first mile under 9 minutes (8:57) and tonight was exciting because I topped that with a mile in 8:34!  I know it sounds pretty slow and I definitely used to be able to bust out a faster mile, but it’s progress and wears me out at the moment!  On the last stretch, I knew I had to really move it to get a better time and I focused everything I had left and forced myself to “sprint” (it felt like it, but probably didn’t look much like it – ha!!) the rest of the way home.

I told Cabz I always feel bad when people say, “Hi” to me as I pass by.  I try really hard to smile pleasantly (no way can I respond verbally – I’m just trying not to pass out, guys!!), but I am sure it probably looks more like I’m snarling.  I pretty much pant breathe the entire time.  I’m not sure if that’s a thing, but picture someone gasping for air after being underwater for a few minutes, add in a bunch of sweat, a beat red face, flailing limbs, and that’s a pretty accurate picture of me while running.

Oh, and good news.  Our scale isn’t broken!  The numbers actually can change!  Flabs, you’re not here to stay.  I’m determined.


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