Eliana is Two Months Old!!

Where has the last month even gone?!  It just doesn’t seem possible that we’ve had sweet little Elly for 2 months already!

Loved Lots


I can not get enough of this adorable face!!!!!!

Sweetest Smile Ever

Elly Hope has always been pretty alert and observant of everything and everyone around her.  She has plenty of daily excitement to keep her entertained around our place. haha  Her sisters definitely give her lots of love!  Abigail….

Abby Luvins

Abby loves

Abby Kisses

…. and Evelyn too!

Big Sis       Big Sis Kiss

Baby Sister

Sweet little one weighs 11 lb 5 oz and said goodbye to her newborn clothes a few weeks ago.  She’s been wearing a few 0-3 month, but mostly 3 month clothes.  This could partially be a result of me making the switch to cloth diapers.  Those things are pretty weighty.  I had Evie in cloth diapers by 3 weeks, but due to our current busy household I didn’t get it done for Elly until she was around 6 weeks.  It has finally happened though!  Between that and potty training Evelyn, we are down to buying diapers for just ONE child and that feels pretty awesome.  Diapers are expensive.  Especially when you’re buying them for 3 little butts. haha!

Diaper Baby

Eliana was 61% for weight and 50% for height.  She’s definitely not super skinny like Evie always was.  Evie weighed almost two pounds less at this age!!  Crazy!

Cute and Innocent

Cute and Chewing

Cute and Adorable

Cute and Sneaky

Most babies have their “go to expression” and we love that Elly’s is always her serious little frowny face!

Diaper Babe

Styling her cute dress from Great Grandpa D.  I’d say she pulls it off pretty well! 🙂


Eliana continues to squeak a lot when she’s sad and it sounds so tiny and helpless. haha!  We love it.  She has also been loving “talking” to me a ton which is my favorite.  She does the same thing Evie always did and has her “cute voice” she pulls out when she wants us to be especially fascinated with her.

Sweet Face

Lazy Grin

Since switching Baby Boy to eating every 3 hours and as Elly has aged a bit, there has actually been less crying at our place.  There are still stressful feeding times, but the babies have both been more content (for longer periods of time!) with activities other than being held.

Stretching Out


Sweet Cheeks is still full of smiles!



Daddy’s study material on the computer is pretty exciting apparently.

Daddy's Computer

Elly usually crashes for the night around 8:30 p.m. which is nice and early.  You might wonder why I don’t go to bed at that point, but I like to stay up until she’ll eat again (around 10:30 or 11 p.m.).  I do this for two main reasons.  The evening is literally my only peaceful time and it’s kind of nice to just be awake and enjoy a bit of downtime before bed.  Also, I have always struggled with sleeping (my body just isn’t in to it unfortunately) and there is no point in going to bed crazy early and laying there awake for 3 hours.  I don’t lay Elly down until after her 10:30 p.m. feeding.  I actually prefer to enjoy holding her (again, in peace, folks!) in our rocking chair and just loving on my baby.

Sleepin' on Mama

She lays down in the rock ‘n’ play after that and gets snugged up all cute for the rest of the night.

Rock 'n Play

Rock 'n' Play Fisher Price

It’s pretty typical to get one five and a half hour stretch out of Elly overnight.  I’ll feed her around 10:30 or 11 p.m. and she’ll wake up around 4:30 a.m. to nurse again.  She usually goes right back to sleep after this and then doesn’t eat again until around 7 a.m.  During the day, she is still pretty consistently nursing every couple hours.

Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby Girl

Eliana is still in the kind of random napping stage, but she tends to take a longer, deeper sleep during the girls’ Quiet Time and I love it!  This is another chance I get to just hold her and breathe a little (although not quite as nice as bed time since the older girls take turns using the can the entire time – it’s like they poop in sync… how?).  She naps in her boppy pillow or with me holding her for now.  She’s totally doing the fake out “sleeping” in this first picture. haha!!

Fake Out

Sleepy Baby

Naps with Daddy are pretty great too!

Daddy and Elly Hope

just hanging out around the house!


Startled by my camera

Although this sweet little one is naturally a pretty happy camper, we all have our moments….

Sad Baby

These pictures crack me up!  It was so bright outside and Elly was very tired and it resulted in these foul looking faces.  She looks ready to take someone out in that last one!

Mama 1

Mama 2

Mama 3

I often just give Elly wash rag baths because it’s faster than getting her in and out of the tub.  She loves it when she does get a real bath though!!  I think it’s one of her favorites.

Bath Time 1

Someone has been working on her neck muscles!  I think my K’tan helps build those muscles as well, because I often get comments on how well she holds her head up.  I used to get that with Evie too (also a K’tan babe haha).

Head Ups

Elly really loves hanging out in my K’tan right now.  I’ve been facing her out when she’s more awake which she really enjoys and having her face in when I know she wants to sleep.  She loves being held and we love holding her!  Too much sun, Mama!!

K 'tan Walk

She doesn’t often get to ride in either of the strollers, but thinks it’s fun when she does get the chance.  She probably sits in it more as a hangout spot when the big girls are playing outside. 🙂

Stroller Fun

It  can be exhausting to watch the big girls at the spray park in the summer heat.  Good thing Daddy was up for holding me in the shade!


We sometimes call Elly, “Little Round Head” because I mean… just look at that round lil’ face!  So cute!  I love it!

Silent Babe

Elly has been chewing on her fists a lot more than our older girls ever did.  It will be interesting to see if she becomes a thumb/finger sucker at all or not.


Cutest Babe

Drool Baby

Poor Toots lost all the hair on top of her head and a patch on the back too!  She’s balding similarly to Abby’s baby days.  We still see similarities between her and Abby look-wise.  There’s a couple baby pictures of Abby that look identical to Elly, but Elle Bell definitely has her own look at times as well.  It will be exciting to watch her change as she grows!


So serious

We think all three of our little sweet peas are beautiful! ❤












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