Ingrown Toenail Fun

Well…. this has been obnoxious.  Almost all of my toes got ingrown nails about 1 1/2 – 2 months after giving birth to Evelyn.  My feet always swell like balloons during the end of my third trimesters, which is what causes the issue.  I had to go in to a foot doctor for them and she clipped them all a bunch and drained puss out.  It was kind of nasty, but they healed up and I had no further problems.  Until now of course…. 😉

My feet did the same swelling trick while pregnant with Eliana and have been lightly bothering me for the last few weeks.  I knew they were probably ingrown, but hoped they would kind of heal up on their own.  It was just my two big toes this time.  The left foot really was never too bad, but the right one has been getting increasingly worse each day.  I have been soaking it in hot water (with Epsom salt sometimes too) whenever possible for as long as possible and that gave me some slight relief.  I would use various toe tools and clip at the nail and drain puss/blood as much as I could stand too because it was super gross and infected.

As you may know, I have been trying to run every evening.  My tennis shoes have been incredibly uncomfortable to wear with all of this.  I fought through it a few nights ago and after forcing myself to run about a block, the pain became more numb and I was able to run through it.  Upon getting home, it was a bloody mess though and probably hadn’t been the best idea I ever had.  Two nights ago, I attempted to run yet again, and I just couldn’t.  I went out and I couldn’t step on it.  I was really frustrated because I wanted to get my run done! haha  But, I really couldn’t do it, so I just did 240 jumping jacks, some push ups (from my knees haha), and some arm work outs while barefoot instead.  Yesterday, I did the same and today I attempted taking the girls out for a walk and I couldn’t even do that because of how much it hurt.  It was pretty annoying.  Of course my kids are just constantly stepping on it and smashing it all day every day too.  They aren’t trying to, but they are like magnets to it!!  I dodge them about 60-70% of the time and they smash it the rest.  It’s so fun.  While this isn’t the worst pain I’ve ever endured by any means, it is a really annoying pain because it interferes with everything I do during my normal life. (aka, take care of kids on my feet all day)

Not being able to go for a walk this morning was kind of my breaking point and I struggled to get a foot doctor appointment set up asap.  I finally found someone who agreed to see me this afternoon.  Cabz generously took a half day for me, because there was no way I was having the kids come and sit through whatever my appointment entailed. haha

So, my right foot’s big toe was pretty rough on the one side and he had to do a surgery on it.  It wasn’t that intense, but he did some shot to numb it all around the toe (that was the worst part – not fun to get poked for like 5 minutes straight, but MUCH better than the alternative which would have been feeling him clip stuff out in a tender, open wound haha).  He showed me the long sliver of dagger toenail that had somehow been growing into the toe afterwards and it looked nasty.  I was glad to have that thing out of there.  My whole foot was pretty numb and has been most of the day.  I took advantage of that and went for a long walk with Cabz and the kids tonight (again, might not have been my best idea) and now it’s finally starting to wear off.  It doesn’t feel the best, but I’m hoping it will be much better tomorrow.  I asked the doctor if I could run again tomorrow and he said I could if it felt okay.  I am really hoping (although, I doubt it at this point….), because I want to keep at it!  Hopefully the healing is really quick and I can move on.  It does make me temporarily appreciate walking without pain though.  That’s for sure!!


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