A Tribute to Five Years

We sort of grew up together, same small town, same small church, his mom was my first grade teacher…. for quite a while there I was winning in the height department too!  I think I’m one of the only kids smiling about this play we were forced to participate in.


But the real fun started about nine years ago, on a missions trip to New Orleans.  It really is one of my favorite memories for a lot of reasons, but I loved getting to know this guy better!!  We had such a great time together, although we were both too self-deprecating to truly think the other was interested at this point.  We found out later it was indeed when we both started liking each other.


New Orleans

It was the following summer, and a lot of nightly conversations, tennis, and euchre games later, that we became an official couple.  Unfortunately, this was quickly followed by me heading back to college 5 hours away.

x country

We made the most of every opportunity we had together for the next 3 years (mostly holidays and summer vacations), but it was really hard.  We went into dating with the intention of pursuing marriage together, quickly realized that’s exactly what we wanted, and then had to wait an incredibly long time before that could happen.  When you have someone you love so much, you just want to be with them every second!  Although we called each other as often as possible each day and spent hours on webcam together while doing homework, it just wasn’t the same as being together.  If you’ve been in a long distance relationship for years, you know how hard it can be!!  So many tears and difficult days, but every bit worth it on both ends!  ❤



The summer before I graduated, we were engaged and that was hands down the hardest year to keep waiting.  Every time we saw each other and had to say goodbye (again and again and again) became more difficult.  It’s a good thing Cabz has always been Mr. Logical and Self-Controlled because I begged him (in absolute seriousness) about a thousand times to just do a quick courthouse marriage with me instead of waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting ten bajillion more days.  I am constantly amazed at his crazy ability to be self-controlled in every area of life.  I am so NOT most of the time.




Finally, FINALLY, we were married.  I can only describe that day as completely happy and joyful!


I like these pictures because they just show how overwhelmingly happy I was.  We were married.  Together forever….

so happy



happy happy

….Well, until that one summer I was pregnant with Abby and we decided after much debate and tears that I should stay in Ames and work while he took an internship near Chicago.  About half a day into that, we realized it was the worst decision we had ever made. haha  At least we were able to see each other almost every weekend and had an end date on the calendar.  It was definitely reliving the separation nightmare again, only kinda worse since we were now married and knew how awesome it was to be together constantly.  Oh, and I was pregnant.  And after growing up in a big family with a sister sharing my bed, and then having roommates in college to share a bedroom with, it was officially terrifying to be in an apartment all by myself every night.  Not really a fan of that.  This too ended, however, and other than a couple random nights for work, we have been together ever since.

Cabz 2

Cabz 1

I love this man so very much.  He really is the best.  He’s the smartest, most loving, kindest, hardest worker around.  He loves me in the midst of my failures.  He is the most honest and selfless person I know.  He loves the Lord and works to instill that same beauty in his children.  He is extremely loyal and faithful to me and I feel like I can never appreciate him enough.  This is my best friend and I don’t deserve him, but I surely love him and am beyond thankful to have him as my husband.  Here’s to many more years to share together!!


Cabz 3

Oh, and have I mentioned this guy is an amazing dad?!  Patient, gentle, kind, and a whole lot of fun – what more could these kids of ours ask for?

Daddy and Evs

Daddy and Evie

Daddy and Elly    Daddy and Eliana

He comes home tired from work and jumps right in to help anyway.  He loves to be outside playing with the kids and going for family walks together.

Daddy and Abby  Daddy and Abigail

Daddy and Elle Belle  Daddy and Evie Grace

What a handsome stud! ❤

Daddy and Evelyn

He tolerates my picture taking so well. heehee

Daddy and Girls  Daddy and Girlies

We have to laugh some days…..  Five years later we have moved 3 times together, brought 3 children into this world, and are currently raising our bonus baby too!  Living the life!  We love it! 🙂

Daddy Time

So glad you are the one I get to live life with every day.  You are my forever. ❤





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