Back at it….

I’ve run almost 12 miles in the last few weeks.  It would have been more, but I had to take 4 days off due to my ingrown toenail fun.  They are still not feeling the best, but thanks to a new pair of wide running shoes my hubby got me, I am at least able to run in spite of them.

A couple of things on my running radar.  I’m going to attempt a one mile race coming up in about 2 1/2 weeks.  My one goal for that is to not be last.  The other thing is that I realized I made a new accidental goal.  I really want to run a 7 minute mile eventually.  At the moment that sounds not only painful, but slightly impossible.  I guess time will tell!

One small goal I’ve accomplished so far is not walking.  That might sound funny when I’m going such short distances, but let me tell you… I have certainly wanted to cave and start walking multiple different times.  I refuse to let myself do that, but there have been some rough moments!  It helps when I see people as I’m running.  I instantly think, “I can’t stop right in front of them!!  Pick up the pace!”  It also helps to try and think about anything else other than actually running and how dead my legs and feet feel.

Something interesting I’ve noticed is that I switch my pace ALL the time.  It’s really hard for me to run consistently.  I’ll sometimes settle into this pretty slow jog run, but if I think, “I can go faster,” I usually really can.  There have also been runs where I’m super tired and then I suddenly get past the dead feeling and get some kind of second wind and feel like I can keep (slowly) going for awhile.  Weird.  I’ll actually start feeling better, breathing more steady, and am able to push myself more.

Although they haven’t bothered me every time, the runs where my shins are hurting are pretty miserable.  It’s no fun to run through that.  It had faded and now I noticed it again petty badly on my run tonight.  I’m hoping it’s the new shoes and they calm down as I break them in.


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