Q Week

Q Week!  Inevitably one of the trickiest letters to find activities for. haha  It wasn’t nearly as exciting as some previous letters, but I did manage to scrounge up a few ideas.

Abby made her block letter ‘Q’ into a quail.

Q is for Quail

Q is for quarters!  I dumped out our piggy bank (ISU paraphernalia, courtesy of my mother who thinks anything with ISU on it will make a great gift for us since Cabz is obsessed with them.  We’ve got candy cane tree hangers, wrapping paper, hats, and more!  Love you, Mom!  We think they’re stellar!  Keep it coming!)  and gave Abby four containers to sort the different coins.  She was loving it.

Qq is for Quarters

After she had a bowl full of quarters, we discussed how four quarters = 1 dollar.  Then, I gave her little paper cups and had her count four quarters into each one.  Then we figured out how many dollars we had.

4 Quarters Make a Dollar!

Quarter Sorting

Evie joined us after her nap and the girls enjoyed dropping every single coin back through the slot on the piggy bank.

Fun with Coins

Handwriting and tracer pages.

Qq Handwriting

Qq Tracer Page

We made “queen hats” (aka crowns) out of paper plates.  I found this idea from Pinterest off of Meaningful Mama.  The girls each colored a plate.  Then I folded them in half and made three cuts, stopping before the ruffled edge, and opened it up into a hat!

Queen Craft PreschoolQueen Hat


What begins with Q?

What begins with Qq

The girls both made paper quilts by weaving some paper.  Evie needed a little more assistance with this than Abby did, but they both thought it was fun.

Quilt Weaving

Quilt Craft

I made a math quiz for Abby.  She was very excited to show Daddy when he came home that she was doing math just like he was!!


I knew I wanted to have the girls do some q-tip painting and was really happy with the way my dandelion idea turned out!  Evie’s was a little rough since she was more into smearing than dotting, but Abby’s was so cool!  I loved them both!

Qq Painting

Q-tip Painting DandelionsQ-tip Dandelions

Q-tip Painting


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