The Rustic Run!

I officially completed my first race since making the decision to take up (short distance) running.  The sad thing is, the last time I ran this one mile race (pre babies), I hadn’t trained at all and had a much better time.  The good thing is, I ran the entire mile and got my best postpartum time yet!  I finally broke 8 minutes (barely!!) with a time of 7:58.  That may not sound too amazing, but it was exciting for me!  I was the 2nd female in my age group (19-39) which means there wasn’t a whole lot of competition. haha!

Shout out to my 9 year old sister who ran the whole mile in 7 minutes 52 seconds!!  Future track star in the making!!  We ran some of our mile together which was pretty fun.  She was verbally encouraging me while I could barely manage to give her a thumbs up.  ha!

I was also pretty proud of our three year old, who steadily jogged the entire mile with Daddy.  Her time was 13:35.  She only stopped once for a quick water break.  She wasn’t tired a bit at the end, while I was ready to pass out.  Age…… haha!

Rustic Run!



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