Eliana is Four Months Old!!!!

Daddy's Girl

Ohhh, this sweet baby!  She is so much fun and has the best faces ever!  If I had the time, I don’t think I’d stop staring at her cute lil’ face all day long!  I love her adorable round head and “elf” ears.  Seriously.  So.  Cute.


This little pumpkin is weighing 13 pounds 3 1/2 ounces.  Elly has been nursing around 7 or 8 times a day and still enjoys her 3 naps.  Mornings usually begin at 7 a.m. and bedtime is around 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. depending on her last nap of the day.  She still fits a few of her 3 – 6 month outfits, but mostly wears 6 month clothes now.

Scale 5

She’s been continuing to sleep really well through the night, although she’s been waking up closer to 6 a.m. for a morning feeding the last week or so.  She’s just so tiny when she’s asleep!  I can’t stop kissing and squeezing her!  The “fake sleep” face is still one of my favs.

Sleepy Babe

Silly Sleeper

Elly is following the trend of my previous two girls and enjoys being really loud at times.  When she gets started on an important chat session, watch out!

Red Onesie 3Red Onesie 2Red Onesie 1

Little lady hasn’t rolled over yet, but she enjoys rolling to her side and playing with her toys.  She’s been getting really into our toy syrup bottle (lid is part of the toy and doesn’t actually come off, so don’t panic) just like her big sister, Evie, used to.

Oh Bananas


Standing up is Elly’s favorite right now.  She keeps her legs so stiff when she stands up that I can kind of make her walk around while holding her hands which I personally find hilarious.

Standing 1Standing 2

What the big sisters do, the little sister wants to do too!  Apples, apples, everywhere!  She loves when I slice straight down around a core and then let her chew on it.


Hanging out outside is usually lots of fun!

Bouncer 2Bouncer 1

It can be very bright out there at times.

Sunflower 3

Sunflower 1

Sunflower 2

Tummy time is fun for longer periods of time now, although when she’s done she’s done.

Boppy 1

Boppy 3

Boppy 4

Boppy 5

I think we have a little hair starting to grow in, folks!

Pretty in Pink

Elly’s face can go from a complete expressionless look to the biggest grin ever in a split second.  I think it’s super funny.  The Bumbo can be pretty serious business some days.

Bumbo 1Bumbo

Bouncer 3

Her concerned face is too good to miss…..

Life Concerns

Big sister, Abby, is always wanting a turn to hold the babies.  Nothing will make Elly look way too big already faster than that. 😦

Abby & Elle 1Abby & Elle 3

Baby Sister

Elly and Evie have been pretty good buds lately too. ❤

Evie and Elle 2

Evie and Elle 1

Look at this troublesome trio!  It’s a good thing they’re cute. haha


I was talking to one of my sisters the other day and commenting on how interesting it is that I perceive my looks very poorly and struggle to accept compliments from others as sincere, but when it comes to my kids I have none of that!  To be honest, I think they are off the charts adorable!  I think the best compliment you can give me is to say they resemble me in some way because they’re JUST SO ADORABLE.  I mean, just look at this baby.  She can’t be any cuter, can she?!

New Clothes

New Cloths

Eliana is definitely in the “fascinated by my hands” stage.  It’s hard to get a picture where she isn’t looking at or chewing on them lately!

Scale 3

Scale 4

Scale 2

Scale 1

Oh, and putting a dress on Eliana is pretty much giving her easy access to a fun chew toy.  She looks adorable before she’s so coated in drool I have to change her though, so it’s worth it. 🙂

Sweet Face 1Sweet Face 2

Sweet Face 3


Sweet Baby Elle is usually such a happy girl.  She loves all the action around and we all love hearing her burst out laughing!  She is so much fun.  She has been enjoying listening to books more too!


Happy 2

Happy 1

Our little monkey loves hanging out in her K ‘tan.  Facing out is her favorite!

K 'tanDad Life

What happens when you have Daddy watch the baby for a few minutes…..

Nap Time

Snuggle Time is my favorite time.


Our sweet, happy little baby!  We love you forever!

Baby Face

Happy GirlHappy Girl 1

Well hi






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