Top Ten Tips for Camping with 4 Children 3 and Under

Technically, we were camping with 5 children 3 and under, but we were “only” responsible for 4 of them.


Tip #1

Don’t do it.  Okay, it really was a lot of fun, but you have to realize you’re going to need a few days to catch back up on sleep afterwards. haha

Tip #2

Always stay more than one night.  This might sound funny, but the first night is the worst!  At least one of the babes is going to be bawling 90% of the first night because it’s strange and different.  After everyone is sleep deprived and exhausted from the activities the following day, that second night is going to go about 10 x better.  You’ll leave, remembering your trip a lot more fondly this way.


Tip #3

Put almost dead batteries into the kids’ flashlights.  They shine them all over the place, yet they’re always directly in an adult’s face.  You hand over brand new battery filled flashlights and someone’s leaving the trip half blind.


Tip #4

Start your packing list about a week ahead of time because you’ll keep remembering crucial items throughout the week and you’ll never regret bringing them.

Tip #5

Bring a ton of food.  Being outside all the time, everyone gets a lot more hungry than normal!


Tip #6

Fill the biggest water jug and all water bottles you’re bringing with water prior to leaving.  Camping water can be nasty.

Tip #7

Pack too many outfits for each kid, especially if the weather is going to be cooler, because they will continually get sopped in muddy water.  They find it, however elusive.


Tip #8

Plan at least 3 hours of getting ready time for each morning, because that’s how long it’s going to take to repack the minivan for the day and get everyone pottied, dressed, fed, and pottied again.  The good news is, if you really hurry, you can get out there and do something fun for about 20 minutes prior to lunch!

Tip #9

Get one of those extra luggage container things that hook on top of your vehicle.  We did not have one and we literally had to repack the minivan every time we tried to switch activities because it was so full we couldn’t keep it organized from one adventure to the next.


Tip #10

Have fun and don’t forget the diapers, wipes, and portable potty (seriously a life saver)!

Bonus Tip: Camp as far away from other campers as possible.  They will stay up way too late partying and make your kids scream louder and they will hate you when your kids wake them up after they finally DO go to sleep.

We called ourselves “The Baby Brigade.”


We had so much fun and got in about 8 miles of awesome hiking over our long weekend!  Abby hiked almost the entire time on her own two feet.




We saw waterfalls (Abby’s and my favorite!!!!!!!!!), canyons, and caves!  It was a great trip to remember. 🙂




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