Down and Out for a While

Well, I continued my running all summer.  One mile a day.  Fridays off. It was going well for the most part.  I lost 16 pounds, meaning I still need to lose 6 to hit my goal weight.  The plan was to keep it up until I hit that weight.  Unfortunately, I have had a bit of a setback.  Yes…. I got a running injury.  It feels dumb to even say that out loud.  I was running one mile a day – and got a running injury!!  How does that even happen?!  I feel like I didn’t deserve to get injured with how little I was doing, but annoyingly enough, that is exactly what happened.

I noticed some pretty uncomfortable knee pain, especially in my left knee, a few weeks ago.  I ran through it, took my day off, ran through it again (much worse this time), and couldn’t do it the following day.  I tried a few times, but my body just wasn’t going to get it done.  It was hurting pretty solid.  I decided to quit running for a couple days to let it rest and hopefully get back to it asap.  That’s not what happened though.  It kept hurting, and had a lot of swelling as well.  My whole knee cap area was pretty rough pain-wise.  Going up and down stairs was super painful, I couldn’t sit cross-legged, or bend my left knee much at all without quite a lot of pain.  Even walking with the girls was no fun, although I still managed to get that done because… sitting in the house all day with my nutty bunch?  Not on your life.

A couple weeks of no running, trying to baby it, keeping it straight as much as possible, and it wasn’t getting better.  We finally decided I should try a physical therapist, because taking care of kids all day with a bum knee you can’t bend without hurting?  It was wearing on me.  He said I had (I forget the long name and don’t want to google it) “Runner’s Knee,” which is what my P.A. brother-in-law, running fiend sister, and her runner hubby all thought too.  He told me not to run on it until it’s better (I tried multiple times…. it wasn’t happening anyway), that I need to rest it (ha), should ice it, and gave me some stretches to do.  Apparently this was brought on by putting too much strain on my knees while running, over striding, and having a weak “hip area” (aka butt).  Cool stuff.  Too bad I’m impatient, and don’t want to take off a bunch of time to get over this.  I am a little frustrated with this, but at this point I just want my knee back to normal.  You always appreciate your body more when it’s not working right.  You think about how nice it was to have two knees that didn’t hurt every time you had to hobble down the stairs with a giant load of laundry. haha Hoping to move past this soon!  For now, I am seeing the physical therapist once a week and trying to do my homework.


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