Evelyn is Two!!


Our little Evie Grace.  She turned the big two.  Of course, every time I asked her how old she was turning, I’d get responses like, “Free!”  “I ONE!!” and “Four!” Age is just a number, right?


I always get emotional over my babies growing up.  The day before her birthday I kept taking “one last” pictures of my one year old.  Awwww.  Don’t turn two on me!!



I got her Daddy a little sentimental too, and he made off with some one year old cuddles.  I love how much our kids love their daddy.  He is the best.





Little Miss Trouble weighs 25 lb 13 oz.  She is speaking full sentences almost all the time now.


Evelyn is our wild child, our daredevil, our feisty, impulsive, happy girl.  She is determined to do everything Abby can do.  If I would have told Abby at this age not to do something because it was too tricky/dangerous/etc. she would have instantly believed me and never even given a thought to doing it again.  Evie is simply determined to prove to me that she CAN do whatever it is and takes every opportunity to do so.


Our (at the time) one year old, was the first one to climb over the tunnel on the girls’ playground.  Abby was so proud of herself, “I climbed over the tunnel just like Evie does!” when she finally became brave enough to try it herself a couple weeks later.


Evie LOVES to swing!  She would swing all day if I had the time to push her.




Her constant cry is, “Higher, Mama!  Higher!!”


Okay, I think this may be a “Mom thing,” although it could just be a “me thing”…… but I am obsessed with my kids when they’re sleeping.  They are just so cute!  I want to watch them and cuddle them and take pictures of them all day.  Yes… prepare yourself.  Here are SLEEPING EVIE PICTURES!!!!



When you fall asleep texting……


When you fall asleep on the phone……


Clutching toys is Evie’s way of drifting off.  I know she’s out when I hear them start to drop. haha


And your classic, and my personal favorite – butts up!


Speaking of sleeping pictures….. how dysfunctional is this sleeping arrangement??  Evie naturally wants to cuddle and moves towards Abby as the night progresses.  Abby naturally likes her space and moves further from Evie as the night progresses. hahaha  We have since gotten a bed rail for Evie’s bed too, which helps keep the girls contained to their spots.


When Evie is really excited (usually because a meal is being served) she will race around giving everyone hugs.  You know she’s SUPER excited when she voluntarily is bear hugging Abby.




Sometimes Evie will announce she is going to do her tummy time.  She takes it very seriously, and I don’t have the heart to to tell her she’s too old for tummy time now.


Our little tot has been whining a lot more recently.  Sometimes I will ask her, “Evie, why are you whining?”  Usually her response will be, “Cuz…. I so tiwerd.” haha  I think she’s heard us say, “You must be tired” one too many times.  She tries to use it a lot.  When asked to do something….. “I tan’t.  ‘Cuz I so tiwerd.”

Another classic: “Ev, go get your shoes so we can go outside for a walk!”  “No, I tan’t.  I tiwerd.”  “You’re not tired, silly goose.  Go find those shoes!”  “I jus’ so tiwerd.”

Or when Abby is teasing her….. “Bi’ Sis mae me tiwerd!!”  (Big Sis is making me tired!) haha

Some of my favorite Evie words and sayings right now are:

“Boo bites” – bug bites…. The other day she was mad at her bug bites and told me she was going to dump them on the floor!

“I nee my foo fwatter!!” – I need my flyswatter.  She loves that thing.  She actually took out an aggressive bee the other day!

“I’m trying my bes!” – I’m trying my best!  Love this one.

“macs” – gnats

“I run fastly!!” – English is confusing.  It’s okay, Little One!

“dandaid” – bandaid

“My muhkey’s havin’ tizzy.” – My monkey’s having a tizzy.  That’s my word for a hissy fit. haha

“yes!” – saying the full word, ‘yes’ instead of ‘ya’ all the time… it just sounds cute 🙂

“I love you oooh much, Mama.”

“Thank you!” – She will always thank whoever prays for the meal. haha!  I think she’s so grateful when we’re done praying because it means she can finally eat.  She also thanks me profusely for food and was so cute thanking me for her birthday party preparations, which you can read more about here.


Feeding her baby – sometimes “Baby Rose” copying Abby, sometimes “Baby Eliana” like her sister.  Used to be “Baby Boy” all the time. haha  The other day Evie told me, “I just love my Baby Rose!”


Until next year, Summer. ❤


Although our Evie Grace did a great job transitioning from the baby to a big sister, once in a while she needs a little extra babying.  I had started calling Elly, “Peanut,” every once in a while.  We used that nickname for Abby and Evie when they were babies too.  The other day, I said to Elly, “Hey there, Lil’ Peanut!” and I noticed Evie staring at us with a little scowl.  She saw me looking at her and she huffed, “No, I Peanut!!”  Also, the Bumbo isn’t just for babies……


I thought it was a given that our kids would all be “Millers” through and through.  Apparently not.  I said, “Well, hello there, Evelyn Grace Miller!” a couple days ago and Evie quickly responded, “I not Miller.  I Peanut.”  She is determined that her name is going to be “Peanut” from now on.  Okay then……



Daddy always has lots of little helpers!


Library Day is a favorite with both our older girls.  They love picking out books and reading through them all as soon as we get home.  Evie’s attention span was always much shorter than Abby’s, but she enjoys listening to books quite a bit now.



She also loves to read them!!!


Sometimes your baby needs to hear some stories too.


Evelyn loves playing in the sandbox and pretending to cook for me.  Her favorite things to whip up are pizza, sandwiches, and keifer.



Evs still is completely obsessed with drinking.  She would sit and guzzle all day long if she could.  I think she’d be perfectly content to live off a liquid diet.  Her favorite drink is keifer.  I mix up my glass of keifer every morning and always make sure to pour a little in Evie’s cup too.  As soon as I start the process, she is at my side, “You makin’ tef, Mama??”  “Yes, Evie.  I make it every day.”  “You makin’ tef for me, Mama???”  “Yes, Evie.  I always give you some.”  Every morning, man.  She acts like a coffee addict with her “tef.”  The other day she stretched her arms up as I was pouring her glass and with wild eyes she cried, “I NEE it!!” She also is a big fan of Daddy’s smoothies!


Jumping on the trampoline is the best according to our little tot.  I think she would jump all day if we had our own!!


I’ll let Abby and Evie play out in the yard quite frequently, while I am sitting right inside the door feeding babies or whatnot.  It helps them stink off out there and they absolutely love running and playing.  Evie hit a stage a few weeks ago where she wants to cling to me a bit more (my kids always seem to be hanging on me, but this is more so, just to clarify haha).  She’ll play outside for a few minutes and then need to come in by me, “‘cuz I cooode” – this being the excuse on really hot days too.  In and out.  She bops back and forth.  I guess she just needs that extra boost of security for now.



The girls’ pretend play has been improving each day as Evie becomes more capable of appropriate interaction.  Her favorite opening line, “Hi!  Wha yur name?”  Abby will respond and ask what Evie’s character’s name is.  “I Goat”  or “I Cow” is Evie’s constant name choice.  I love it.



When you get in trouble and your Mama tries to take a picture of you sitting.


Every once in a while, I catch an Evie expression that is totally a Caleb look-a-like.  I feel that this is one of those!


Talking to Daddy after he got off work – this is a fought over privilege!!


I do believe this is one of my favorite pictures.


Ev Babe loved our swimming pool when it was warmer.  She would hop in the freezing cold, straight out of the hose, water jumping and screaming away!  Splashing is so fun!!





Sweetcheeks went through her bug freakout phase earlier in the summer.  However, she had a change of heart after her big sister became bug obsessed and was constantly making pets of them.  During Evie’s “panic at all bugs everywhere” phase, this was a picture of her bug spotting after waking up from her nap.  This happened daily.  She wasn’t a bit bothered by sticking an empty cicada shell to her shirt though!



Our two year old loves to laugh!!!!  She is always ready to enjoy a silly joke, a bunch of tickles, or some goofy noises!



Evelyn still lives for Fridays, aka Popcorn Movie Night at our house.  Sometimes she will get upset with me when I announce what day it is (if it isn’t Friday obviously…) and will shout, “No!  It FRIday!!”


Miss Curiosity wants to know about everything.  I hear, “Whas dat sing?  Whas dat sing called?” almost constantly sometimes.  I don’t work with Evie on her numbers and letters nearly as much as I did with Abby at this age, because one kid vs. four.  Bam.  She surprised us the other day when she burst out counting and went all the way to ten!!  She loves to count everything now!  I made a few cds the girls listen to at night and did some counting rhymes in them.  Must have been inspiring. haha





My girls’ repetitive, sometimes over the top foolish, questions come at me SO fast and SO constantly, that I admit… there are times I might not answer one of them RIGHT AWAY.  When this is the case, Evie is quick to whine, “You nah talk oo me, Mama!!”  (You’re not talking to me, Mama!!)  Some days, the headaches are real. hahaha



My big girls have two modes.  Get along really amazingly well with absolutely no fighting or constant grouching and fighting over all sorts of nonsensical things.  The other day they were fighting over a toy bunny.  It was Abby’s turn, and Evie wanted the bunny.  Abby decided to switch things up and actually offered to share the bunny with Evelyn.  Evie promptly replied, “No!  I don’t wan’ tha bunny!  I subborn.”  She’s heard her big sister telling us, “Evie’s just being stubborn” one too many times when she refuses something she really wants.




Trucks continue to delight Evie’s soul.  She loves to watch them when they drive by outside, construction sites are her favorites, and she thinks her toy trucks are great!  I let her play with her dump truck during bath time a few weeks ago.  She had it full of water and I beeped it over and dumped it out on her leg.  She shrieked, “Don’t pour water my leg!!  Thas daerous!!” (dangerous)


Evie doesn’t handle Baby Boy leaving for his visits super well.  It has always stressed her out a bit.  She doesn’t quite get the concept that Elly doesn’t ever have to leave, but he does.  If she ever notices one of the babies is “missing” she has a mini panic attack, “Where BayBoy go?!  Where Ehyee go!!?”



I love that Evie is naturally a cuddlebug.  She’s a squirmy cuddlebug, but at least she loves to snuggle! haha


Evie loves to shout, “Don’t yeave me, Mama!” when we’re getting ready to go somewhere.  I would never leave her and have never told her I was going to leave her, but that’s what she came up with.  I find it kind of funny.


Cabz and I always talk up foods that are healthy and our girls picked up on that.  Now when I give Evelyn something to eat she loves to say, “Iss hewfy?  Is so hewfy!!”  The best was when she said this after the girls each got a cake batter truffle.  “No, Evie,” I had to break it to her, “No…. these are not healthy.” haha


On garbage day, I sometimes call the girls over to the window with, “Quick!  I see the garbage truck going by!!”  The other day, Evie came running up the stairs calling, “Quick!  I sirsty!!” (thirsty)


Evie continues to grow into her big sister role.  She will often hush the babies with, “Don’t cry!  Don’t cry!  Don’t cry!  Is’ okay.  Is’ okay.”


During the last couple summer months, Evie was obsessed with and sooooooooo proud of riding her strider bike every night after our walk.  Heaven help us if we tried to skip it.  She is really good at walking it, but hasn’t quite figured out she can sit on it and balance.  I think she’s close, but weather-wise I’m afraid she’ll have to wait until spring to consistently try again.



Probably Evie’s favorite and defining phrase of the moment is: “I do it mysewf!!!”  She already thinks she is way too big and can do it all…. without any help whatsoever.  Also, if Abby can do it?  You better believe EVIE CAN TOO.





Evie Grace, you are our spunky little daredevil child and keep our days from feeling dull.  You are so enthusiastic about life and always ready for some hugs.  You can always bring a smile to my face.  I love waking up each day with you in it!!  Love you, Lil’ Peanut!!
















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