Eliana is Six Months Old!!!!!!


Elly is half a year old!!!  She’s officially an old baby now. *sniff!*  She celebrated the occasion by going on a little streak of binge eating.  The last few days have seen her waking up strictly to nurse (No, Mom.  The binky is NOT the same thing.) two, if not three times a night.  She better gain a pound or two after this….



Speaking of pounds, our tot finally teetered out of the chunky baby status.  We knew it was bound to happen based on our previous two babes. haha  She weighs 14 lb 8 1/2 ounces and dropped down to the 24 percentile.  I got all of the, “Is she still nursing well?  You haven’t noticed a disinterest in eating, right?” questions, but our doctor wasn’t too concerned since she knows our babies tend to be small.  This is similar to Abby’s baby days.  Elly was 29th for height.  Since she didn’t grow too much since last month, she is still fitting in the same size of clothes.





Eliana loves to roll and squirm all over the place.  She is definitely excited about figuring out how to move!  She will be keeping up with her sisters before long I’m afraid.




Babykins is starting to figure out sitting.  She will do it for a while here and there, but mostly just wants to escape the sit position and get into trouble instead.




Our baby girl is following after her sisters and is getting SO squirmy when I hold her, that it can be quite the task not to drop her!  I’ll be holding her with one arm and trying to eat with the other and she is just all over the place.  On her tummy, on her back, clawing at my face, flipping over, etc.




Also, while I’m attempting to hold her and eat, Elly enjoys tasting my food and then making faces.  She thinks it’s great fun.


Although Elly Hope loves to play on the floor, she only loves it when I am right next to her.  She is always very aware of where I am and if I try to sneak off and throw a load of laundry in or something else equally productive… BAM… commence crying.  She likes me to hold her a LOT.  I do love to hold her, but it’s interesting when I have to actually get something done once in a while.


I have to constantly watch it when I’m holding Peaches lately.  She officially reached the stage of, “If you can reach it, SNAG IT!”  It’s amazing how incredibly fast she can be!!  I’ll do a quick turn, just a pinch too close to the table, and Elly has snatched something off it.  Unbelievable.  This also adds to the excitement of my meal times.  She has almost flipped my cup and plate of food on the floor one too many times.




This goes for stroller rides too…..  The other day I stopped for a second to adjust Evie’s jacket.  Abby started shrieking, “Look at Elly!  Look at Elly!  She’s getting the plant!”  Apparently I had parked a little too close to something within Elly’s reach.


Elly has definitely reached “stranger danger” phase.  She doesn’t freak out as much as Abby did as a baby, and will tolerate different faces pretty well as long as they play by her rules.  She does not like other people getting in her face or  talking too much and too directly to her.  She prefers a little warm up time from Mama’s arms.  She also STRONGLY dislikes it when there is a new face in the house and I set her down.  Unfortunately, this has to happen three days a week for Little Guy’s visits.  Unless I can get her napping prior to his visit times, I have to set her down to buckle him into his car seat when the worker arrives to transport him.  This makes her start screaming.  Every. Single. Time.  What makes it “better” is when the worker tries to cheer her up by getting in her face. haha  This creates a disaster.  Oh well.  It only lasts a couple minutes, but it does make things exciting.


We’ve been bundling up a lot more with the cooler weather.  Hats are so fun.



Someone was ALL READY to enjoy every second of their stroller ride!  She tried her best…..


Our baby is not shy about asking for attention.  Lately, whenever I am holding her and trying to focus on something other than her (cooking, an activity with the big girls, etc.), Elly will grab my face with her hands and pull it around until I’m facing her.  Then she’ll smile, very pleased with herself.  It’s super adorable, I must say.



Elle Belle also loves to “eat” me when she’s feeling wild.  This involves grabbing me, diving at me with her mouth wide open, growling, shaking her head back and forth and essentially acting like a little monster baby.  Her favorite is attacking my shoulder or face when I’m holding her and playing with her.  She is something else.


Little feeties are still SUCH a riot around here.





This is a very similar picture to one I took of big sister, Evelyn, at six months old.


Being outside is always so exciting!


Lego diapers are our favorite.

Silly little girl figured out she has lips a while ago and enjoys making all sorts of funny faces.  She is the queen of this goofy top lip sucked in face.  She thinks it’s super cool.




Smiley little princess.


Carriers are so much fun!  You get to be safely attached to your beloved parents while seeing all the sights!


When your big sister thinks it’s SO COOL that you are twinning with her.



Big sister, Abby, is always watching over me.



If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!!  This baby is usually such a cheerful little soul.  She doesn’t hesitate to let me know when she wants something though.  You have to use your voice if you want to be heard around this place.



I keep meaning to crib train this sweet babe and then never get around to it.  We had a fun cold for a couple weeks and I was kind of waiting for that to die down.  Hopefully I’ll pull it together and work on the whole crib thing a little before her next monthly update.  In this crazy household though…. no promises.


Elly is currently waking up for the day around 7:15 a.m. and takes a morning nap around 9:30, or 10 a.m. if I’m behind.  She falls asleep for her afternoon nap around noon or 12:30 p.m.  She will still do a really long stretch here, as long as I wake her up to nurse her about two hours in.  Ideally, she sleepily nurses and then kind of keeps sleeping.  The first couple hours, she naps in the boppy pillow on the couch.  After I feed her, I put her back in our bedroom for the rest of the time since the girls get up from their Quiet Time and are anything but quiet afterwards….



With this schedule, Elly will usually sleep until around 4 p.m. which is a WAY longer afternoon nap than my other girls ever took.  I didn’t even know babies could sleep that long. haha  Sometimes I even have to wake her up at that point, so she goes to bed well!  Bedtime is anywhere from 7 – 8 p.m. depending on her afternoon nap.  I still wake her up to feed her quick before I go to bed.  Normally she will sleep through the night, but obviously has growth spurts and change ups here and there.



Her little ears still kill me.



Sometimes you are so ready for your afternoon nap that you pass out when Mama sets you down to amuse yourself with the playmat for a minute while she washes up your big sisters.


Lately, Elly’s thing has been “peering.”  I will get her to sleep, lay her down in her boppy pillow and then try to move away.  If she wakes up a little, she will quickly lift her head to peer.  If she spots me and, um what?!, I’m not holding her….. watch out.  I get such a kick out of her peering though.  Seriously, Elly?  You are such a little twerp.


Bath time is so much fun!!



We have been having a lot of fun enjoying the fall weather around here!



The girls love all of the leaves.  Nature is so full of fun things to play with!  Leaves!  Sticks!  Rocks!  Such fun!!


These leaves weren’t as tasty as they looked….




We love you, sweet little Elly!!!!!!  Thank you for making our days so much brighter!!  These pics of me and Elly were some Kayla took for us a few weeks ago.

View More: http://kaylaschlabach.pass.us/caleb-ashley-miller-familyView More: http://kaylaschlabach.pass.us/caleb-ashley-miller-family

View More: http://kaylaschlabach.pass.us/caleb-ashley-miller-family






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