Abigail’s Princess Birthday Party

Trains… trucks…. the princess party is finally here!  I have waited long enough to have a more girly themed party. haha  Abby had actually been planning to have a princess party for her four year old birthday ever since last year.  She currently has the next two years’ themes picked out as well.  We’ll see if she changes her mind before then, but I kind of doubt it.  Here is one of the princess invitations I made, recreated from a version on Pinterest/Etsy. haha


Abby was hoping I could make a “castle cake” for her party.  I found some inspiration off Pinterest and came up with this.  I could have made it a little more appealing by using two layers for each of my layers, but that would have required more time, frosting, and well… throw some candy on there and Abby was going to be excited regardless. haha


I loved the idea of using sugar cones as the low maintenance castle towers.  I spread a light layer of frosting over each cone, and dropped sprinkles all around them until they were covered.  For each flag, I used half of a toothpick with a paper triangle taped on.  I was having some trouble getting them to stand upright on the cones, so I melted a little almond bark and drizzled it around the bottom of the toothpicks.  I had to do one at a time and hold them in place while they dried, but it went pretty fast.  I was worried they wouldn’t hold up, but they were actually stuck on pretty tightly when I went to break them off at dessert time.  I could have just used a glue gun for speed, but I didn’t want the kids getting glue in their food.  Ew.



Tasty sugar cookies with purple frosting and light and dark purple sugar crystals sprinkled heavily on top.  I used this recipe from my mom.


Decorating was so much fun!!  Abby picked out some princess colored rolls of tulle at Wal-mart, and I cut strips and knotted them around a string.  When it was long enough, I tied/taped it around our dining room table and voila!  A table fit for a princess!




I created this princess banner.  My favorite part about it was how the princesses were “holding” it up.



Oh my word.  My sweet, little four year old was inspired to create with all of my decorating going on.  I let her cut and glue with some of my scraps and I’m pretty sure she created a princess from my nightmares!  Awww! haha  She was so proud of it, and wanted to be sure we used it in our decorating!  Of course we had to find a prominent space on the fridge for it, but oh dear….. it is a bit frightening!


The table spread, complete with necklaces and wands for all the royal guests, and princess napkins of course.  They were from Wal-mart and they were the coolest.  Seriously, they were like little princess booklets with a different princess on each “page!”




In preparation for party time, we blew up some balloons and I painted the girls’ fingernails PINK!!  They were loving it.  Abs still gets uptight about me washing her hands, because she doesn’t want me to wash her polish off!  I told her we could repaint if needed.



Getting her “princess shoes” on.


She still needs her crown.



Our little princess all decked out.




Abby’s “princess dress” was one of my old dance recital dresses.  I actually wore this one when I was seven, but it was the most princessy one, so I pinned it a bit in the back to help it fit and we went with it. 🙂



Little sister, Evie, wanted to dress up like a princess too.  I’m not sure she ever realized this wasn’t her party…. ha


I asked Abby to show me how old she was and she went with the ol’ 3 + 1 method.


After a tasty supper of pizza and pink lemonade, Abby was ready for the long awaited CAKE TIME!!  Following a round of “Happy Birthday,” Abs finally got her long awaited ice cream and cake.


Quick picture with the birthday girl before the faces were destroyed….


Abby Joy loves to be prepared  and had picked out her two ice cream flavors (strawberry cheesecake and cotton candy – the real hot item) months ago.  Cotton Candy was a real success among the young guests.  Oh, and with my brother, Jake…. but, he is basically still a child. 😉


The party was great, but I was left wondering….. Are you sure you can’t stay my little girl forever?? ❤



Abigail’s party was a couple days before her actual birthday.  She was ready to enjoy another day by the time she really turned four though.  Evie and her were excited to start the morning off with some giant princess coloring pages!


Although Abs had to wait for Daddy to get home before she could open her present from us, she got to open her tiny present “from Evie.”  I think Evie was just as curious as Abby was to see what was in there.


It must have been pretty great, because Abby was excited to share her “Baby Rose” with Evie afterwards.


This precious little girl really is four years old!



Snack time = leftover castle towers!



Daddy finally came home and Abby got to open her new Lego set!  She was pretty excited.


For supper, Abby picked to have chicken wraps!  Excellent choice!  I just looked and I’m pretty sure I never posted the recipe I use, which is pretty tragic considering it is delicious!!  I’ll put it on my to-do list – yes, it’s actually real, also HUGE, and endless.









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