Eliana is Seven Months Old!!!!!!!


Baby girl has been learning so much, so fast lately!!  She figured out mobility, which has been exciting to say the least.  No more of that, set you down and stay while I run to the bathroom stuff anymore.



Although Elly hasn’t actually figured out how to move forward, she is great at pushing herself backwards and rolling all over the house.  She will get up on all fours for little spurts of time, but hasn’t actually crawled yet.  She loves to hold herself up with straight arms.



Elly weighs 15 pounds and hasn’t grown too much since last month.  She’s definitely making her cousin, Belle, look big. haha


Peaches’ hair is finally starting to thicken up a bit.  There isn’t enough to really tell what shade it’s going to be, but it definitely isn’t as light as Evie’s yet.




Elly is loving sitting up lately.  I still like to put her boppy pillow behind her on harder surfaces since she likes to get down to the floor after a while and she’s not super graceful yet. haha  She is definitely getting the hang of it though!



Some of Elly’s proudest accomplishments this month were learning how to whine and learning how to yell (where she picked that up from, I have nooooo idea…..).  Coincidentally, these were my least favorites….


Chewing on tags is continues to be way better than playing with toys….


Babykins is still getting up around 7 a.m., napping for about half an hour around 9:30 or 10 a.m. depending on whether or not it’s an errand day, and taking her longer afternoon nap starting around noon or 12:30 p.m.  She has shortened her afternoon nap up some and has been done by 3 p.m. the last few days.  I’m hoping it doesn’t shorten much more than that, at least for a while here.  Sometimes she will wake up mid nap and if I nurse her quick, she’ll go back down for an hour or so.


Night sleeping kind of depends.  If we stay somewhere other than home, it’s a guaranteed disaster.  She’ll nurse like fifteen times and whine a bunch.  If we’re at home, doing our usual routine, she’ll either sleep through the night or do 1 – 2 quick feedings somewhere in there.



I finally decided the time had come and got around to crib training little Elle a little over a week ago.  It really wasn’t too painful.  The first night, she cried off and on for twenty minutes, while I went in every five to comfort her.  Since then she has gone to bed in her crib quite well, other than the night we came back from family Thanksgiving festivities.  We know to expect out of whack children post holiday gatherings though, so that wasn’t much of a surprise. ha


This was baby girl’s last nappy in the boppy pillow.  Awwww.  Look at her catching those rays!


Listening to books is hit or miss for Elly right now.  Sometimes she’ll stand for it.  Other times she won’t.  Her sisters sure appreciate it when she decides to sit through a story!


One of Eliana’s most notable changes this past month was her increased interest in table food.  She now yells at me if I’m eating and don’t offer to share with her.  She has tried quite a variety of food at this point and seems to eat just about anything.  Sometimes I’m a little rude and give her things like pickles to suck on, just so I can laugh at her stellar expressions.  She always goes back for more though, so I don’t feel too mean.




Baby Boy finally decided to start eating more table food recently too.  My meal times now consist of me sitting on the floor with my plate and alternating between putting food in two mouths.  Sadly, neither one is mine. haha  Elly has been signing, “more” here and there as an alternative to yelling at me when she needs another bite.  If my memory serves me correctly, I think that means she signed her first word earlier than the older sisters. #winner!


Elly has slowed with nursing some, but still eats pretty frequently.  I’m thinking she’ll tone it down more and more now that she’s starting to get more with table food.  Of course, just chewing on the spoon is pretty exciting all on its own!


One of Elly’s favorite things to eat is Kix cereal.  She figured out how to pick them up herself with that newfound pincher grasp and she is smug as can be when she gets to sit munching on a pile of those!


Eliana loves having her big sisters around for constant entertainment.  They make her laugh more than anyone else.  Her big sisters just want to hold her and feed her Kix all day.



Pickle pucker faces.


One of Elly’s favorite joys is terrorizing a bin of toys.  She loves when I set her in front of a bin filled with exciting new things.  She will frantically snatch them, chew on them, fling them, and go for more until she empties the entire container.



The big sisters are usually sure to keep a nice pile of toys in front of each of the babies.  They like their babies well entertained!


Elly Hope lived through the Cubbies finally pulling off the World Series!!  We were so excited!



She also tagged along with her parents and watched them vote in the presidential election.  There was a voting spot close enough for us to walk.  Elly enjoyed her snug little ride with Daddy.


We’ve still been trekking our mile after breakfast each morning, but everyone has had to bundle up a bit more with the chillier weather. 🙂


Our little sweets is looking so much bigger in her car seat than she used to!! Awww….


My little tot LIKES to be held.  Although she will play pretty content when everything is good, if we’re somewhere new, she is at all tired, or any other thing is a little off, she wants Mama holding her.  It’s a good thing that is what I want to do anyway. ❤


When we are around less familiar people, she will stay pretty calm with things as long as Cabz or I am holding her.  From her safe perch, she will beam away at new faces.  Relaxin’ with Daddy.


Peaches was sick a couple weeks ago, along with the rest of us, and her and I had a couple of pretty wakeful nights followed by bad napping.  One thing that temporarily lifted her spirits was a warm bath in the kitchen sink.



Little baby chubs are so cute!!



Watching the big girls playing outside.


Elle Babe is usually a pretty good-natured little soul.  Well, as long as I hold her on command.


Elly Hope is still just like my other two tots were.  SQUIRMY.  She is constantly on the move.  She may want me to hold her, but it will require an olympian effort out of me to get it done.  She just wants to move, move, move!  We love this precious baby girl tons and tons and can hardly remember life without her in it!!  ❤ ❤








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