Eliana is Eleven Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!

Our baby is going to be one next month.  ONE.  How does a year pass so quickly?!  I really was just bringing my baby home from the hospital like a month ago, right??  *sigh*

Elly Hope weighs 17 pounds 4 ounces now.  She probably has the smallest appetite out of our three girls (when they were her age).  She is always very ready to eat at meal and snack times, but doesn’t really eat that much comparatively.  She’s wearing mostly 12 month clothes right now.  She still takes two naps a day (about a half hour in the morning, and anywhere from 1 1/2 – 2 in the afternoon).

Elly has been walking all over the place.  The only time she still crawls is when she plops down in the middle of the floor and has to get over to something she can stand up against.  She hasn’t mastered the stand up in the middle of the floor ability just yet.  It was sadly cute watching Elle go through that stage where they’re starting to really get it.  You know, when they quit walking TO the parent with arms outstretched and smugly turn and choose where they wanna go.  Nah, nah, nah!  She also was doing this really hilarious proud crowing laugh thing every time she would walk across the room for a while.  Now she’s past all that as she feels she has mastered the art of walking.

Baby Girl still enjoys singing, and sometimes jiving, along when we sing during family worship time or any other time someone in the house bursts into song.  She will sing along when I play the keyboard too.

Eliana is nursing way less now.  I got a little tougher with night feedings shortly after she hit ten months, because it was getting kind of old.  She now nurses anywhere from 5:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. (if she does the earlier time, she lays right down again for sleep until 7), after lunch around 12/12:30 p.m., and then before bed at 7 p.m.  Once in a while she will have a small feeding around 3 or 4 p.m. as well, but it never amounts to much.  Only one more month and we’ll be transitioning to whole milk and weaning!  Crazy!  I’ve let her try a little whole milk in her sippy cup and she wasn’t too impressed.  She had a little, just because sippy cups are fun, but she made horrible faces and stuck her tongue out after each drop. haha

Babes finally popped her FIRST two teefers this month!  She now has her bottom little chompers.  She’s been kind of fussy, slobbery, and chewing on things a lot, so I’m guessing there’s more coming soon.  Time will tell….

Twinning with her cousin, Belle!  Belle and Elle ❤

I know it’s hard to believe, but yet again, a little stubborn streak has been shining through one of our sweet children!  She was saying, “Mama!” a whole bunch earlier today and Caleb said, “Say, Daddy, Elly!”  Although we all know she can say, “Daddy,” she simply gave him a low growl in response.  HA!  The rest of the day, we would try off and on to get her to say it and she would just growl obstinately.  One time he asked her, she growled at him, and then walked over to me and whispered, “Daddy!”  Just so I knew there was absolutely no doubt she could and just didn’t waaaaaaaaaant to.  Unbelievable.

I am obsessed with watching my babies learn to bend and move around as they figure out mobility.

Also, when they start sitting up on their knees. haha  Thinking they’re so big and looking so tiny and cute.

That Mama is such a riot. lol

We went to Dairy Queen’s free small cone day last week and Elly got to try a few bites.  She wasn’t overly excited, but seemed to think it was fine.

Parks are starting to be more fun for Elly.  She really enjoyed getting pushed by Abby last time we went.

She wasn’t quite as sure about getting sent down the slide with her, but it all turned out alright. haha

Peekin’ at Mama on her chair.

Elly got to meet her firs puppy last week.  My parents got a husky/shepherd mix.  I named her Bailey since they were on the struggle bus with names and I mean… I like naming all the pets ever.  Bailey was ecstatic about Elly.  I’m pretty sure she thought Elle was a puppy too. haha!

Sweet face! ❤

Eliana has been getting more into reading books (at least on her own haha).  She’s been a lot more gentle with her reading material too, which is good considering she thinks board books are foolish and paper pages are where its at.

Although she’s pretty young, Elle has already been spotted displaying some serious road rage!

Of course… when you take into consideration the traffic at our house, it’s almost understandable!

Exploring the house and finding your pick of toys is so much fun!  Elly has started making her toys “talk” and do things a little now, which is super adorbs. haha  I get such a kick out of it when they start making their toys have funny little voices.

Our three lil’ goobers!

“Sorting” clothes has been a favorite activity for Elle lately.  She likes it when I add some commentary, “Sort! Sort! Sort!” haha

Someone was pretty excited to be eating her snack on the step with the big girls!  Look at that giddy face!  You have to enjoy the footwear too….. rain boots, barefootin’, and tennis shoes.  Who knows.

Applesauce squeezers are a special treat around here.

This was a little blurry, but Elly was SOooooooo excited when I let her eat snack at the big girls’ table the other day!!  I thought she was going to burst with smugness.  Can you see a trend?  She’s a little too excited to grow up on me….

Elly found her own way to “ride trikes” with the big girls.  She grabs the handles on this one and walks it all around the driveway.  It’s hilarious, because she totally thinks she’s fitting right in this way. haha  P.S. Check out her adorable shoes in the one pic!  AHHH!!

This is Elle being troublesome (and she knows it).  I put her booties on.  She promptly took them off.

We got a walker for Baby Boy so he could work on his leg muscles a little more frequently.  I was using it to contain Elly sometimes, when I was trying to get a meal quick or something, but she is vicious with it!!  Since she already knows how to walk, she is seriously a danger in this thing.  She’ll run at you and just RAM into ya!  And it hits you right in the ankles which is super fun.  She also knows how to run and then pick her feet up and bang into stuff.  So, ya…. she doesn’t actually hang out in this thing too often anymore…..

Our little walking wonder.  She’s pretty unstoppable anymore.

You know they’re getting good at walking when they start adding in other things like eating and shaking toys while walking.

The girls have all been enjoying their wheels as the weather warms up.  We love our girlies! ❤ ❤ ❤

Mama loves you, Sweet Pea!  Your snuggles are my fav! ❤




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