Hiking at Wildcat Den State Park

As the weather has been warming up, I was in desperate need for an outdoor adventure!  I was thrilled when we scheduled a hike and picnic at Wildcat Den State Park near Muscatine!!  Our hiking crew consisted of Justin, Trisha & Belle, Aspen & Dom, and us! (Don’t worry.  Justin’s back carrier wasn’t just an accessory.  Multiple children took turns in it, including but not limited to Evelyn.)

Mamas and babes!

The girls had to traipse across this big log of course.  Abs was really hamming it up for the camera with her expression. haha

Water is always our favorite. ❤

Everybody but me, Caleb, Abby, and our babies had to go up on the tall rock. haha

Sweet rock crevice on the trail!  *Disclaimer: not our dog.  I wish!

Us and the babies!

I actually was the one who told him to climb up there with Evie on his back!  Shocked?!

Hey, it may not be the Maquoketa Caves, but it was still a cave! haha!  Check out Abby posing it up again.  This time she was going for cute and adorable.

Snack and carrier break (mostly for the adults haha).

Ha!  This kid cracks me up!  He was all about that snack.

Seein’ the sights!

Heading down!

Abigail doing her thing.

Had to climb this.  It was way too tempting!  Thanks, Aspen, for the photos!

Gotta get that group shot! 😉

It was a full, fun day!  Justin estimated we hiked about 4 miles.  It may not have been the longest hike ever, but with all the kids, it wasn’t too shabby.  And it was just great to get outside and move a little! 🙂




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