Evelyn’s 2 1/2 Year Update

*Long Post Alert!!*  After the babes hit 2 years old, I only do an update every 6 months…. soooo, it got a little long.  Feel free to skim. 😉

Evie Grace is changing so much lately!  She’s losing all her babyness (I can’t say “baby fat” because she never had any. ha!  Scrawniest baby ever!) and getting so big!!  Although, of course, she’ll always be my baby. ❤

Our little peanut weighs 28 pounds and is about 35 1/2 inches tall, just shy of three feet.

Evie embraced the past fall season wholeheartedly.

Apple picking was pretty great too!

Winter, however, wasn’t her favorite.  It took a lot of convincing to get her outside in the first snowfall.  She was quite skeptical and pretty upset that the snow was falling on her.  Of course, getting pulled around in a sled (sitting in it to avoid touching the snow was her thing) by your Daddy is pretty great!  And Mama can whip a snowhorse together like no one’s business, so there’s that too…

Her “swimming suit” made it a little better and of course, hot chocolate was a major highlight.  Evelyn continues to be our ever-thirsty child.  If she isn’t guzzling her water or milk, wait a minute and she will be.  She still loves her kefir in the mornings.  You might think the world is coming to an end if you witnessed Evelyn waiting (the whole five minutes it takes) for me to mix up and hand out the kefir morning shakes.

Lil’ Peanut loves being Mama’s helper, especially in the kitchen.  She definitely makes things more exciting!

So much happens to a 2 year old vocabulary-wise between turning 2 and 2 1/2!!  I tried to write down a few favorite sayings and quotes so I wouldn’t forget them all as Evie grew up on us.  She’s so funny and makes me laugh at least once every single day.  I’ll try to put the quotes in order so the first ones are from up to a few months ago and the last ones were more recent. 🙂

“Might see pumpkins  Might see tractors!”  Well, probably not anymore, Honey.  “Ne ‘er know!!” – her little optimistic, “Ne’er know!” was after hearing me say that a few too many times in response to the girls’ constant barrage of thoughts/questions/comments.  Are we gonna see Maddie (neighborhood dog) outside??  “You never know!”  Are we gonna see this?  How about that?  Will there be worker trucks??  “You never know!”

“Where me at?  I right here!!”

“I see ducklings in the sky!” – Do you mean, geese?

“That brown dog…. it’s nah woofin’!” – It’s not woofing

“Can I have Abby’s cheese?  Her not want it.”  “Elly’s sad.  Her wants her bink.” – You have to enjoy the stage of mixing up her and she.

“Now I’m not cold, Mama.  I’m in my swimming suit!” – she still calls it this….. I can’t bear to correct it.

“You okay, Seet Cheeks?  You okay?”  – aka “Sweet Cheeks,” She’d say this to Elly whenever she was crying.

“My nuuue shoes LIGH UP!” –  Evs is always so emphatic with everything she says.  When I’m sitting, she’ll get in my face, lower her face to mine, and really spit those words out.  It’s definitely an attention getter.

“Don’t bite my baby’s head off!!” – I was playing dollies with her and apparently this was a legitimate concern.  Of course, it’s something Evie might have actually done, so that makes it a little more understandable.

“Yittle” – little…. This is one of my favorites, especially because her and Abby do this. haha

“Bumby” – Bumbo

Climbing all over the bumbo.  “Evie… don’t climb on the bumbo.  You’re too big for it now!”  In a really squeaky, helpless voice, “No, I yittle.  I yittle.  I Elly Hope.”  (Her bear started frequenting the bumbo after a new house rule got Evie officially kicked out)

“Dat brown dog!  It’s nah woofin’!” – That brown dog.  It’s not woofing.

Calling Elly, “Ella” – she came up with this on her own.  I think it was after hearing another little girl’s name was, Ella. haha

“Turn to 358!” – This is what she tells us when it’s time to sing during family worship.  It stems from our hymnal singing at church.

“Good Shepherd for my Soul!” – Sometimes we will let the girls pick which song we sing and Evie always picks, “Good Shepherd of my Soul” slightly mispronounced of course. 😉

“I am gettin’ bigger, right Mama?  I am bigger!  Right?”  Yes, honey, you are bigger!  “I can touch scissors, right Mama?”  Uh… no.  No, you can’t do that unless I help you. haha  “But I can touch spoon!  And forks!”  Yes, yes you can.

“Look at the two whips!”  – took me forever to figure out she was pointing to the “tulips.”

While riding up on Daddy’s shoulders she kindly offered, “Daddy, when you get tinier, I’ll give you a ride on my shoulders!”

“When I get tinier and I’m a baby then I can wear it.” – In reference to some outfit Elly had on that she was jealous of.  I’ve tried to explain the whole, you’re not getting any tinier concept, but it still hasn’t quite clicked.

“When I get bigger I can touch knife-es and when I get bigger I can make kef!” – Knives and “kef” (kefir) are apparently where the real fun is at.

“I didn’t cumble today, Mama!” – aka tumble, my poor tots are always tumbling left and right and they have the scrapes to prove it!

“Why do you have a scarf, Daddy?!”

“Mama, why’d you make me a buns in my hair??  You should have made me a piggie!!” – she thought I put a butt in her hair… I’d be a little offended too.

Speaking of hair…. Evelyn finally grew enough hair that she could wear a ponytail (or “buns”)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought the day would never come.  It lasts longer if I wet it first, but still!!  On a bummer note, she looked waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too old with all her hair back!!

Ev still really likes seeing “diggers” and “big trucks” whenever possible.  Sometimes I’ll point one out and say, “Do you want to ride in that big truck?”  She’s usually pretty quick to respond, “NO!  I wanna DRIVE it!  And I will drive it wild and crazy!!  Heh heh heh!!”  She has the troublesome, super smug, mischievous, “heh, heh, heh!” laugh down pat.

Little One’s favorite color has been blue for quite a while now.  She was super excited when her aunt, Jill, found a blue coat for her!  (Sidenote: the girls are really into riding their bikes around with a bucket on their handlebars for treasure filling)

Evie Grace has definitely made leaps and bounds with her strider lately and races around balancing like a pro.  We thought she was ready to go ahead and ride it on our mile walk a couple days ago and she was SO thrilled!!!  She was completely giddy the whole time.  It’s been her dream (and constant question) for the last couple months.  She did really well and it was fun to get to walk at a faster pace than when she walks.

One of her favorite tricks, “Look, Daddy!  Look, Mama!  I’m balancing!!”

This is what we call, “The Evie Scowl.”  Woe to the one on whom it falls!  In her defense, she didn’t want to “smile for the picture” right after waking up from nap. ha!!

My girls got to have some long awaited ice cream on Dairy Queen’s free cone day.  They were living it up!

Little Lambykins! ❤

Selfies with Mama because Evie likes to sometimes say, “Take a picture with me!”

My baby has been demonstrating that my peaceful quiet time was coming to a close for a while now, but I finally am (very sadly) letting it happen.  That’s right.  Evie stopped her afternoon nap (the only REAL relaxing/quiet/peaceful/take ten breaths time of the day for me haha) about 2 weeks ago.  It’s over, folks.  We’re currently working to implement rules such as “no talking to Mama during quiet time,” “stay in your designated area,” and “use your quiet voice when it’s necessary to inform me that you need to go poop.”  Surprisingly, she is doing a little better each day.  Evie definitely has a shorter attention span than Abby, but I think this time is actually helping her expand that.  She was really into wrapping her blanket around her head to fall asleep prior to naps being cut.

Still breathing in there??  Yup.  All good.

Before I get too carried away lamenting my once peaceful hour of the afternoon….. there is a positive!  Evie now falls asleep much faster at bedtime, resulting in extended “date night” time with Cabz (we call every night “date night” once the kids are asleep haha).  I’m extra happy that I snagged a few too many pictures of napping Evs now.  She thought she was sill tiny enough to take her naps in the boppy pillow. haha

I love when she sleeps like this.  SO TINY!

Not many can pull off lookin’ fiiiiine even while asleep!

Ev always wins for best bed head EVER.  See what I mean??

The big girls had been talking and dreaming about having a “sleepover” for days.  It finally happened and the excitement levels were sky high!  Unfortunately, a few minutes later Abby started rethinking it….. I heard her in there, “Evie, quit poking my ears. Quit kicking me. No thank you!! No thank you! Evie what are you doing with my blanket?”  A bit later, Evie called out that she wanted back in her oooown bed!  Upon her removal Abby admitted, “I want Evie in her bed cuz she was kinda hurting me.”  Best sleepover ever.  It lasted about 15 minutes. haha!!

Evie Grace enjoys taking care of her baby dolls.  She wishes she could dress them, but so far she only undresses them and then oh-so-desperately needs someone else to redress them.  (That hair sprout though…)

I’ll admit, sometimes I pick on my Lil’ Peanut just a bit….  She doesn’t take it too personally.

Back in the nap time days, “Baby Belle” would often have to “nurse” for quite a while beforehand.

I have no idea why, but for whatever reason I have gotten mastitis an average of every other month while nursing Elly.  Whenever it strikes, I use the pump to try and work through it as fast as possible.  Evelyn was all curious, wondering if she could have that milk in the cup and so finally I let her once.  She DOWNED it.  Ever since, there is always at least ONE giddy person when I get mastitis….  She helps me get it all put together, antsy for her cup of milk.  Weird or not weird??  I personally think it’s a little weird, but welcome to real life in our household.

Evs is still obsessed with watching the garbage and recycling trucks go by.  This is where I am sure to find her if we’re not actually out on the driveway.

Evie’s eyes are so fun, because they are the same dark, dark brown as Caleb’s!  I always thought his eyes were the best and hoped at least one of our kids would get them from him.  She totally did!! (along with a ton of other features, head profile/forehead, movement mannerisms, and SO many of her facial expressions look almost identical to his little kid pictures.  SO fun!)  Her nose is certainly not his (Abby got that), but she definitely fulfills my dream to see a little girl version of my handsome guy. 🙂

We found out this past winter that we have an up and coming professional golfer on our hands.  The picture with her holding the golf club up in the air for me to see?  Ya, I was terrified too!

Evelyn and her sticks.  The girls often want to pick up “treasures” on our walks.  I usually limit their pick-ups to one item unless we’re on a park trail or something and moving slower.  Otherwise, we literally never get going as they stop and pick up everything they see. haha  Abby usually will choose a flower – sometimes a walnut, acorn, or pine cone.  Evelyn?  She always chooses a stick.  Our little wild girl!

This kid has always been our wild girl.  Some things never change….

Big Sister, Abby, is often overwhelmed by Evie and her antics.  Evie can’t quite keep up with Abby’s mouth, but Abby can’t keep up at all with Evie’s wild behavior. ha!

Baby Girl has always been our hands on, super squirmy, cuddle bug.

Evie enjoying the pumpkin patch last fall.  She has always known how to really live it up with whatever we’re doing!  The hard part for her is transitioning when something is over or we say it’s time to leave.  She always listens, but we definitely go through phases that require consequences.

Evie’s “awkward, how do I pose for a picture??” face, followed by her, “haha!! That was foolish!” face.

Evelyn’s dream: sit in the big car at the mall.  She has no idea that it can move if you put money in it.  I think she’d scream for joy if we ever went all out and did that.

Her, “I’m not sure about this person” face.

These next pictures demonstrate what we know as the “classic Evie.”  This enthusiastically happy, open mouthed grin has been her go-to expression ever since she first learned how to smile as a baby.  I will never get tired of seeing this cute face!!  The baby pic is from when she was around 11 months old I believe.  If you know our Lil’ Peanut, you’ve seen this face! ❤

While my girls enjoy going out and about doing things, they are also quite content with more simple home pleasures.  Here is pictured a rare walk where Daddy kept an eye on both napping babies and Evie actually got to RIDE something instead of walk!!

Enjoying our new keyboard!  Music is such a wonderful gift from the Lord!

Popcorn night will always be the best ever.

Having fun in our yard is always a favorite pastime!! ❤

Water and Evelyn are bffs.  I could give this kid a drop of water and she would somehow manage to sop her entire outfit.  Helping wash the van was mostly squeezing water all over and splashing in the bucket, but she sure enjoyed it! haha

When your good hair day goes bad….

We are ever amazed at how frequently the younger sister beats up on the older one….  One of our most hilarious stories to date: We were driving somewhere and Abby and Evie were going round and round in the back seat.  We were talking and didn’t really notice for a while.  Finally, we realized there was an issue in the back and asked, “Girls, what is going on back there??”  Abby sadly says, “Well, Evie says she is going to do mean sings (things) to me in the morning!!”  “Uh…. what mean things?”  “Well…. I don’t remember, but she probably knows!”  I turn to look at Evie and she’s sitting in her seat SMUG as all get out.  Overall, they have a ton of fun together, but there are always those moments….

It’s always a fun day when you get to twin with a sister!!  Elly is never as excited about it as the older two.

Although Evie has never had quite as much patience for books as Abigail, her enjoyment of reading has been increasing over time.  She will actually sit and “read” books to herself fairly often now and is always excited when I have time to read a book of choice to each girl! (This pic is a little snippet dedicated to my most loyal reader – you may be the only one who even makes it this far in this way too lengthy post!!)

Books are especially sure to interest Evelyn when they are about tractors, trucks, or diggers!!

Little Miss can have an attitude when she so desires.  “I don’t wan to!” smile for the picture.

Uh-oh.  This is what happens when I turn away for literally 2 minutes when Evie is using window markers.  Hmm… they can color on windows…. how about my hands??  *sigh*

Boots + Evie Grace = a perfect look!

This set of pictures is “Just Evie.”  She was carrying on her little conversations with me as I snapped these nonchalantly.  I love capturing the kids in their element, just doing what they do! ❤

This is what Evie looks like after eating spaghetti and getting washed up at the sink.  Still sort of grubby, and wet all over. haha

Here is what Evelyn picks out to wear on a “you choose” day.  She’s stylin’ and she knows it!!  Monster truck shirt, striped leggings, and her Olaf the Snowman tall socks (on the outside of the leggings obviously, so you can see them!!).

I find this picture so hilarious.  She is standing SO straight and holding her bear just so and it just makes me laugh.  This is one of those poses I think I can picture Caleb doing as a 2 year old. haha

Sometimes I catch myself wishing they’d grow up just a little more slowly….

Although Evie doesn’t talk at quite the level of speed Abby did at this age, she is still quite a little chatterbox.  When out walking, I often have to hush one child so I can hear the other child and then listen to the other one, etc. etc. etc. the entire walk.  I never want for conversation.  Marrying Cabz, I thought for sure we’d have a super quiet kid, but…. that has yet to happen!  Unless Elly is going to be Miss Silent.  I guess we don’t know for sure with her just yet.

We are so incredibly blessed with these babies of ours!  Getting to watch them grow, learn, and change day by day and getting to be their parents has taught us SO much.  God has sure used our children to show us our great need for Him, among other things!  We love you each!!! ❤ ❤ ❤





















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