Eliana is Twelve Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ol’ ONE YEAR epidemic strikes our house again!  Or rather, it struck over a week ago and I am just getting around to documenting that exciting occurrence.

I’m ONE!  No, she didn’t hold up one finger on purpose.  Lucky shot. 😉 haha

Our precious little Eliana Hope is about the size of your average 5 month old.  She weighs 17 lb 12 oz which means she JUST doubled her birth weight of 8 lb 14 oz!  I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen!  (and I guess, since I took her weight a weekish late, maybe it didn’t, but close enough)  Her older sister, Evelyn, weighed 17 lb 6 oz at a year, and is still the winner for our smallest baby contest. haha  Elly gained about half a pound since her weight check last month.  That still counts as growing though!

Baby Girl still just has two teeth on the bottom.  I find it so funny watching her use them to gnaw on apples or bite crackers.  She has to really jut out that ol’ bottom jaw to get anything done! haha!

Elly continues to eat pretty much whatever.  I still think she has the smallest appetite when comparing our three girls at this age.  She really likes to eat, but typically very moderate to small portions.

She even enjoys snacking on your occasional grass, sticks, leaves, nature.  Maybe she will really like salads…. ?

Elle has been the easiest of our daughters to switch over to whole milk.  No, I haven’t weaned her yet, but yes, she already drinks significant amounts of whole milk every day.  She usually downs about 2 full sippy cups in addition to her 3 nursing sessions!  Our other two girls would drink about a cup of milk over the course of the entire day if I remember correctly.  At least when we first switched them over.

The first time I had Elly try whole milk, it didn’t go super well, so I tried the chocolate syrup mixed in trick.  I added in enough that she liked it and thinned it out from there.  I was amazed how quickly she let me thin it down to plain milk!  Only a matter of days!  I am kind of thinking I’ll wait until she becomes less interested in nursing before I cut it out.  Mostly because she still really likes it and I think we’ll hit a point where she’s not as into it.

This baby can be trouble.  She is a major climber baby, which can sometimes end poorly for her.  I am constantly finding her on top of things she shouldn’t be.  Elly thought it was a riot when she realized she could climb up on the walker and hang out.

She also figured out how to (almost always) successfully get herself in and out of the walker.  It’s so much more fun when you do it yourself, right?!

We recently made a rule that Elly can’t climb on top of the big girls’ table anymore.  She absolutely loved it, but kept hurting herself.  Mostly, I think she enjoyed the fact that her big sisters couldn’t put stuff on their table to keep out of her reach anymore.

Monster Baby attacking the doll house!

Speaking of our wild baby…. this picture makes me laugh.

I think I’m the only one in our house that has always found this hilarious.  Baby in a “loin cloth.”

Elly started pointing a while back and I finally got around to documenting a few of those times.  She will point with just one finger sometimes, but often likes the whole hand approach.

This is my view when someone’s feeling needy…

Sometimes an applesauce squeezer will cheer Elly up a little bit during a cold.

Also, playing little Legos with the big girls – a coveted rarity due to frequent attempts to eat them.

Oh!  And extra snuggles with Daddy were yet another necessary when sick.

When this girl lets out some yelling she does it with her whole body.  Arms tensed, fists clenched, and her arms come in towards her middle a bit as she yells her short, jerky bursts.  Ahh!  Ahh!  Ahh!  She’s usually just being a goof.  Sometimes it’s because she wants more of some snack I’m sharing, but she never gets any when she yells at me. haha  She knows how to sign “more” for that.

Sweet Cheeks really enjoys it when I play chase with her and switch up running away from her and chasing after her.  She doesn’t get the concept of running away yet, but will come running to me with arms outstretched laughing away.  Her little hugs (leaning her head on me) are some of my favorites! ❤

When your baby is growing up on you, sometimes you shove a bink in her mouth and a bonnet on her head and pretend she’s still little.  #notmyproudestmoment  #reallymom?

Elly and Baby Boy have been bffs lately.  She enjoys climbing all over him (until they both end up sprawled out on the floor), hugging him, patting him, etc.  They really are a funny duo.  Elle is really obsessed with trying to feed her snacks to Baby Boy.  I don’t let her, but if I ever turn around for a second, she is over there trying to feed him and he of course is ready with mouth wide open.  They have an interesting relationship.  Sometimes they are all over each other hugging and talking sweetly.  Elly will pat him on the head (condescendingly or does she really think she’s older??).  Other times they’re yelling at each other and trying to get around one another.  Elly will rotate between finding toys to hand him and walking by nonchalantly and swiping whatever toy he has.  They are also quite jealous of one another and always want my attention especially bad when I’m giving it to the other.  #twinlife?

Here’s a rare picture of Elly crawling.  I’m afraid those days are seconds away from being over.

Sweet Cheeks started walking right at the end of 9 months.  By 11 months she was a pro.

The last few weeks Elly has been standing herself up without having to crawl over to something to get back up.  She didn’t realize she was capable of that new ability however until her birthday!  So cute!  With that revelation, the crawling days truly are coming to an abrupt close.  *sniff*

Baby walking is adorable.  That’s definitely not just me, right?!

This picture is great because it’s one of the few where our baby looks a little chubby! ❤

Although Elly has been over baby toys for a long time now, I’ve been working on packing them up lately.  She’s always been all about whatever those big sisters are into.

Little Miss is currently pretty independent of her big sisters.  She definitely wants to do what they are doing, but she typically doesn’t want their help or want them to hold her and she’s not shy about letting them know.  However, when she is in the right mood (over tired/hyper or supposed to be sitting quietly in church) she will crack up laughing at the slightest silly face they make.

When your oldest sister is WAY more smug about twinning with you than you are.

Someone is never happier than when they are JUST like the big girls!!

Watching the man power wash our siding.

Elly Hope was finally (barely!) tall enough to peek over and see the baby chicks at Theisens last time!  She was SO excited!

Eliana has been going up our steps for a while now and has been dying to practice going down.  I didn’t take the time to let her try until recently, so that is her new favorite activity.  Going up and down and up and down and up and down the steps.  Of course, this pastime works best when it’s supervised.  She ended up falling down the first carpeted flight of stairs once, gaining a minor scrape to the head.  She knows she’s trouble! 🙂

This next picture is the actual look she gives me when she (proudly) knows she’s going to do something naughty.  Right here she was busy reaching for my Bible which she knows is not a toy.

Playing outside is this little girl’s favorite!!  The older two often get outside before I make my way with the babies.  This is still Elly’s post while she waits for her turn.

She enjoys all the new things to explore and getting out of the house!

Parks are no place to sit in the stroller anymore.  Elly will have none of that!  She will go up the steps herself and barrel down the slides (with major supervision of course haha).

For a while there Elle would put her hands both straight up when she had a windy stroller ride.  Really feeling that ol’ breeze! ha!

Carrier rides are fun too!  Especially with Daddy! ❤

Swinging will always bring a smile!

Evelyn has always been our “super easy to make smile for pictures” child.  Abby would often LOOK but would look dead serious, even while extremely happy.  Elly is also usually a tricky one to catch smiling.  She is also tricky to take pictures of because most of the time she won’t even grace me with looking.  The following are what most of my picture attempts of her turn into.  Basically, she’s way too busy and simply doesn’t have time for me.

Elly really gets a kick out of whispering with me.  She acts all intense like she’s saying all these important things as she whisper babbles to me. haha  The other day I was whispering to her and she leaned in for a kiss and then licked me instead.  I’ll take what I can get, I suppose.

Little One likes playing with her baby dolls a lot more now.  She will give them kisses and carry them around, trying to mimic things her older sisters do with their dolls.  For some reason, I’m not quite sure she’s ready to handle the real thing….

We’ve noticed our Elly is quite easily offended.  She enjoys being a Mama’s baby around other people, and yet enjoys any attention she can get too.  It’s a fine balance, but she knows how to work it.  Just look a that little offended face! ❤

Good thing Daddy gives the best hugs, so she always has a shoulder to cry on. haha

She likes to do little yells as her whole body sort of jolts together in a feisty movement when she wants something (usually another bite).  She knows how to sign “more,” but obviously needs reminding once in a while…. ha

Reading is fun sometimes!

My wild, rocking chair, window watching baby!

Got this flower to stay in for like a minute.  Winning.

I love this little girl and her smile! ❤

Happy One Year, Sweet Cheeks!!  You’ll always be my baby. ❤










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