The Girls’ First Time Paddle Boating!

We decided we needed another outdoor adventure and headed over to West Lake Park to see if there was fun hiking or anything.  It turns out, there was paddle boating.  An hour for ten bucks!  We are usually pretty cheap, but we decided to go for it.  It was well worth it.

Daddy took the first ride.  We couldn’t all go together because we hadn’t asked permission to take Baby Boy out on the water.  That was kind of a bummer, but at least the bigger girls still enjoyed it.  It was a little trickier than it should have been to get off the dock.  It’s actually much harder to maneuver these things when it’s only one peddler and your boat is unbalanced to boot. haha

Daddy eventually go them out on the water.

Because he loves me, Cabz only took a short spin on the water.  He mostly carried and pushed babies back and forth on a strip of sidewalk while I was out with the girls. ❤  He’s way too good to me.

The girls and I were in our element!!  Water, outdoors….. loving every minute!

We made it around most of the lake before our hour was up.  The girls enjoyed seeing all the sights and bumping over the waves when a motor boat went by (me too!!).

I am totally not up on my birding skills, but we saw what I thought was a couple of blue heron standing in the water at the edge of the lake.  I pointed them out to the girls and they were all excited about the sighting!  Abby misinterpreted what I said and was telling Evie to look at the “blue hairys” and “long hair birds.” haha!

Evie, on the other hand, was just disgruntled that I called them blue herons.  She kept grouching, “No, no, no!!  ‘Cuz they’re not blue birds!!”  Which, they weren’t exactly blue so I’ll give her that.

We thought about hiking afterwards, but the kids were all ready to eat and we decided to end the evening with a picnic and playground instead.

I always enjoy family adventure time so very much!  Also, I love this guy! ❤ ❤


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