Lake Macbride Hiking & Camping Day 2

The day started nice and early.  I was already awake, but the kids started stirring shortly after 6.  It’s rough to keep them asleep with the sun pouring into our tent.  Brief picture of “morning” in a tent with four little kids.

A “hello morning” selfie because, why not?!  We all experienced it a little differently.

I had to send the girls over to wake up the hammock sleepers, because in spite of Jake’s 5:30 a.m. claims the previous night, he was sawing logs like no tomorrow.  Maybe it was his late night conversations….  If only he hadn’t been interrupted with a flashlight beaming in his face from our tent. (I may have been the one to do it, but it was Caleb’s idea, not mine!)

Hammocks are really fun.  We need to buy one before next time!

The girls were ecstatic, chowing down on their choice sugar cereals from our stash!  The big girls both went the cocoa krispie route.  “We want the chocolate one!!!”  You can’t go wrong with chocolate, right?

We decided to do one longer hiking trail in the morning, and call it good.  It’s amazing how much more difficult hiking is with one year olds strapped to you.  We were searching for Field Campus Trail, but ended up doing Angler’s Point Trail first, which led to Field Campus.  Angler’s was probably a half mile or so long.  When we got to the end, it took a few minutes to find the start to Field Campus.  While the others were looking, some of the kids and I walked out on a mini trail to the lake.  The water was so beautiful!  I am constantly amazed at the work of God!

“O Lord, how manifold are Your works!  In wisdom have You made them all; the earth is full of Your creatures.  Here is the sea, great and wide, which teems with creatures innumerable, living things both small and great.” Psalm 104:24-25

Hiking on Field Campus Trail, we found this giant tree tipped over.  Jake was feeling extra ambitious for his audience and decided to walk it.  He most definitely regretted this decision about halfway out, but he made it happen.  It was a whole lot higher than it looks.  He’s a lanky thing, but Caleb was even telling him it was a poor choice and he should give it up.  According to Jake, he would “fall like a cat” if he went over.  Hmmm…

We hiked at least 2 miles out and back on Field Campus, along with the half mileish of Angler’s Point, making a morning hike close to 4.5 miles!  The end of this would have made it to the opposite side of the dam we had found yesterday, which would have been cool, but we knew we had the hike back and didn’t want to stretch the kids too thin.

The kids were overall significantly less whiny than yesterday and did some good walking!  Abby hiked almost the entire time all of the adults did, so we let her have a few piggy back rides towards the end of this hike.  She was being a stubborn smiler for most of the trip’s pictures, but she didn’t hold back here! haha!  Also, Abby is such a tense little tot.  This is how she opted to piggy back ride. hahaha!!

It was on the way back that Abby finally had the urge to poop.  She had been too hyper with all the excitement, but eventually nature takes over and she couldn’t wait until we got back.  Luckily, there happened to be this nice handy log laying alongside the trail at this point.  Pants down, butt hanging over, clutching onto the log, getting her business done.  Of course, seeing Abby going gave Evelyn the instant urge to join her.  Thankfully she just needed to pee.  Poor Marci got to experience what hiking with kids really looks like. hahaha  Although Abby took about ten minutes to wrap it up (this was like two days’ worth, from the kid who goes at least 3 times on a normal day), we weren’t caught by any other hikers.  Phew!  Don’t worry, I’m not posting a picture of this moment.  I probably would if I had thought to get one, butt….. (ha. ha. ha.) I was too distracted.

We finished our hike, drove to a nearby park, scarfed up lunch in the parking lot under a tree, let the kids play on the park for a bit and then headed for home!  It was definitely a fun trip!! ❤



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