Rustic Run 2017 & More Fun on the Bike Path!

We signed the girls up for the Rustic Run again this year.  I take the kids out for a mile walk/jog almost every single morning and again after they get up from quiet time.  If we have time we’ll do a third mile after supper with Daddy.  Sometimes they’ll ride bikes for the later walk.  As a result, our big girls are pretty in shape and used to lots of exercise!

It’s always interesting to see how a race actually turns out for the kids.  This was Evelyn’s very first race at 2 years old.  We expected her to be whiny off and on and need a ton of strong encouragement to keep going.  We figured Abby would love it and run strong the entire time.  She can easily run a whole mile and had been looking forward to race day for some time.

Never fear.  Kids love throwing you for a loop!  We had decided Caleb would run with Abby (and my little brother, Johnny) since she would be faster and my knees still hurt quite a bit.

I knew things weren’t going well when me and Evie stayed well in sight of them for most of the race.  Turns out, Abby was being clingy, wanting Caleb to hold her hand the entire time and whining about her stomach etc. because he wasn’t going to do that.  Basically, she majorly dogged the entire thing and even walked the last stretch.  She ended up with a time of 13:35 which is rough, considering she ran a mile race at 3 years old last year with a time that was 1 1/2 minutes better than that.  Oh well.  There’s always next year, right? haha

Evelyn, on the other hand, surprised us in a good way!  She saw a playground and snacks set up when we got there and I told her she could play on it and eat some snacks if she did a good job running.  Apparently that was some pretty great motivation for her, because she ran her little heart out!  It was so adorable! haha  She can easily walk/jog a mile, but she has a hard time running consistently without stopping.  But, she ran almost the whole entire way!!  She took two brief walk breaks, but even then she kept briskly moving.  She was all flushed and really working it!  The only time she started whining a bit was right before the finish line stretch and she wasn’t too bad about it.  Her time was 15:47.

Elly and Bud were good cheerleaders. 🙂 haha

Ahhhhhhhh, snacks for the participants!

We headed back home after the race.

It was yet another completely beautiful July day, so as soon as we got home we set to work packing a picnic, reorganizing the kids, and hopped back in the van to drive to the bike path!  We decided to try a new starting spot, since it’s such an awesome, long trail.  It was so much fun!

Our walk/bike ride started out great!  We enjoyed spotting this little waterfall off the trail.

Followed by an exciting new park!  Of course, we had to stop and play a while.

Another fun exploring spot – where we got a little muddy….  It was a steepish bank down to the water and rocks and Abby slipped while climbing back up.

My attempt at a group selfie. haha

One of my little biker babes. ❤

Picnic time back where we parked the van!

We used my new gps ap on my phone (it was something free, Caleb found and downloaded for me – such fun!) to keep track of how far we went.  We did almost 3 and 1/2 miles (3.46)!!  I can’t wait to go back and try another new stretch! 🙂



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