Evie’s Mama Time Take 2

Evelyn was super excited about another “Mama Time” this afternoon!  I gave her a little post-it note list with the things we were going to do together and her giddiness could not be contained. haha (beware, low quality phone pics incoming….)

We hadn’t made our play-doh recipe in so long that Evie didn’t even know what I was talking about when I asked her if she wanted to make some.  Oops!

This actually made it more exciting for her to watch the cool transformation that happens as the ingredients heat up together.  You really should try this recipe with your kids if you never have!!

Of course, Little Peanut chose to make BLUE! play-doh.  We didn’t mix the food coloring in the best, but it actually turned out really neat that way with little dark blue speckles throughout!

We enjoyed play-doh fun for most of our time together.  We practiced letters and sounds while stamping letters….

We made pizza….

And noodles too!

We switched gears for the last few minutes and played some “Fill the cup!”  This gets a little complicated, so try to stay with me now….  You each get a cup.  You take turns rolling a die and counting the corresponding number of objects into your cup.  This keeps going until someone fills their cup and is declared the winner! haha

It didn’t hold her attention for too long, but it was a fun counting exercise for a bit at least.  Evie thought she was funny dumping my cup into hers.  Look who’s winning now! haha

I loved some extra special time with my little Peanut! ❤





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