Evie’s Mama Time Take 2

Evelyn was super excited about another “Mama Time” this afternoon!  I gave her a little post-it note list with the things we were going to do together and her giddiness could not be contained. haha (beware, low quality phone pics incoming….)

We hadn’t made our play-doh recipe in so long that Evie didn’t even know what I was talking about when I asked her if she wanted to make some.  Oops!

This actually made it more exciting for her to watch the cool transformation that happens as the ingredients heat up together.  You really should try this recipe with your kids if you never have!!

Of course, Little Peanut chose to make BLUE! play-doh.  We didn’t mix the food coloring in the best, but it actually turned out really neat that way with little dark blue speckles throughout!

We enjoyed play-doh fun for most of our time together.  We practiced letters and sounds while stamping letters….

We made pizza….

And noodles too!

We switched gears for the last few minutes and played some “Fill the cup!”  This gets a little complicated, so try to stay with me now….  You each get a cup.  You take turns rolling a die and counting the corresponding number of objects into your cup.  This keeps going until someone fills their cup and is declared the winner! haha

It didn’t hold her attention for too long, but it was a fun counting exercise for a bit at least.  Evie thought she was funny dumping my cup into hers.  Look who’s winning now! haha

I loved some extra special time with my little Peanut! ❤





Mama Time Play Dates

It may sound funny, but although I spend every waking second with my children, I often wish I had more time with them.  Let me explain as you scratch your head…. haha  Most of my moments are very child-filled and child-centered, it’s true.  However, it’s very rare that I have focused, one on one time with them – especially the older two girls.  This is something I’ve had a strong desire to change lately.  While I do plenty of things for my children, I want them to have my TIME and know I love and care about each one individually.  I want to make time to talk to them and listen to them without a hundred little interruptions and distractions.

I was trying to figure out where I could work on this.  The babies’ morning naps are fazing out or that would have been the obvious choice.  For a while, it seemed the only choice was to somehow escape the house with just one child.  But the only feasible option that wouldn’t interrupt bedtimes was taking a kid out for supper.  This just wasn’t going to happen for us, especially not as frequently as I wanted that time with them.  We almost never eat out as is and it would be at the expense of time with Daddy, which we never like doing.  It was kind of difficult for me to find an alternative plan.  Although I love my children so much, it’s easy to selfishly crave, and feel entitled to, those less constant high needs moments like afternoon Quiet Time.

After about a week of pondering this dilemma, I finally came up with my idea.  I’ll spend one hour of one Quiet Time once a week with one of my big girls.  Did you follow that? haha  One hour is about the amount of completely uninterrupted time I can typically count on.  Plus, there are often legit things I have to get done while the kids are in Quiet Time, so this leaves me a little wiggle room.  With visits and shopping days earlier in the week, I am thinking the Mama Time days will usually be Thursday or Friday depending what else is going on.

I told the girls about this plan and they were SO excited!!!  They started planning everything we would do together right away. haha  It was really cute and definitely made me want to start asap.  Abby and I decided Evelyn could have the first turn since she is littler.

Evie was SUPER giddy when her day came up!  She grabbed my hand, chattering a mile a minute, and we headed downstairs for Petshop of course!!

We were playing a camping game and decided to make some (really rough) makeshift tents.  They were a hit for Evie!  We also made some kleen-ex casts for all the broken legs that kept happening.  It was a rough day in Petshop land!

I do like Petshop, but after a half hour or so, it was time to switch things up a bit. haha  I suggested we do some crafting with GLUE and SCISSORS and Evie was instantly sold.  She doesn’t have access to those too frequently and was pretty pumped.  She did quite a bit of gluing while I worked on a card for Daddy.  He recently found out he passed yet another actuarial exam, and we are all super duper proud of him!!!  Only one more and a few other things left!!  WOO!

We had a great time together and Evelyn was beaming about it the rest of the day.  I’m excited for another special time with my Little Peanut in a couple weeks. 🙂  See Evie’s smuggest possible expression below. ❤

Evelyn’s 2 1/2 Year Update

*Long Post Alert!!*  After the babes hit 2 years old, I only do an update every 6 months…. soooo, it got a little long.  Feel free to skim. 😉

Evie Grace is changing so much lately!  She’s losing all her babyness (I can’t say “baby fat” because she never had any. ha!  Scrawniest baby ever!) and getting so big!!  Although, of course, she’ll always be my baby. ❤

Our little peanut weighs 28 pounds and is about 35 1/2 inches tall, just shy of three feet.

Evie embraced the past fall season wholeheartedly.

Apple picking was pretty great too!

Winter, however, wasn’t her favorite.  It took a lot of convincing to get her outside in the first snowfall.  She was quite skeptical and pretty upset that the snow was falling on her.  Of course, getting pulled around in a sled (sitting in it to avoid touching the snow was her thing) by your Daddy is pretty great!  And Mama can whip a snowhorse together like no one’s business, so there’s that too…

Her “swimming suit” made it a little better and of course, hot chocolate was a major highlight.  Evelyn continues to be our ever-thirsty child.  If she isn’t guzzling her water or milk, wait a minute and she will be.  She still loves her kefir in the mornings.  You might think the world is coming to an end if you witnessed Evelyn waiting (the whole five minutes it takes) for me to mix up and hand out the kefir morning shakes.

Lil’ Peanut loves being Mama’s helper, especially in the kitchen.  She definitely makes things more exciting!

So much happens to a 2 year old vocabulary-wise between turning 2 and 2 1/2!!  I tried to write down a few favorite sayings and quotes so I wouldn’t forget them all as Evie grew up on us.  She’s so funny and makes me laugh at least once every single day.  I’ll try to put the quotes in order so the first ones are from up to a few months ago and the last ones were more recent. 🙂

“Might see pumpkins  Might see tractors!”  Well, probably not anymore, Honey.  “Ne ‘er know!!” – her little optimistic, “Ne’er know!” was after hearing me say that a few too many times in response to the girls’ constant barrage of thoughts/questions/comments.  Are we gonna see Maddie (neighborhood dog) outside??  “You never know!”  Are we gonna see this?  How about that?  Will there be worker trucks??  “You never know!”

“Where me at?  I right here!!”

“I see ducklings in the sky!” – Do you mean, geese?

“That brown dog…. it’s nah woofin’!” – It’s not woofing

“Can I have Abby’s cheese?  Her not want it.”  “Elly’s sad.  Her wants her bink.” – You have to enjoy the stage of mixing up her and she.

“Now I’m not cold, Mama.  I’m in my swimming suit!” – she still calls it this….. I can’t bear to correct it.

“You okay, Seet Cheeks?  You okay?”  – aka “Sweet Cheeks,” She’d say this to Elly whenever she was crying.

“My nuuue shoes LIGH UP!” –  Evs is always so emphatic with everything she says.  When I’m sitting, she’ll get in my face, lower her face to mine, and really spit those words out.  It’s definitely an attention getter.

“Don’t bite my baby’s head off!!” – I was playing dollies with her and apparently this was a legitimate concern.  Of course, it’s something Evie might have actually done, so that makes it a little more understandable.

“Yittle” – little…. This is one of my favorites, especially because her and Abby do this. haha

“Bumby” – Bumbo

Climbing all over the bumbo.  “Evie… don’t climb on the bumbo.  You’re too big for it now!”  In a really squeaky, helpless voice, “No, I yittle.  I yittle.  I Elly Hope.”  (Her bear started frequenting the bumbo after a new house rule got Evie officially kicked out)

“Dat brown dog!  It’s nah woofin’!” – That brown dog.  It’s not woofing.

Calling Elly, “Ella” – she came up with this on her own.  I think it was after hearing another little girl’s name was, Ella. haha

“Turn to 358!” – This is what she tells us when it’s time to sing during family worship.  It stems from our hymnal singing at church.

“Good Shepherd for my Soul!” – Sometimes we will let the girls pick which song we sing and Evie always picks, “Good Shepherd of my Soul” slightly mispronounced of course. 😉

“I am gettin’ bigger, right Mama?  I am bigger!  Right?”  Yes, honey, you are bigger!  “I can touch scissors, right Mama?”  Uh… no.  No, you can’t do that unless I help you. haha  “But I can touch spoon!  And forks!”  Yes, yes you can.

“Look at the two whips!”  – took me forever to figure out she was pointing to the “tulips.”

While riding up on Daddy’s shoulders she kindly offered, “Daddy, when you get tinier, I’ll give you a ride on my shoulders!”

“When I get tinier and I’m a baby then I can wear it.” – In reference to some outfit Elly had on that she was jealous of.  I’ve tried to explain the whole, you’re not getting any tinier concept, but it still hasn’t quite clicked.

“When I get bigger I can touch knife-es and when I get bigger I can make kef!” – Knives and “kef” (kefir) are apparently where the real fun is at.

“I didn’t cumble today, Mama!” – aka tumble, my poor tots are always tumbling left and right and they have the scrapes to prove it!

“Why do you have a scarf, Daddy?!”

“Mama, why’d you make me a buns in my hair??  You should have made me a piggie!!” – she thought I put a butt in her hair… I’d be a little offended too.

Speaking of hair…. Evelyn finally grew enough hair that she could wear a ponytail (or “buns”)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought the day would never come.  It lasts longer if I wet it first, but still!!  On a bummer note, she looked waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too old with all her hair back!!

Ev still really likes seeing “diggers” and “big trucks” whenever possible.  Sometimes I’ll point one out and say, “Do you want to ride in that big truck?”  She’s usually pretty quick to respond, “NO!  I wanna DRIVE it!  And I will drive it wild and crazy!!  Heh heh heh!!”  She has the troublesome, super smug, mischievous, “heh, heh, heh!” laugh down pat.

Little One’s favorite color has been blue for quite a while now.  She was super excited when her aunt, Jill, found a blue coat for her!  (Sidenote: the girls are really into riding their bikes around with a bucket on their handlebars for treasure filling)

Evie Grace has definitely made leaps and bounds with her strider lately and races around balancing like a pro.  We thought she was ready to go ahead and ride it on our mile walk a couple days ago and she was SO thrilled!!!  She was completely giddy the whole time.  It’s been her dream (and constant question) for the last couple months.  She did really well and it was fun to get to walk at a faster pace than when she walks.

One of her favorite tricks, “Look, Daddy!  Look, Mama!  I’m balancing!!”

This is what we call, “The Evie Scowl.”  Woe to the one on whom it falls!  In her defense, she didn’t want to “smile for the picture” right after waking up from nap. ha!!

My girls got to have some long awaited ice cream on Dairy Queen’s free cone day.  They were living it up!

Little Lambykins! ❤

Selfies with Mama because Evie likes to sometimes say, “Take a picture with me!”

My baby has been demonstrating that my peaceful quiet time was coming to a close for a while now, but I finally am (very sadly) letting it happen.  That’s right.  Evie stopped her afternoon nap (the only REAL relaxing/quiet/peaceful/take ten breaths time of the day for me haha) about 2 weeks ago.  It’s over, folks.  We’re currently working to implement rules such as “no talking to Mama during quiet time,” “stay in your designated area,” and “use your quiet voice when it’s necessary to inform me that you need to go poop.”  Surprisingly, she is doing a little better each day.  Evie definitely has a shorter attention span than Abby, but I think this time is actually helping her expand that.  She was really into wrapping her blanket around her head to fall asleep prior to naps being cut.

Still breathing in there??  Yup.  All good.

Before I get too carried away lamenting my once peaceful hour of the afternoon….. there is a positive!  Evie now falls asleep much faster at bedtime, resulting in extended “date night” time with Cabz (we call every night “date night” once the kids are asleep haha).  I’m extra happy that I snagged a few too many pictures of napping Evs now.  She thought she was sill tiny enough to take her naps in the boppy pillow. haha

I love when she sleeps like this.  SO TINY!

Not many can pull off lookin’ fiiiiine even while asleep!

Ev always wins for best bed head EVER.  See what I mean??

The big girls had been talking and dreaming about having a “sleepover” for days.  It finally happened and the excitement levels were sky high!  Unfortunately, a few minutes later Abby started rethinking it….. I heard her in there, “Evie, quit poking my ears. Quit kicking me. No thank you!! No thank you! Evie what are you doing with my blanket?”  A bit later, Evie called out that she wanted back in her oooown bed!  Upon her removal Abby admitted, “I want Evie in her bed cuz she was kinda hurting me.”  Best sleepover ever.  It lasted about 15 minutes. haha!!

Evie Grace enjoys taking care of her baby dolls.  She wishes she could dress them, but so far she only undresses them and then oh-so-desperately needs someone else to redress them.  (That hair sprout though…)

I’ll admit, sometimes I pick on my Lil’ Peanut just a bit….  She doesn’t take it too personally.

Back in the nap time days, “Baby Belle” would often have to “nurse” for quite a while beforehand.

I have no idea why, but for whatever reason I have gotten mastitis an average of every other month while nursing Elly.  Whenever it strikes, I use the pump to try and work through it as fast as possible.  Evelyn was all curious, wondering if she could have that milk in the cup and so finally I let her once.  She DOWNED it.  Ever since, there is always at least ONE giddy person when I get mastitis….  She helps me get it all put together, antsy for her cup of milk.  Weird or not weird??  I personally think it’s a little weird, but welcome to real life in our household.

Evs is still obsessed with watching the garbage and recycling trucks go by.  This is where I am sure to find her if we’re not actually out on the driveway.

Evie’s eyes are so fun, because they are the same dark, dark brown as Caleb’s!  I always thought his eyes were the best and hoped at least one of our kids would get them from him.  She totally did!! (along with a ton of other features, head profile/forehead, movement mannerisms, and SO many of her facial expressions look almost identical to his little kid pictures.  SO fun!)  Her nose is certainly not his (Abby got that), but she definitely fulfills my dream to see a little girl version of my handsome guy. 🙂

We found out this past winter that we have an up and coming professional golfer on our hands.  The picture with her holding the golf club up in the air for me to see?  Ya, I was terrified too!

Evelyn and her sticks.  The girls often want to pick up “treasures” on our walks.  I usually limit their pick-ups to one item unless we’re on a park trail or something and moving slower.  Otherwise, we literally never get going as they stop and pick up everything they see. haha  Abby usually will choose a flower – sometimes a walnut, acorn, or pine cone.  Evelyn?  She always chooses a stick.  Our little wild girl!

This kid has always been our wild girl.  Some things never change….

Big Sister, Abby, is often overwhelmed by Evie and her antics.  Evie can’t quite keep up with Abby’s mouth, but Abby can’t keep up at all with Evie’s wild behavior. ha!

Baby Girl has always been our hands on, super squirmy, cuddle bug.

Evie enjoying the pumpkin patch last fall.  She has always known how to really live it up with whatever we’re doing!  The hard part for her is transitioning when something is over or we say it’s time to leave.  She always listens, but we definitely go through phases that require consequences.

Evie’s “awkward, how do I pose for a picture??” face, followed by her, “haha!! That was foolish!” face.

Evelyn’s dream: sit in the big car at the mall.  She has no idea that it can move if you put money in it.  I think she’d scream for joy if we ever went all out and did that.

Her, “I’m not sure about this person” face.

These next pictures demonstrate what we know as the “classic Evie.”  This enthusiastically happy, open mouthed grin has been her go-to expression ever since she first learned how to smile as a baby.  I will never get tired of seeing this cute face!!  The baby pic is from when she was around 11 months old I believe.  If you know our Lil’ Peanut, you’ve seen this face! ❤

While my girls enjoy going out and about doing things, they are also quite content with more simple home pleasures.  Here is pictured a rare walk where Daddy kept an eye on both napping babies and Evie actually got to RIDE something instead of walk!!

Enjoying our new keyboard!  Music is such a wonderful gift from the Lord!

Popcorn night will always be the best ever.

Having fun in our yard is always a favorite pastime!! ❤

Water and Evelyn are bffs.  I could give this kid a drop of water and she would somehow manage to sop her entire outfit.  Helping wash the van was mostly squeezing water all over and splashing in the bucket, but she sure enjoyed it! haha

When your good hair day goes bad….

We are ever amazed at how frequently the younger sister beats up on the older one….  One of our most hilarious stories to date: We were driving somewhere and Abby and Evie were going round and round in the back seat.  We were talking and didn’t really notice for a while.  Finally, we realized there was an issue in the back and asked, “Girls, what is going on back there??”  Abby sadly says, “Well, Evie says she is going to do mean sings (things) to me in the morning!!”  “Uh…. what mean things?”  “Well…. I don’t remember, but she probably knows!”  I turn to look at Evie and she’s sitting in her seat SMUG as all get out.  Overall, they have a ton of fun together, but there are always those moments….

It’s always a fun day when you get to twin with a sister!!  Elly is never as excited about it as the older two.

Although Evie has never had quite as much patience for books as Abigail, her enjoyment of reading has been increasing over time.  She will actually sit and “read” books to herself fairly often now and is always excited when I have time to read a book of choice to each girl! (This pic is a little snippet dedicated to my most loyal reader – you may be the only one who even makes it this far in this way too lengthy post!!)

Books are especially sure to interest Evelyn when they are about tractors, trucks, or diggers!!

Little Miss can have an attitude when she so desires.  “I don’t wan to!” smile for the picture.

Uh-oh.  This is what happens when I turn away for literally 2 minutes when Evie is using window markers.  Hmm… they can color on windows…. how about my hands??  *sigh*

Boots + Evie Grace = a perfect look!

This set of pictures is “Just Evie.”  She was carrying on her little conversations with me as I snapped these nonchalantly.  I love capturing the kids in their element, just doing what they do! ❤

This is what Evie looks like after eating spaghetti and getting washed up at the sink.  Still sort of grubby, and wet all over. haha

Here is what Evelyn picks out to wear on a “you choose” day.  She’s stylin’ and she knows it!!  Monster truck shirt, striped leggings, and her Olaf the Snowman tall socks (on the outside of the leggings obviously, so you can see them!!).

I find this picture so hilarious.  She is standing SO straight and holding her bear just so and it just makes me laugh.  This is one of those poses I think I can picture Caleb doing as a 2 year old. haha

Sometimes I catch myself wishing they’d grow up just a little more slowly….

Although Evie doesn’t talk at quite the level of speed Abby did at this age, she is still quite a little chatterbox.  When out walking, I often have to hush one child so I can hear the other child and then listen to the other one, etc. etc. etc. the entire walk.  I never want for conversation.  Marrying Cabz, I thought for sure we’d have a super quiet kid, but…. that has yet to happen!  Unless Elly is going to be Miss Silent.  I guess we don’t know for sure with her just yet.

We are so incredibly blessed with these babies of ours!  Getting to watch them grow, learn, and change day by day and getting to be their parents has taught us SO much.  God has sure used our children to show us our great need for Him, among other things!  We love you each!!! ❤ ❤ ❤




















Evelyn is Two!!


Our little Evie Grace.  She turned the big two.  Of course, every time I asked her how old she was turning, I’d get responses like, “Free!”  “I ONE!!” and “Four!” Age is just a number, right?


I always get emotional over my babies growing up.  The day before her birthday I kept taking “one last” pictures of my one year old.  Awwww.  Don’t turn two on me!!



I got her Daddy a little sentimental too, and he made off with some one year old cuddles.  I love how much our kids love their daddy.  He is the best.





Little Miss Trouble weighs 25 lb 13 oz.  She is speaking full sentences almost all the time now.


Evelyn is our wild child, our daredevil, our feisty, impulsive, happy girl.  She is determined to do everything Abby can do.  If I would have told Abby at this age not to do something because it was too tricky/dangerous/etc. she would have instantly believed me and never even given a thought to doing it again.  Evie is simply determined to prove to me that she CAN do whatever it is and takes every opportunity to do so.


Our (at the time) one year old, was the first one to climb over the tunnel on the girls’ playground.  Abby was so proud of herself, “I climbed over the tunnel just like Evie does!” when she finally became brave enough to try it herself a couple weeks later.


Evie LOVES to swing!  She would swing all day if I had the time to push her.




Her constant cry is, “Higher, Mama!  Higher!!”


Okay, I think this may be a “Mom thing,” although it could just be a “me thing”…… but I am obsessed with my kids when they’re sleeping.  They are just so cute!  I want to watch them and cuddle them and take pictures of them all day.  Yes… prepare yourself.  Here are SLEEPING EVIE PICTURES!!!!



When you fall asleep texting……


When you fall asleep on the phone……


Clutching toys is Evie’s way of drifting off.  I know she’s out when I hear them start to drop. haha


And your classic, and my personal favorite – butts up!


Speaking of sleeping pictures….. how dysfunctional is this sleeping arrangement??  Evie naturally wants to cuddle and moves towards Abby as the night progresses.  Abby naturally likes her space and moves further from Evie as the night progresses. hahaha  We have since gotten a bed rail for Evie’s bed too, which helps keep the girls contained to their spots.


When Evie is really excited (usually because a meal is being served) she will race around giving everyone hugs.  You know she’s SUPER excited when she voluntarily is bear hugging Abby.




Sometimes Evie will announce she is going to do her tummy time.  She takes it very seriously, and I don’t have the heart to to tell her she’s too old for tummy time now.


Our little tot has been whining a lot more recently.  Sometimes I will ask her, “Evie, why are you whining?”  Usually her response will be, “Cuz…. I so tiwerd.” haha  I think she’s heard us say, “You must be tired” one too many times.  She tries to use it a lot.  When asked to do something….. “I tan’t.  ‘Cuz I so tiwerd.”

Another classic: “Ev, go get your shoes so we can go outside for a walk!”  “No, I tan’t.  I tiwerd.”  “You’re not tired, silly goose.  Go find those shoes!”  “I jus’ so tiwerd.”

Or when Abby is teasing her….. “Bi’ Sis mae me tiwerd!!”  (Big Sis is making me tired!) haha

Some of my favorite Evie words and sayings right now are:

“Boo bites” – bug bites…. The other day she was mad at her bug bites and told me she was going to dump them on the floor!

“I nee my foo fwatter!!” – I need my flyswatter.  She loves that thing.  She actually took out an aggressive bee the other day!

“I’m trying my bes!” – I’m trying my best!  Love this one.

“macs” – gnats

“I run fastly!!” – English is confusing.  It’s okay, Little One!

“dandaid” – bandaid

“My muhkey’s havin’ tizzy.” – My monkey’s having a tizzy.  That’s my word for a hissy fit. haha

“yes!” – saying the full word, ‘yes’ instead of ‘ya’ all the time… it just sounds cute 🙂

“I love you oooh much, Mama.”

“Thank you!” – She will always thank whoever prays for the meal. haha!  I think she’s so grateful when we’re done praying because it means she can finally eat.  She also thanks me profusely for food and was so cute thanking me for her birthday party preparations, which you can read more about here.


Feeding her baby – sometimes “Baby Rose” copying Abby, sometimes “Baby Eliana” like her sister.  Used to be “Baby Boy” all the time. haha  The other day Evie told me, “I just love my Baby Rose!”


Until next year, Summer. ❤


Although our Evie Grace did a great job transitioning from the baby to a big sister, once in a while she needs a little extra babying.  I had started calling Elly, “Peanut,” every once in a while.  We used that nickname for Abby and Evie when they were babies too.  The other day, I said to Elly, “Hey there, Lil’ Peanut!” and I noticed Evie staring at us with a little scowl.  She saw me looking at her and she huffed, “No, I Peanut!!”  Also, the Bumbo isn’t just for babies……


I thought it was a given that our kids would all be “Millers” through and through.  Apparently not.  I said, “Well, hello there, Evelyn Grace Miller!” a couple days ago and Evie quickly responded, “I not Miller.  I Peanut.”  She is determined that her name is going to be “Peanut” from now on.  Okay then……



Daddy always has lots of little helpers!


Library Day is a favorite with both our older girls.  They love picking out books and reading through them all as soon as we get home.  Evie’s attention span was always much shorter than Abby’s, but she enjoys listening to books quite a bit now.



She also loves to read them!!!


Sometimes your baby needs to hear some stories too.


Evelyn loves playing in the sandbox and pretending to cook for me.  Her favorite things to whip up are pizza, sandwiches, and keifer.



Evs still is completely obsessed with drinking.  She would sit and guzzle all day long if she could.  I think she’d be perfectly content to live off a liquid diet.  Her favorite drink is keifer.  I mix up my glass of keifer every morning and always make sure to pour a little in Evie’s cup too.  As soon as I start the process, she is at my side, “You makin’ tef, Mama??”  “Yes, Evie.  I make it every day.”  “You makin’ tef for me, Mama???”  “Yes, Evie.  I always give you some.”  Every morning, man.  She acts like a coffee addict with her “tef.”  The other day she stretched her arms up as I was pouring her glass and with wild eyes she cried, “I NEE it!!” She also is a big fan of Daddy’s smoothies!


Jumping on the trampoline is the best according to our little tot.  I think she would jump all day if we had our own!!


I’ll let Abby and Evie play out in the yard quite frequently, while I am sitting right inside the door feeding babies or whatnot.  It helps them stink off out there and they absolutely love running and playing.  Evie hit a stage a few weeks ago where she wants to cling to me a bit more (my kids always seem to be hanging on me, but this is more so, just to clarify haha).  She’ll play outside for a few minutes and then need to come in by me, “‘cuz I cooode” – this being the excuse on really hot days too.  In and out.  She bops back and forth.  I guess she just needs that extra boost of security for now.



The girls’ pretend play has been improving each day as Evie becomes more capable of appropriate interaction.  Her favorite opening line, “Hi!  Wha yur name?”  Abby will respond and ask what Evie’s character’s name is.  “I Goat”  or “I Cow” is Evie’s constant name choice.  I love it.



When you get in trouble and your Mama tries to take a picture of you sitting.


Every once in a while, I catch an Evie expression that is totally a Caleb look-a-like.  I feel that this is one of those!


Talking to Daddy after he got off work – this is a fought over privilege!!


I do believe this is one of my favorite pictures.


Ev Babe loved our swimming pool when it was warmer.  She would hop in the freezing cold, straight out of the hose, water jumping and screaming away!  Splashing is so fun!!





Sweetcheeks went through her bug freakout phase earlier in the summer.  However, she had a change of heart after her big sister became bug obsessed and was constantly making pets of them.  During Evie’s “panic at all bugs everywhere” phase, this was a picture of her bug spotting after waking up from her nap.  This happened daily.  She wasn’t a bit bothered by sticking an empty cicada shell to her shirt though!



Our two year old loves to laugh!!!!  She is always ready to enjoy a silly joke, a bunch of tickles, or some goofy noises!



Evelyn still lives for Fridays, aka Popcorn Movie Night at our house.  Sometimes she will get upset with me when I announce what day it is (if it isn’t Friday obviously…) and will shout, “No!  It FRIday!!”


Miss Curiosity wants to know about everything.  I hear, “Whas dat sing?  Whas dat sing called?” almost constantly sometimes.  I don’t work with Evie on her numbers and letters nearly as much as I did with Abby at this age, because one kid vs. four.  Bam.  She surprised us the other day when she burst out counting and went all the way to ten!!  She loves to count everything now!  I made a few cds the girls listen to at night and did some counting rhymes in them.  Must have been inspiring. haha





My girls’ repetitive, sometimes over the top foolish, questions come at me SO fast and SO constantly, that I admit… there are times I might not answer one of them RIGHT AWAY.  When this is the case, Evie is quick to whine, “You nah talk oo me, Mama!!”  (You’re not talking to me, Mama!!)  Some days, the headaches are real. hahaha



My big girls have two modes.  Get along really amazingly well with absolutely no fighting or constant grouching and fighting over all sorts of nonsensical things.  The other day they were fighting over a toy bunny.  It was Abby’s turn, and Evie wanted the bunny.  Abby decided to switch things up and actually offered to share the bunny with Evelyn.  Evie promptly replied, “No!  I don’t wan’ tha bunny!  I subborn.”  She’s heard her big sister telling us, “Evie’s just being stubborn” one too many times when she refuses something she really wants.




Trucks continue to delight Evie’s soul.  She loves to watch them when they drive by outside, construction sites are her favorites, and she thinks her toy trucks are great!  I let her play with her dump truck during bath time a few weeks ago.  She had it full of water and I beeped it over and dumped it out on her leg.  She shrieked, “Don’t pour water my leg!!  Thas daerous!!” (dangerous)


Evie doesn’t handle Baby Boy leaving for his visits super well.  It has always stressed her out a bit.  She doesn’t quite get the concept that Elly doesn’t ever have to leave, but he does.  If she ever notices one of the babies is “missing” she has a mini panic attack, “Where BayBoy go?!  Where Ehyee go!!?”



I love that Evie is naturally a cuddlebug.  She’s a squirmy cuddlebug, but at least she loves to snuggle! haha


Evie loves to shout, “Don’t yeave me, Mama!” when we’re getting ready to go somewhere.  I would never leave her and have never told her I was going to leave her, but that’s what she came up with.  I find it kind of funny.


Cabz and I always talk up foods that are healthy and our girls picked up on that.  Now when I give Evelyn something to eat she loves to say, “Iss hewfy?  Is so hewfy!!”  The best was when she said this after the girls each got a cake batter truffle.  “No, Evie,” I had to break it to her, “No…. these are not healthy.” haha


On garbage day, I sometimes call the girls over to the window with, “Quick!  I see the garbage truck going by!!”  The other day, Evie came running up the stairs calling, “Quick!  I sirsty!!” (thirsty)


Evie continues to grow into her big sister role.  She will often hush the babies with, “Don’t cry!  Don’t cry!  Don’t cry!  Is’ okay.  Is’ okay.”


During the last couple summer months, Evie was obsessed with and sooooooooo proud of riding her strider bike every night after our walk.  Heaven help us if we tried to skip it.  She is really good at walking it, but hasn’t quite figured out she can sit on it and balance.  I think she’s close, but weather-wise I’m afraid she’ll have to wait until spring to consistently try again.



Probably Evie’s favorite and defining phrase of the moment is: “I do it mysewf!!!”  She already thinks she is way too big and can do it all…. without any help whatsoever.  Also, if Abby can do it?  You better believe EVIE CAN TOO.





Evie Grace, you are our spunky little daredevil child and keep our days from feeling dull.  You are so enthusiastic about life and always ready for some hugs.  You can always bring a smile to my face.  I love waking up each day with you in it!!  Love you, Lil’ Peanut!!















Evelyn’s Truck Birthday Party

Evie has been determined to have a truck themed birthday for the past few months.  We have three daughters and they pick trains and trucks.  Come on now, girls!  Give me a little pink and purple frills to work with! haha

I made some very etsy copied truck birthday invites, because it was fun.


Since Evelyn’s actual birthday was on a Friday this year, we decided to have her party the following day.  I’ll begin with an account of her actual birthday, followed by party festivities.

We started the day off right with breakfast shakes!  It’s a good day for Evelyn when she gets to eat a meal via straw.


Lamby needed something to drink too.


I sure do love my little two year old!!!!!!!!!!


Evie had a couple presents sitting on the table all day, waiting for her to open when Daddy got home.  I asked her, “Who do you think those presents are for??”  And she answered in wonder, “I on’t oooh!?” (I don’t know)  It’s been quite a while since we had any presents around, so she didn’t quite grasp the idea that there was something fun inside.  Abby was more impatient waiting for present time than Evelyn was.  Abby helped me wrap them and did a great job keeping everything secret from Evie.


The big two year old!!  She’s always sure to find the best sticks out in our yard.  Totally not a danger hazard at all in her hands…..


There were some extra trucks from the pack I got for cake decorating.  Evie put those to good use.


Finally Daddy got home from work and it was present time!  Abby jumped in to help a bit with the opening.



When we had asked Evie prior to her birthday what she was hoping for, her response was always, “I wan’ eggs!  And pizza!!  And ice cream!”  We were planning pizza and ice cream for party day, so the girl got eggs for supper on her birthday.  Chowing down on some turkey bacon.


After supper, we went for our routine evening walk.  We have to enjoy every chance we get at this point!  I asked Evelyn how she felt about being two now and this was her response.  Fair enough.


Our pony and calf (not so much anymore) friends were right by the fence to wish Evie a happy birthday of course.


It was a pretty perfect day to turn two.



Alright, birthday party time!  I was really excited to make Evie’s truck cake, inspired by some ideas I’d found on pinterest of course.  As I was setting out each cake decorating item, Evie kept exclaiming, “Thank you, Mama!  Thank you!” haha  I used yellow paper and electrical tape to cover a cookie sheet “construction truck” style.


The cake was your basic chocolate devil’s food cake box mix. haha  I wasn’t planning to decorate a cake AND make one from scratch.  I had frosted with the bottom layer a couple days ago.  I put on a second layer of chocolate frosting right before decorating.  First, I stuck alternating yellow and orange Reese’s Pieces around the edge.


Then, a row of crushed Oreo cookies – frosting removed – was the “dirt” on top.  I realized later that I should have tried to put them on around a two shape, vs. coating the whole top and then trying to scrape them off the two.  That got a little sketchy.  The cake kept trying to pull up and make a disaster.  I had to refrost the two for it to even show up and that was incredibly tricky with Oreo crumbs trying to stick all over.  It was a mess for a while there, but eventually I got ‘er done.  After placing a few “dee-gars” around, the cake was finished!!  Other then Caleb thinking I had made a “Z shape” on top the cake (come on now….) it turned out perfectly.


These traffic light treats were brownies with M&M’s frosted on top.



The girls enjoyed some pre-party balloon fun.  Elly was laughing so hard about all the balloons flying around!


My birthday girl was digging being two.


There were a lot of helpers making homemade ice cream for the evening.






They were especially available during the taste testing. haha



The kids all enjoyed playing in the yard before supper.




It was great to see this cute little brother of mine.  He is totally Opie Taylor’s look alike, right?!?  SO adorable.  He even mowed our yard.



We had a demolition site, complete with a wrecking ball.  The wrecking ball was a balloon filled with sand, wrapped in duct tape and hung by twine.  Evelyn was loving this, and cracked up laughing after she knocked over the boxes.  I just wrapped the boxes in packing paper with “bricks” drawn on.



I was in a hurry and had a little dumb-dumb moment with my wrecking ball prep.  I blew the balloon up, got a funnel spout in the opening, and dumped some sand in, hoping it would somehow empty in even though it was full of air.  Well, that turned out awesome.  The sand was just sort of sitting in the funnel and although I started realizing this was a really bad idea, I gave it a little poke…. still hoping it would seep in there somehow.  It seeped a little bit and then POOF!!!  It exploded out into my face.  Hindsight is 20/20.  I know.  You’re thinking it’s a bummer no one was documenting that moment with the camera.




Evie needed a tutu, just because, so I made her the only kind I could – an elastic band with tulle knotted around it. haha  I thought it was amazing because I can’t sew at all and it was something you could wear that I made myself.  Don’t laugh too hard.



This is how she was showing everyone how old she was.  Holding up two fingers on one hand was a little too tricky.


Two days of birthday festivities was starting to wear Evie out.  It’s hard to handle that much attention!


Birthday truck decor I made, inspired by (or completely copied from) the lovely pinterest.





Excited for cake time!!


The spread…..



It was worth the wait.


Balloons and presents in the house.



We love you, Birthday Girl!!  We’re excited to help you enjoy some good adventures and learn new things this year!  ❤









Evelyn’s 21 Month Update


Okay, I debated whether or not I should do a 21 month blog for Evelyn and finally decided to go with it.  I know you might think this is overkill, but I can’t help it. haha  The deciding factor was when I scrolled through her 18 month blog – just 3 short months ago.  Evie looked so much younger I couldn’t believe it!!  If she is changing that much that fast right now, I have to jot down a few of my favorite memories, so bear with me. 🙂  Plus, I mean…. she is adorable, so who doesn’t want to see a bazillion pictures of her, right?!

Sweet Girl 1

Sweet Girl

This girl is something else.  She is definitely our little spitfire child.  We often call her our “wild child.”  She weighs 24 pounds now and mostly wears 2T and a few 18 month items.  Evelyn is at a stage where she gets very frustrated when her plans are foiled.  She wanted to hold Baby Boy and I told her not right now = meltdown.  She wanted to walk over to look at the construction trucks again, but it was lunch time = meltdown.  She wanted to stay outside longer, but it was time to come in = meltdown.  She had her bib all ready to put on, and no one was putting it on her! = meltdown.

Cute Toes

My major Evie highlight has been her potty training success.  I potty trained Abby at 18 months and she did really well with it.  I briefly attempted Evie at 18 months, but she wasn’t quite ready (“I scared!” she would tell me) and being extremely pregnant, I didn’t have the energy to really work at it.  I do think that little attempt, and a lot of talking about it since, really helped when I made my second, more successful attempt.  I decided to try again when Evelyn was about 19 1/2 months old and this time around it went great!  I think she only had 2 accidents the first day and then we were good to go!  I even braved an errand the third day and she did just fine.  She was definitely ready for it, and it has been AMAZING to be down to just two babies in diapers again.

Baby Girl 1

Baby Girl

I didn’t want Evie to wet (or worse… haha) during nap time, so I switched her to taking her nap out on the living room floor where she could use her potty as needed.  The first couple of days it took her awhile to fall asleep, but then she got over the change and has been doing very well with it.  She still really needs that nap to make it through the day.


Along with potty training, we decided to make the crib to toddler bed switch with our little Evie.  Abby’s room is pretty small and tight with just the toddler bed, one dresser and a bookshelf, so we came up with the following arrangement:  Evelyn sleeps in Abby’s old toddler bed and Abby is on a fold out cushion “bed” next to her.  It’s kind of funny, but it works.  I would just put them in the toddler bed together, but I’m afraid they would have a really hard time falling asleep.  Abby needs more sleep than Evie does right now (especially because Evie can make it up with her nap when she doesn’t get enough at night) and it’s hard enough to get Evelyn out of the room before she wakes Abby up in the morning.  For a while there she was giving a nice, loud morning scream to announce that she was awake.  I loved it when she woke up every other child in the house with that one.  NOT.

The first couple weeks of potty training, Evie would do pretty well over night, but would have an accident about once every few days.  After the first couple, I opted for a pull-up at night so I didn’t have to deal with the whole wet bed fiasco.  She definitely can’t hold it like Abby can.  When Abby was little, she would routinely wake up dry after naps and bedtime.  Evelyn NEVER would wake up dry with her diapers.  She was always majorly sopped.  She drinks a TON of liquid all day though – way more than Abby ever did.  I’m just glad naps aren’t an issue with wetting.

Bedtime 1

Because I am up all the time in the night anyway, I started taking Evie to the bathroom when I’d hear her stirring around.  I quickly noticed she was kind of light screaming/whining every time she had to go and if I got in there quickly enough I could get her on the pot.  This seemed to help her get the hang of things and with our new system she has been dry all night for the last couple weeks.  We usually take her before bedtime, again around 10:30/11 p.m. before we go to bed, and then once in the night if I hear her (this is happening less frequently).


I love Evelyn’s quick, contagious smile!  She can be such a lil’ cheezer.

Daddy and Evie

Evie Grace absolutely loves to run and jump.  She will spend close to an hour on my parent’s trampoline just jumping away.  She loves to practice running and it’s her favorite when I decide to have a slow enough walk that she can run along beside vs. riding in the stroller.  She’s getting faster and has a crazy amount of endurance.  We took the kids to a bike trail the other day so Abby could really fly on her Strider and Evie ran the entire time we were there.  Caleb and I finally decided we had to leave because Evie looked like she was about to pass out.  She was dripping in sweat and looked so exhausted, but every time we asked her if she wanted to take a break she would cry, “I run!  I run!”  She was so tired and then she kept tripping and scraping her knees on the pavement and it was so pathetically cute because she would hop up as fast as she could crying, “I brave!  I brave!  I run!” and take off again.  I could hardly take watching her. haha

Evie Grace

I signed Caleb, myself, and Abs up for a one mile run this coming weekend and I wasn’t thinking when I started telling Abby about it to prep her for the different schedule.  I was telling her how she was going to run just like her buds, Eli and Johnny when Evie began jumping around excitedly saying, “I run!  I run!”  Oops.  I tried to explain things, but it didn’t help.  “Oh, honey!  It’s a long ways!  When you get a little bigger….”  “I run!!  I BIG!”  Ya…  I told Cabz about it later and we decided we would try to have Evie run her own little “race” that day too while we all cheered for her.  Hopefully that will help. 🙂


Evelyn is very excited about colors lately.  She knows most of them, and enjoys telling me what color every single thing she picks up is.  She also enjoys counting to two.  She has this number down pat.  If there are two of something, she will let us know.


With all of our little ones, meal times are pretty early at our house.  We usually are eating breakfast around 7, lunch at 11/11:15, and supper by 5.  A “late” supper for us is 5:30. haha  Meal times have always been rough for Evelyn.  Although she gets 3 square meals a day and snacks in between, she always thinks she is about to pass away the second I start preparing food.  She gets SO EXCITED when it is “finally” time to eat.  She’ll run circles around the kitchen exclaiming, “Woo hoo!!!  Yay!  I ‘cited! (excited)  I ‘cited!!”  Makes me feel pretty special, I have to say….


Another outburst we usually hear at mealtime is, “Pray!  Pray!”  She is always reminding us of that one.  Often after Cabz or I are done, Evie will want a turn to pray as well.  We’ll get to hear her usual, “Uhh Jeeus, Bay Boooooy, Mama, Eh-yee Hope, Daddy, Bi Sis,” followed by a very emphatic, “Aaaa-MEN!”

Evie is definitely in the “repeat until you answer me” stage.  Will my girls ever get over that? haha  The worst is when she’s saying something I don’t understand because she not only wants me to respond, but she wants me to repeat the word back to her so she KNOWS I am understanding her.  Distraction is key! ha!

Piggyback Ride

The current most used Evie phrase is, “He nice!!” or, more accurately, “Ee nice!!”  This likely originated from her phase of bug fear.  For a while there, it seemed there was a fly in our house every day, buzzing around during quiet time.  Evelyn would have a little panic attack when she spotted it, “Bug!  Bug!!  BUUUUUUUG!!!!!!!!!!!”  I would calm her down by saying, “He’s a nice fly, Evie!  He won’t hurt you.  He’s nice!”  Now she uses that phrase to reassure herself whenever she’s a little nervous about something.  A really loud airplane goes by.  “Ee nice!”  A squirrel runs through our yard.  “Ee nice!!”

Outside Fun

Playing outside will always be our favorite.


Muddy Fun!

When we go new places or have people over, Evelyn has about a 20 second shy period vs. Abby’s longer one.  Then, she is running around, doing her thing.  I’ve been trying to make it to story time at the library again each week.  The first time we went it was an extremely crowded day for whatever reason.  Evelyn wasn’t sure how to react to such a full room of loud kids.  She decided to run around with her tongue out making some weird noise.  It was kind of strange, but has since become her go to thing when we’re in an unfamiliar setting.  I’m working on helping her move on because it’s a bit ridiculous. haha


Evie loves to talk to Abby through our monitor when she wakes up.  We have a camera on one so I can watch Abby while she’s in her quiet time without having to get up and check her every ten seconds.  Evelyn loves watching Abby on it. haha  She looks so grown up here!  Where did my Baby Evie go?!


Silly smug face! ha

Lil' Cupcake

During that beginning talking stage, it’s always crazy to see how much progress your kid makes in short periods of time.  From month to month even, it just blows my mind.  We’ll watch a video from a month or two ago and Evie is so much more of a baby!  It makes her look so old now – not good. haha  She’s been throwing around pretty big sentences lately.  Most people can generally understand Evie Grace – although they will tend to catch the gist and miss the cute little words in between.  Some of my favorite sentences lately……

Are you done?  I done too.

I not.

By you!  (when she wants to be next to me, or in an angry voice when Abby is scooting next to her, “Bi Sis BY YOU!”)

It is fun!

I think is nummy!  (it’s)

How ‘re you doin’?  (I answered, “I’m good!  How are you doing?” and she responded, “I busy!” ha!)

Revolving around mealtimes:

I grubby!

I slopped!

I mess….

When Evie hurts me (happens constantly) and I say, “Ouch!”  She will quickly respond, “You okay?  You brave?”  Probably because I praise her for being brave when she gets a little hurt and doesn’t have a hissy fit about it.  She is generally very brave – she’ll even fall and bloody her knees on the cement and get up and keep going with no tears!


I also love how she expresses likes and dislikes.  If it’s something she likes, she’ll have a very happy expression while cheerfully exclaiming, “I like!!”  If it’s something she does not like, she’ll squish her nose and face up and say very unenthusiastically, “I liiike,” as she shakes her head.  She’ll do the same thing with, “I nummy” (It’s nummy!) in reference to the food I give her.  Yes, I will sometimes get the negative version from her.  She is still pretty far from picky and will usually eat most anything.  She can be hesitant towards some fruits, although she tends to like them if she gives it a try.

Is nummy!

Is nummy 1

Evs has been figuring out pretend play a lot more recently.  Her favorite is making her little toys cry.  They are always bawling it up about something.  (usually about food)

Everyone and everything right now gets the pronoun “he.”  I think I hear it most often in reference to the babies.  Whenever one of them is crying, Evie always has the answer.  “He hungwy!”  I guess it makes sense when you realize Evelyn’s own contentment usually revolves around food. haha

Silly Girl

Books!  Book!  Books!

Books with Bis Sis

Thomas Jammies

My girls love the water and love playing in their pool to keep cool!  Can you tell which picture I asked them to, “Say cheese!” for?  Oh boy…..

Pool 3

Pool 1

Pool 2 - Say Cheese


When you want to swim at Emmy & Papa’s but forgot your swimsuit…. borrow a pair of shorts from your uncle, Johnny and with the help of a big safety pin, this is what you’ll get.  Dying…. haha

Johnny's Shorts

Evs is still pretty fascinated by big trucks, sirens, and tractors.  We went to watch a 4th of July parade and it had some pretty great firetrucks complete with horns and sirens blasting.  Evelyn sat there in silent awe most of the time.  It was hard to tell by her expressionless face, but she was taking it all in and loving every minute!  It kind of reminded me of the time we gave her 4-wheeler rides and she wouldn’t crack a smile to save her life, but talked about it for days afterwards and loved it! ha

Baby Face


Her truck shirts are her favorites.  The third one in the orange shirt reminds me so much of her Daddy when he was little!

Daddy's Girl 1Daddy's Girl 2

Daddy's GirlRumble

This girl is a very excited big sister.  Evie has all of the enthusiasm, but lacks a bit of carefulness.  She loves to take care of the babies.  She will cheer them up “chir up! chir up!” by setting books up for them to look at.  She likes giving Baby Boy toys to hold.  She will pry his fingers open and put a toy in them saying coaxingly, “Grahb it!  Grahb it!” (grab it).  He gets a kick out of her, although she is a whirlwind for the babies to keep track of.  One minute she’s handing them a toy, the next she is flying in for a hug.

She loves our babies, but doesn’t fully understand how gentle she needs to be with them.  A constant in our house, “Evie!  That was too rough, you need to be more gentle!”  “I sorry!”  as she runs over to “pat” their heads and make it all better.  This happens so often that now I start out, “Evie!” and she interrupts with, “I sorry!”

One of our favorites is how Evie will run up to one of the babies, get her face RIGHT in their face, wiggle her face back and forth saying, “Youuuuuu,” and then jump up screeching, “He ‘MILE me!!!” (He smiled at me!)  It’s the best when the baby “smiling” at her is actually bawling.  hahaha!

Baby Sis 1Baby Sis 2

Baby Sis

I think Evelyn’s favorite toys right now are her baby dolls.  She loves them and loves taking care of them.  It was funny because her and Abby were all about bottle feeding their babies when it was just Baby Boy at our house.  Then Elly arrived and I nurse her.  Now my girls are all about feeding their babies with their shirts up. haha  Gotta love it.


NursingNursing 1

Evie made the transition from high chair to “big kids’ table” a while back.  No one is using the high chair for now, but Baby Boy will be in it before too long!

High Chair

Big Table

Somebody loves playing at parks!!!!!  She also is obsessed with the swing we recently (finally) got hung up!

Park 2


Park 1

New Swing!

We have our popcorn/movie (quick Thomas or other 15 – 20 minute show) night every Friday.  Evelyn follows Abby’s lead and gets really excited when it’s Friday.  I’ll ask them in the morning, what day it is and Evie will start leaping around squealing, “Is Fi-yay!  Pah-corn!!  Yay!  Woo hoo!  I ‘cited!  I ‘cited!”

Popcorn Movie Night

Earlier this spring, Evie was always pushing this trike around our driveway during outside time.  She didn’t want to ride on the baby trike, but hasn’t mastered the art of pedaling.  She had fun, so I guess it was a good idea!

Pushing Trikes

Pushing Trikes 1

I love when these two are having a good time together!  They always remind me of how much fun my sister and I had when we were little.

Sisters 3Sisters 2Sisters 1

Sisters 5Sisters 4


Sisters 6

Our pretty little Evie Grace can always make us smile.  We’re so blessed to be her parents.  We love you, baby girl!


Daddy 1

Mama 3Mama 1












Evelyn’s 18 Month Update

Baby Girl

Ohhh, our little peanut is getting so big!  Okay, not really so big size-wise, but she’s been doing such a lot of growing up lately!  Her Daddy and I miss her being our baby!  This girl is extremely full of energy and already very opinionated.  It’s so funny to see what a different personality she has from Abby.  Caleb and I laugh about how crazy opposite they are in almost every way possible!  Abby is our rule following, careful, thoughtful, introverted, organized, more serious, nurturing little soul.  Evie is our wild child, risk taker, independent, smiley, extroverted, rambunctious, loud, little cuddle bug.

Evie 6

Evie 4

Even look-wise, our girls couldn’t be more contrasting if they tried!  Here is an age and outfit comparison picture at 18 months.  Also, Abby had about ten pounds more hair than Evie does. haha

18 month comparison

Evie has no qualms telling me exactly what she thinks about something.  She will eat most foods, but if she looks at something and thinks it isn’t going to be good, she won’t try it to save her life.  Usually this is demonstrated towards fruits.  The ones she will try, she always likes (aside from blackberries), so I don’t really know what her hesitation is stemming from.

Evie 3Evie2


The all time favorite food for Evelyn is CHEESE.  That probably comes from her Dad. haha  If I am cooking and pull out some cheese, watch OUT if I don’t give some to Little Miss!!  She will excitedly scream, “Cheese!!!!” as she frantically signs it and, I mean… she’s so cute she usually gets a little nibble.  If there’s a time I tell her she needs to wait, a meltdown is pretty much guaranteed.  In general, snacks and meals are some of Evie’s most anticipated times of the day.

Snack Fun

Speaking of me cooking, Evie Grace is never far off when I’m busy in the kitchen.  She loves to cry, “See! See!” as she signs it.  “Up! High! Up! High!” is another I often get while trying to make a meal.  It’s her way of begging me to pick her up so she can see what I’m cooking and talk to her about it.  This worked out okay, until she didn’t want to be set back down and this pregnant Mama can only do so much one handed cooking while holding an 18 month old.  If I tell her I can’t lift her up right now, she usually reverts to whining and clutching my leg.  It’s hard to wait patiently for your supper when you’re little.  It’s hard when you’re an adult too, but you learn the art of hiding it. 😉  Her favorite is getting to help with the cooking.  (always exciting)

Cooking Helper

Little Sis weighs 21 pounds now and is fitting into mostly 18 month clothes.  She wears a few 12 and 24 month things as well.  She fits a shoe size 5.  I’m not sure where she’s at currently on the growth chart, but I still get comments like, “Oh my!  She’s a tiny little thing!” from strangers out in public. haha

Church Baby

Last week sometime, Evie busted out her first 3 word sentence.  “I want you!”  She now uses that all the time, with almost 100% of those times being directed at Mama when she’s busy.  She was sick for a few days and one night was crying out from her bed, “I want you, Mommy!!  I want you, Mommy!”  It was kind of heartbreaking, so she got a few extra cuddles while her tylenol kicked in.

Evie Grace

Overall the girls have really been enjoying time together.  They love playing with one another and often have a lot of fun.  Evelyn is definitely not a pushover though and will not hesitate to get feisty with Big Sis if she feels like she isn’t getting to play the way she wants.  Interestingly enough, the girls often play happily the longest when Abby is allowing Evie to make a lot of game decisions.  For example, they’ll be playing with their kitchen and I’ll hear things like, “Evie, do you want to keep stirring this food?”  “Uhhh..no.”  I love how Evie will give her short responses and then Abby will provide the filler for me, just in case I’m wondering.  “Evie is all done stirring now because she thinks the cookies are done.  That’s probably a good idea!”

kitchen play

Sister Luvins

My girls also love being goofy together.  Giggly goofballs!

Goofy Girls

Goofy Girls2

Bedtime Snuggles

Apparently, Evs saw me holding my phone with my shoulder, because she has been walking around like this with her phones ever since.  We think it’s hilarious because she thinks she is soooo cool and it looks ridiculous since the only way she can get it to stay is by having her arm straight up in the air. haha!!

One Handed Phone Call

Although there was a while there when Evie wouldn’t sit through an entire book, they are officially her FAVORITES now.  She is constantly running back to the girls’ bedroom and when I ask her where she’s going she’ll yell back, “Book!  Book!”  She will often have me read her a book and then run with the same book to Daddy to have a reread.  Abby went through a stage where she was fascinated with trucks and tractors and that is definitely Evie at the moment.  Any book centered around these oh-so-interesting subjects is one I “get” to read every single day (at least once).

Stories with Daddy



Hands down, Evelyn’s current favorite word is, “Why?”  She pronounces it more like, “Hwhy?” and I hear it on average about five million times a day.  Half of those times come from her and the other half come from Abs.  Rest assured if I say anything – anything – someone will respond with, “Why??”

Big Girl

Abigail’s car seat is in the back of our van right now because there’s no where else for it (after Baby Girl #3 arrives, Evie will be moving back herself!).  Because Abby can’t quite do her whole buckle by herself yet, one of us always has to climb in, lean over Evie and finish it up.  Evie has started crying, “Scuze you! Scuze you!” repetitively until we say, “Yes, Evie, excuse me!” ha  She does a similar thing if you accidentally bump her (I have been accidentally bumping the girls almost constantly lately since I’m super pregnant and they are almost always right at my side, asking for it).  She’ll say, “Sa-wee! Sa-wee!”  Until I say, “Yes, Evie, I’m sorry I bumped you.”


Cute Little Monkey

Our little tot loves to see what’s going on and was getting very frantic about being able to see out our living room windows.  Abby would always look out and announce to me when someone was arriving at our house, and Evie was dying to do the same.  She started climbing on our doll house, which wasn’t going well, so we knew we had to find a little stepping stool of sorts for her.  Abby actually had the brilliant idea of bringing her little pink chair out and setting it next to the wall for Evie to stand on.  Evelyn loves it!!  She is up there waving bye to Daddy when he leaves for work every morning and is often peering out to see what’s happening in the world.

Window Watching

I cut Evie down to one afternoon nap a little over a month ago and she is always ready for it!  She will often run in to the bedroom asking to go to bed.  She’ll hang on her crib and cry for me to put her in.  She does this at night too if she’s ready before I get her in.  Usually she naps from about noon – 2/2:30 p.m. and then her bedtime is around 7/7:15 p.m.  She is an early riser and often wakes up rattling her crib rails before Daddy’s work alarm goes off.  Then he takes her out with him and she gets Daddy time (aka, gets to eat cereal with him) before I get up and join them.  I appreciate those last few peaceful moments lying in bed.  *Side note: Evie’s bouncer seat suddenly became extremely fascinating once Little Guy began using it.

Bouncer SillyIMG_4424

IMG_4088 edit

Evelyn has been saying all of our names for a while now, but we all thought it was really funny when she referred to our Little Guy as, “Bay-boy!” a few weeks ago.  I often will call him, “Baby Boy” and she now calls him that all the time.  She even named her favorite dolly, Baby Boy.  I showed her a picture of Abby the other day and when I asked her who it was (expecting her to say, “Abby”) she said, “Bi -is!!” (Big Sis) haha

Baby BoyBaby Boy2Baby Dolls are Best

Evie gets a kick out of pointing to all her body parts and finding them on the rest of her family too!



Our little one’s go to dance move is what we call, “The Peg Leg.”  It seriously looks like she has a little wooden pirate leg the way she bounces around. haha

Growing UpHappy Girl

If Evie accidentally hurts someone, she will quickly try to calm them down with some patting and, “Shh!  Shh!  Shh!”


Abby never outgrew her love for dogs stage (That’s my girl!) and Evie has been obsessed with them as well lately.  She will run to the window if she hears a dog barking and tells me allll about it when she sees one on our walks.  When it’s warm enough out for less layers, I have started letting Evie hang on to the stroller and walk a little with us.  She loves it, but our pace definitely takes a toll.

MowingOutside Fun

Outside Fun2

One thing my girls both love is being outside!  Anything out there is way more fun than sitting in the house.  I would have to agree.


Daddy Fun

Both of my girls are obsessed with the little guy staying with us.  If he’s crying, one or both of them will be trying to comfort him.  Evie would love him to death if I wasn’t on the constant look out, while Abby is much more gentle/nurturing with him.  Whenever he is crying, Evie also takes it upon herself to frantically announce it to me, “Ry! Ry! Ry!” until I acknowledge that, “Yes, Evie, yes!!  I hear him crying.  It’s ooooooookay!”  She also enjoys announcing that he went “Pee! Pee!” as I’m changing his diapers.  There was a time the girls were both so excited about throwing his diapers away (I guess that’s because disposable diapers were exciting to kids used to my reusable cloths… haha) that they would use teamwork and one would hand it off to the other who got to – wait for it – throw it in the trash.  Talk about a fun life, right?


Although Evie was right around 15 months old when we took Little Guy in, she adjusted really well to losing her baby status and becoming one of the big girls.  She has moments where she really wants me to hold her or just needs to sit on my lap and whine about something, but she has dealt with it all pretty well for the most part.  We’ll see how she does when Mama’s lap has two babies on it in another week or two….



Evs is talking sooooo much more lately.  She willingly attempts any word you throw at her and thinks she is speaking a lot more clearly than she actually is.  She will often come up to me with something important to say and babble it out there.  Without context, it can be difficult to pinpoint her message, so I’ll sometimes look at her questioningly and give my best guess at what she’s saying.  If I’m wrong, she will get right in my face, and very seriously repeat her babbling like, “Now you get it, right, Mama??”  It’s always a bummer when I haven’t quite. haha  Between her signing, showing me, and knowing a lot of her “words,” this doesn’t happen too frequently at least.


Sweet Girl

Evelyn found one of Daddy’s old caps about a month ago and thought she was literally the coolest thing ever wearing it all around the house.  Of course, the only way she could get it on was backwards, so that just added to the cuteness factor.

Drummer Girl

This girl’s hair (or serious lack thereof) always cracks me up.  She is finally starting to sprout a little, but it’s so spastic and the lengths are all over the place.  I should probably attempt trimming it somehow to help it out, but I mean… where do you even start with this? haha!!  I love it.

crazy hair

Evs has been enjoying working on her colors lately.  So far purple seems to be her favorite.  She thinks color cup sorting is the best, but of course whenever I try to video her doing it right, she puts on a stubborn front and does it wrong.  She asks to play with these a lot though.

Color Cups

She loves getting to do school time with Big Sis too and often gets to participate in her way.  K Week was one of my favorites because…. I had the cutest little kittens ever.  Just look at this sweet little face!!  Ahhh!!  If she wasn’t sleeping right now, I’d go give her some snuggles!

My little kittenMy little kitten2

Our little girl is obsessed with drinking.  I mean, obsessed.  She is constantly guzzling her water and milk and gets absolutely GIDDY when I give her a cup of my keifer.  I’m telling you, I can give her a cup full of keifer and she will sit there and DOWN IT in like 30 seconds flat.  It’s crazy.  She definitely out drinks me in a day.

Chugging Keifer

As much as Abby clams up or acts silly in social settings, Evie is our little social butterfly.  The more, the louder, the better as far as she is concerned.  She has no fear and would run off without a second glance if I wasn’t keeping close tabs on her.  This actually makes it much more frightening to go anywhere that she isn’t nicely contained.

Pretty DressesPretty in Pink

Church Sissies

We love our vocal, independent, cuddly little girl an incredible amount and wouldn’t know what to do without the spice she adds to our lives every day!! ❤

I love Daddy

I love Daddy2