S Week

Okay, WOW!  So, this was from almost 2 years ago now…… yup. haha  And I am finally going to post it.  I had a friend kindly remind me that I never finished posting my letter of the week ideas and now I’m feeling motivated to work on them again. haha  It’s been so long, that apparently I misplaced the handwriting, tracer, and “What begins with?” pages for some of these letters….. if I come across them, I’ll update this.  Otherwise, you know the drill from my previous letter posts anyway.  This will have all the letter activities, crafts, etc. which is the exciting part.  Also, there were a LOT of fun things for letter S. haha  It was too hard to narrow them down.  Everything sounded like fun!

We started with some paper plate snakes.  These are one of the only types of snakes I can handle. haha  The girls got to use markers (which was super exciting, because I’ll be honest and say I rarely pull them out due to the epic mess that ensues – see giant tarp underneath to protect the house) to color their paper plates.

Then, I helped them cut them into snakes.  They got really into it and made a bunch, so we used thin string and tied them up to the ceiling to make a hanging snake pit downstairs.

S is for stars and stickers!

This was one of my favorite activities for letter S: Seed Match-Up!  The girls enjoyed it too.  Science lesson on seeds. Some of the seeds I bought, but others we saved up from foods we ate during the week (the girls really enjoyed that!).

Shooting stars with streamers!  Of course, Evie had to use a lot of blue on hers. haha

Debatably the girls favorite thing all week…… taking silly selfies.  This was their first time taking selfies and it was hilarious!  There were way too many amazing ones to choose from, so these will have to suffice.

Abby wanted to take a cute selfie with Elly.  Of course, Evie wanted to follow suit. *Dying*

Science experiment time!  *Sink or Float*  This was a simple activity that the kids had a blast with!  They filled a bucket with water, gathered up a bunch of nature items from our yard, and took turns testing whether their items sunk or floated.  Of course, they continued the activity with a million other things afterwards too.  It was great fun!

S is for Sisters!  I love these precious babies!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Snowflake Stamps!  These were really easy and of course fun.  The worst part would have been the ink all over, but it actually washed off really easily, so it was all good. 😉  Don’t ask me what kind it was – no idea.  Probably just some basic washable paint.  We saved some milk jug lids, peeled off some foam snowflake stickers, stuck them on, and voila!  Snowflake stamps!

Sock puppets!  These turned into more the girls picking what they wanted and me making it happen.  Sooo, they didn’t help a ton with production, but they (for a limited time) enjoyed playing with them.  This was definitely more cute than long lasting entertainment though. haha  I only recommend it if making sock puppets sounds really fun to you.

This activity was probably my other favorite of the week!  Sound Match-Up!  We went around the house and gathered up some things that looked fun to shake.  The girls helped me put them in some old Easter eggs.

Then, they took turns shaking the eggs and trying to locate the matching egg.  It was funny to watch them concentrating and finding the match.

We have some matches!  Yay!

“Swimming” at the spray park by Daddy’s work!  What could be better??

The girls were loving this one…. Sprinkle Sandwiches!  They spread a little peanut butter on the inside of two vanilla wafers, stuck a slice of banana in the middle, coated that with peanut butter, and coated it with sprinkles.  It looks like a child’s dream, but it has a banana and peanut butter so it’s basically healthy….. right?  These were fun and worked okay, but they didn’t hold together as well as one would hope.  Kids didn’t seem to care though and would have made a mess eating them regardless to be honest. (Abby’s face in the 2nd pic hahaha)

These were a surprisingly long lasting craft, that the kids gleaned from more than I anticipated.  We made sticker color books.  I did laminate the pages later to keep them lasting longer and then put a ring through to make little books.  Because I’m extremely late writing this, I can say that we STILL have these almost 2 years later and the kids still enjoy them from time to time.

Sunglasses and swimming to end the week.  We found some sunglasses for cheap and the girls thought they were hot stuff wearing them around.  We also still have these downstairs in our dress up. ha

Abs smuggin’ it up. hahaha  When I laughed at her, she couldn’t hold the look.



R Week

R Week…..  I keep telling myself better late than never with getting these up.  You’ll see how behind I am posting this when you notice we were doing 4th of July activities….. oops.  This was such a fun week though and I can’t wait to share some of our ideas with you!  There was one fail mixed in, but the girls didn’t seem to mind. 🙂

R is for race cars and road!  I cut out some black strips of construction paper (road pieces) for Abby to glue inside her letter “R.”  Then she glued on some small, white rectangles to complete her road.  With the help of a few race car stickers, it was finished!

R is for Road

Although this lunch made me feel a little lame, the girls were thrilled with their rainbow lunch.  I realized after taking this picture that it would have been way cooler if I had arranged the food in the order of the rainbow.  I would have fixed it, but my girls were having meltdowns in the background while they waited, oh so patiently, for their food.  It was probably 11:30 a.m. for crying out loud!!

Rainbow Lunch

While we’re on the topic of food….  what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than by making festive rice krispies treats?!  The girls enjoyed whipping these up with me, although their real excitement shone through as I was dumping sprinkles on top.

Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treat Cooks

Rice Krispie Treats are good!

That’s all I did here – made rice krispies, spread them in a greased dish, and poured on some blue and red sprinkles in rows on top.  We’re all about fast and simple around here.

4th of July Rice Krispie Treats

Fourth of July Rice Krispie Treats

Abigail’s tracer and handwriting “Rr” sheets.

Rr Tracer Page

Rr Writing

What begins with the letter “R”?

What Begins with R

Since we have quite the herd at our house (haha… A really sweet, older man at church always asks us, “How’s the herd??” and I find it really funny!) and they are all on the young side, we opted out of fireworks again this year.  It’s a tradition we’d love to start up at some point, but really…. when at least 50% of our kids are going to be in tears the whole time and 100% will be on the drive home, well… it’s just not worth it yet! ha!  But, what is the 4th of July without some rockets?!  We made our own and enjoyed a nice daytime display (front row seats!) from our deck.  We used mini M&M containers and Alka-Seltzer tablets for this exciting activity found on Playdough to Plato.

Alka-Seltzer Rocketships

I broke the little, plastic connection piece between the lid and the container, so the lid could be completely removed.  Then I let the girls decorate their rockets with star stickers while I made the cone tops out of thin cardboard (cereal box).  I covered them in aluminum foil and used a glue gun to attach them to the end of the container opposite the opening.


Alka-Seltzer Tablet Rockets

Alka-Seltzer Rockets

We headed outside for the rest of the experiment.  I taped an Alka-Seltzer tablet in the inside of each lid.  Then I held the containers while the girls dropped a couple teaspoons of water inside.  They popped the lids on, set them on the deck railing, and we all enjoyed the show!

Alka-Seltzer Rockets!Alka-Seltzer Rocket Ready

The best part of this activity is that you can repeat it as long as you want (assuming you have enough tablets!).  Until the tablet is gone, you can keep adding water and letting it blast off again and again.  You may need to eventually clean and dry the lids before continuing, simply because if the lid isn’t sealing well to the container the air will leak and you won’t get an explosion.  The girls had SO much fun with this and so did their parents!  We launched the rockets again, and again, and again!

Alka-Seltzer Rocket Launch 1Alka-Seltzer Rocket Launch 2

Alka-Seltzer Rocket Launch 3

I thought this was adorable.  Abby came up with the idea of doing a rock science experiment, “because rock starts with ‘R’!!”  They filled their bucket up with water and took turns dropping rocks in to see whether or not they would float.  They were soooo excited to tell Daddy about their idea when he got home.  Too cute!  And yes, they were soaked by the end of this.

Rock Experiment - Sink or FloatRock Science

We tried another experiment later in the week: Bobbing Raisins!

Bobbing Raisins

Before you laugh too much – yes, I know they are bobbing in a green liquid.  It’s some kind of carbonated green tea something or other.  All you need for this experiment is a carbonated drink (preferably a clear liquid like Sprite), raisins, and a clear glass.  We actually never buy pop and I didn’t see a way to get just one small can, and this tea thing was really cheap so I went this route.  We could still see through it decently.  The girls dropped their raisins in and then watched as they would bob up to the top of the glass.  Once they made it to the top, the little air bubbles sticking on them from the carbonation would pop and they’d sink back to the bottom again.  The girls would get pretty pumped when they’d see a raisin start its trek to the top!  Of course, this only remained a hands off activity for about 30 seconds. haha

Bobbing Raisins ExperimentBobbing Raisin

Rainbow bracelets were a big hit.  The girls each got to pick a pipe cleaner and thread on fruit loops (er…. fruit spins?).  When their pipe cleaners were full, I twisted them into bracelets and they got to eat their afternoon snack off them.

Rainbow Bracelets

Rainbow Bracelets are Yummy!Rainbow Bracelet

The Rustic Run was a fun race for Abby!  She enjoyed running it with two of her favorite buddies!

Rustic Run

This would have been really exciting, but turned out to be our fail. haha  The girls were going to make their own raisins.  They washed and plucked a plate of grapes and we set them on a plate to dry out.  It really was starting to work, but Cabz thought it took too long and didn’t want the girls to eat them by the time they were becoming raisins.  I think it would have gone better if I had a place to set them in direct sunlight.  Unfortunately, we didn’t really have a good spot, so it did take way too long.  Oh well.  The girls didn’t mind too much when I gave them a handful of raisins out of our container instead.

Washing Grapes

Washing & Plucking

Washed Grapes

I love letting the girls paint, because they enjoy it so much, but I have to say I felt like a genius when I realized I could have them paint rocks OUTSIDE, in their swimming suits!!!!!

Rocks and Paints

Rocks & Paints

Rocks & Painting

I mean, how perfect is that?!  Go ahead, make a disastrous mess and then hop in your pool and the house is saved!  WINNING!!!!!!!

Rock Painting

Rock Painting is Fun

We read “Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister, followed by some celery/fish scale stamp painting.  It worked out well since I had some aging celery in the fridge I hadn’t gotten to.

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish Painting

Last, but not least….  Balloon Rockets!!!!!!  We all loved this one.  It’s just so satisfying to watch the balloon go shooting all the way to the end of the string in a matter of seconds.  All you need is a balloon, tape, half of a straw, and a long piece of string.  I blew the balloon up first and had Abby pinch the end to keep the air in while I used a couple pieces of tape to attach the straw.  Then, I slid our string through the straw and tied both ends to stuff in our yard.  We blew the balloon back up and let it rocket to the other end!  I’m still curious how far it could go, because we ran out of longer stretches to try in our yard!  This, and the Alka-Seltzer tablet rockets were definitely some of my favorite things we’ve tried!

Balloon Rocket Launch

Balloon Rocket







Q Week

Q Week!  Inevitably one of the trickiest letters to find activities for. haha  It wasn’t nearly as exciting as some previous letters, but I did manage to scrounge up a few ideas.

Abby made her block letter ‘Q’ into a quail.

Q is for Quail

Q is for quarters!  I dumped out our piggy bank (ISU paraphernalia, courtesy of my mother who thinks anything with ISU on it will make a great gift for us since Cabz is obsessed with them.  We’ve got candy cane tree hangers, wrapping paper, hats, and more!  Love you, Mom!  We think they’re stellar!  Keep it coming!)  and gave Abby four containers to sort the different coins.  She was loving it.

Qq is for Quarters

After she had a bowl full of quarters, we discussed how four quarters = 1 dollar.  Then, I gave her little paper cups and had her count four quarters into each one.  Then we figured out how many dollars we had.

4 Quarters Make a Dollar!

Quarter Sorting

Evie joined us after her nap and the girls enjoyed dropping every single coin back through the slot on the piggy bank.

Fun with Coins

Handwriting and tracer pages.

Qq Handwriting

Qq Tracer Page

We made “queen hats” (aka crowns) out of paper plates.  I found this idea from Pinterest off of Meaningful Mama.  The girls each colored a plate.  Then I folded them in half and made three cuts, stopping before the ruffled edge, and opened it up into a hat!

Queen Craft PreschoolQueen Hat


What begins with Q?

What begins with Qq

The girls both made paper quilts by weaving some paper.  Evie needed a little more assistance with this than Abby did, but they both thought it was fun.

Quilt Weaving

Quilt Craft

I made a math quiz for Abby.  She was very excited to show Daddy when he came home that she was doing math just like he was!!


I knew I wanted to have the girls do some q-tip painting and was really happy with the way my dandelion idea turned out!  Evie’s was a little rough since she was more into smearing than dotting, but Abby’s was so cool!  I loved them both!

Qq Painting

Q-tip Painting DandelionsQ-tip Dandelions

Q-tip Painting

P Week

P Week has been our longest “week” yet as it started prior to Elly’s birth and didn’t end until quite a while afterwards! haha  It was a good letter to be stuck on though, as we found a lot of great activities to go along with it!  Get ready for a long post of fun. 🙂

One of the girls’ favorite “Pp” activities was our picnic on the deck.  They were looking forward to that for a long time – mostly because we never eat pb & j’s. haha


Abby’s handwriting and tracer page practice:

P Handwriting

P Tracer

What begins with the letter “P”?

P Objects

We used our favorite play-doh recipe and attempted to make purple play-doh, but it turned out a bit more on the gray side.  Mixing food coloring to make purple is hard. haha

Making Playdough

Homemade Playdough

Stirring Playdough

I should have just bought the good stuff and it would have been prettier.  Oh well.  The off color didn’t seem to interrupt the girls’ fun!


Purple PlaydoughPlaying Playdough

Evelyn hasn’t done a lot of painting in her life and thought painting pink pigs was the best!


Painting Pink Pigs

Can you tell who painted each one?

P is for Pig

We had a lunch that all started with “P”!  Pulled pork, peas, and peaches (or pears)!

P lunchP Lunch!

We had some unplanned “Pp” fun right after Elly arrived.  One of my wonderful aunts, Christy, sent us an awesome package!  The girls were loving it, because it was full of fun new books to read!  We love our books around here and something to occupy the older girls was just what we needed in that moment.  I could hardly pull them away for bed time.

Package of FunPackage Books

Package Reading

Speaking of bed time, the girls got to have a “Pajama Day” to celebrate our letter of the week.  Abby was thrilled about this because she has a Fancy Nancy book where Nancy has a pajama day too.  Of course we had to reread that one a few times.

Pajama Day 4

And yes, Evie has Thomas jammies.  She thinks Thomas is cool because Abby does.  Go figure.

Pajama Day 2Pajama Day 1

P is for pudding!!  Yummy!


P is for pink and purple!

Pink and Purple

The girlies both enjoyed making princess hats.  We went with the colors pink and purple for the cone part.  The girlies loved sorting through my ribbon bag and choosing which ones they wanted for their hats.

Princess Hats Preschool

They each had sparkly “princess” stickers to decorate their hats with as well.  I just used plain old yarn for the string part, which didn’t work the best, but the fun was in making them!

Pretty Princess 3Pretty Princess

Preschool Princess Hats

We gathered some good looking pine cones on one of our walks and used them for this fun experiment.  We tried putting one pine cone in a glass of cold water, one in a glass of hot water, and one in an empty glass.  Some people online had said their pine cones reacted pretty instantly, but ours took so long, we found something else to do and came back to check later.

PineconesPinecone Experiment

The pine cone in the empty glass stayed the same, all opened up.  The one in the hot water closed just a little.  The real exciting pine cone was the one we placed in the cold water.  It had closed all up very tightly.  This is because the pine cones open up to release their seeds in nice weather and in cold, damp weather they close tightly to keep them inside.  Pretty cool.

Pinecones!Pinecone Changed!

Pinecone Folded in

The next day, we used a couple of our leftover pine cones to make bird feeders!  (Or annoying squirrel feeders as it turned out)  We tied a piece of twine to each end, spread peanut butter around them, and then sprinkled bird seed all over.

Pinecone Peanut Butter Feeder

Pinecone Feeder

The girls were all business hanging them up in our tiny pine tree.

Pinecone Bird FeederPeanut Butter Bird Feeder

Homemade Bird Feeder

P is for personal pita pizzas with pepperoni!  We just made these and ate them cold and they were pretty tasty.  I pack something similar to this as our “lunchables” when we go somewhere over lunch time.  Evie had a hard time actually getting the cheese ON her pizza.  Every time she took out a big handful, it went straight to her mouth.  Oh dear…

Pizza Time!

Pita PizzasPersonal Pita Pizzas

Penguins and pom poms helped Evelyn work on her colors.  Abby enjoyed “helping” her too, although this looked more like Abby completing a color and telling Evie about it.

PomPom Penguin Color Sorting

Penguin Colors

I’ve been wanting to try out the decorate and bake idea with glass plates/mugs/whatever, and this was a great opportunity to try out plates!  We found white, glass plates at the dollar store and used sharpies (this was a little scary with Evie, but we survived) to color them.  (yes, I made one too, although I guess I didn’t take a picture of it)  After the marker had dried overnight I stuck them in the oven and turned it to 400 degrees for 40 minutes.  Once they were done, I turned off the oven and let the plates completely cool inside.  As I had read elsewhere, the sharpie color does change somewhat in the process.  It definitely becomes less vibrant, but it did stay on.  I haven’t tried washing them yet, but I did read you should hand wash only as the dishwasher can take off the color.  That shouldn’t be a problem for us, since we haven’t yet used a dish washer in our married life. haha  We even own one now and don’t use it!

Plate Baking

Coloring Plates

Evelyn wasn’t very excited about this picture.  She thought we were going to fill her new plate with snacks and was way more about that idea.


Plates Baked

Our final fun was a trip to a new park!  Evelyn was all over the place, going crazy and loving every minute.

Park 1

Park 2

Park 3

Park 4

Abby enjoyed it as well, but was much more excited about all of the flowers she could pick.

Park 6

Park 5



O Week

We’re back!  No promises that our letter weeks are actually going to be only a week long at this point – with 4 littles, there are just some days we don’t fit school in, much to Abby’s disappointment.  She informed me the other day, “Mama, kids are supposed to do school with their Mamas every day, not just sometimes.”  My bad.  Just let me finish feeding the two screaming babies, change 3 diapers, and then….. oh bummer.  Now it’s time for lunch. haha  Someday we will get back on track, darling girl. 😉

This octopus was a lot of fun!  Abby wanted to use one color for each number and carefully (painfully slowly) selected the perfect beads.

Octopus with Beads

Octopus with Counting Beads

Of course we had to attempt an octopus snack to go along with our craft.  Yes, I realize these turned out super creepy, but the girls thought their oreo octopuses were the best!  (If anything, they ended up looking more like spiders – ew!)

Octopus SnackOreo Octopus Snack

Oreo Octopus

Abigail turned her block letter “O” into an owl!

Block Letter Oo Owl

I thought our owl snack was quite a bit cuter than the octopus one. haha

Owl Snack YummyOwl Snack is Tasty

Owl Snack with Berries

Here are Abigail’s handwriting practice and tracer sheets.

O Handwriting Practice

O Tracer Page

What begins with the letter “O”?

O is for

Abby enjoyed this shape worksheet I made for her.  There were six different shapes she needed to color according to the chart.  I scribbled the corresponding color over each word so she could do this more independently.  Of course we started with the ovals because oval begins with “O”!

O is for Oval

O is for orange!  Abby ripped pieces of orange streamer into little bits, crumpled them up, and glued them on my circle template to make this orange.  It would have been more effective if she wouldn’t have kept referring to it as her pumpkin. LOL  When Daddy got home, she announced, “O is for my pumpkin I made!!”  He was a little confused….

O is for Orange

This is a set of animal science cards I printed off (thanks Google images).  I wrote a few different facts about each animal on the backs and Abby loved learning about them all!

Preschool Science CardsO Learning Cards

Finally, here is a set of opposite cards I made for Abby.  She enjoyed matching them up and talking about all the pictures with me.

Opposite Cards

Opposites Preschool

Opposites Card Set


N Week

N week is later than ever.  I think we are finally over the flu around here though!  Or at least, past the worst of it.  We’ve had our roughest winter yet with sicknesses.  No matter how careful I tried to be, the girls kept on catching things – one cold after another.  I can’t say I’m sorry cold season is (almost) over. *sigh*  We had maybe a week off in between colds the entire winter long!!  This last “fun” we experienced was some most unpleasant Influenza A.  It came complete with crazy high fevers for 2 – 3 days (104 + ), sore throats (strep in Evie’s case), bad coughs, nauseous stomachs,  diarrhea, loss of appetite, and headaches (ear infection in Abby’s case).  The girls were miserable with it.  They were pretty much wiped out on the couch for a few days, alternately crying, sleeping, and lying there miserably.  Little Guy got a slight fever, as well as a bad cough and lost his appetite for a couple days, but we’re hoping he has avoided the super high fever part.  I had to drag the kiddies to the doctor a couple of times on top of hitting two of my OB appointments during the sick period.  Caleb and I dealt with ourselves being sick mostly over the weekend, and somehow Caleb managed to not miss any work as a result.  It has been a REALLY FUN last week to say the least. haha!!  However, on a positive note, we are thankful Baby didn’t get the really high fever and we are also very thankful I somehow missed that symptom as well!!  There were a few people praying I could avoid it and I think that made the difference!  My OB was pretty worried about me getting the high fever since she told us she just had another pregnant mother hospitalized for a few days because of that. (Oh good.  Now we know where my kids picked this up. 😛 )  Anyway, we’re still coughing a tad, but for the most part are very grateful to be moving on!  Now if we can just stay healthy through Baby Girl making her arrival…..

Since the girls were excited for Easter to arrive, we themed a couple of our activities with that in mind.  The girls had so much fun with this number Easter egg hunt!  I put a magnetic number (1 – 10) in each egg and hid them around the living room.

Number Hunt with Easter Eggs

Who needs candy when you can find numbers?!  I mean…. come on.  They wanted me to hide them again and again and again… until I passed the role on to them and they took turns hiding and finding.

Number HuntEaster Egg Number Hunt

Hunting for Numbers

Number Hunting

We made edible nests for snack one day, supplied with little candy eggs that Daddy brought home from work.  I had seen the kind using chow mein noodles and I just wasn’t feeling it.  I know they are probably tasty, but it sounded weird and I didn’t want to watch the girls eating those things.  Maybe it’s a pregnancy thing.  Regardless, I chose to just melt some chocolate, dip some pretzels in it, and let them build their nests with that instead.

Nest Snack

I had some sneaky sneaks swiping pretzels while they were getting dipped.  Caught in the act, girlies!!

Sneaking PretzelsPretzel Sneakers

It was a mite messy and definitely not quite as cutesy, but the taste was spot on!  We let them set in the freezer a minute before eating to contain at least a bit of the mess.  As you can see, that worked reaaaaaally well.

Nest Snacks with Eggs

Messy Eater

What begins with “N”?

What begins with the letter N

Abby filled in her block letter “N” with strips of newspaper she cut and glued.

N is for Newspaper

Of course we had to pick out some pretty purple nail polish and paint Abby’s nails!

Nail PaintingPainting Nails

The girls helped me dye some noodles pretty colors.  We poured 2-3 cups noodles into 4 separate gallon baggies, added a few tablespoons of vinegar and about 1/2 – 1 teaspoon food coloring to each bag, and the girls shook them up until the noodles were nice and coated.  I assisted with carefully dumping them out on parchment paper to dry.

Noodle DyingDying Noodles2

Red NoodlesBlue Noodles

Dying Noodles

Once they were ready to go, the girls made noodle necklaces!  Evie was so excited about wearing these!  Abby didn’t want to model hers, but Evie had no problem putting them both on for the camera.

Making Noodle Necklaces

Threading NoodlesNoodle Necklace Modeler

Abby used some of the leftover noodles to create noodle art!  She used “a lot of green because Daddy really likes that color.”

Creating Noodle Art

Noodle ArtNoodle Art for Preschoolers

Evie found ways to play with the leftover noodles as well.  It was all cook and stir until the dumping began.  Then she cried to me, “Mess!!” and quickly exited the scene.  Thanks, Sweet Pea! 🙂

Playing with Pasta

Noodles everywhere

Abby’s “Nn” handwriting and tracer pages.

Handwriting Page for the Letter N

N Tracer Page

I thought this was a good week to start doing some name spelling practice.  I made 4 of these name sheets for Abby to use (one for everyone in her family) and she thought they were pretty cool.  Evie liked the picture of Abby so much she kept hugging it until it will probably never look quite the same again.

Name PracticeName Spelling Practice

The girls loved making newspapers for Daddy to read when he came home from work.  Evie’s looked strangely akin to scribbling and unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it.  Here are the pages from Abby’s though.  She wrote, “News” on the front and I helped with the rest of the writing.

Homemade NewspaperMaking Newspaper

Newspaper for PreschoolersWeather Page

The Letter NSick Girl

M Week

M was a fun (and extra long) “week!”  The girls started it out making these awesome marble paintings.  I kind of wanted to make about a million of these!  Aren’t they awesome!?!

Marble Painting 5

Marble Painting 4

The girls used my lightweight aluminum baking dish to put their papers in.  We used old yogurt containers to put the different paint colors in.  Then, the girls used a spoon to get the marble good and coated before carefully scooping it out and plopping it on their paper.  They loved watching it paint the paper as they tipped the pan around.  Evie needed some major supervision as she would have had the pan upside down without, but she thought it was pretty great too. 🙂

Marble Painting 2Marble Painting 3

Marble Painting 1

Abby made a mosaic to fill in her block letter “M.”  Evie thought it was fun that Big Sis let her stick some papers on as well.  Abs also made a shamrock mosaic because it’s March!

Mosaic Letter MM is for Mosaic Shamrock

Abigail’s handwriting, tracer, and objects that begin with “M” pages:

Letter M Handwriting PageM Tracer Page Preschool Learning

Objects that start with M

The girls beg for experiments all the time, so they were thrilled when I told them we would be doing a milk experiment this week from laughing kids learn!  I poured some milk in a bowl and each girl got to drip some food coloring in.

Milk Experiment 1

Milk Experiment 2Milk Experiment 3

After checking that out for a bit, we squeezed a drop of dish soap right in the middle and watched the food coloring quickly sweep to the sides.

Milk Experiment 5Milk Experiment 4

Of course after all that watching, I let the girls each poke a toothpick around in the colors and that was quite possibly their favorite part.

Milk Experiment 6

When we were hanging out at my parents’, the girls had their aunties and uncle help them decorate a giant mural.  We had to hang it up for a while so everyone could admire it.

Mural Preschool


We had ordered a little magnet set in preparation for “M Week” and it was a huge hit with the girlies.  They loved playing with it and testing it all out!!  Here’s Evie giving the horseshoe magnet a try.

Magnet Exploration 1

There were two little cars with snap in magnets.  They would connect or spin away from each other based on how you held them.

Magnet Exploration 2

The girls both loved this little magnetic pole.  It had some magnets you could slide onto it.  They thought it was great when you would push down on the circular magnets and watch them bounce.

Magnet Exploration 3Magnet Exploration 4

It also came with two little ladybugs and a maze.  Abby was pretty good at holding a magnet underneath the maze and guiding the ladybugs through it.  The girls’ parents had some fun with this set too!

Magnet Exploration

Another day, we used the horseshoe magnet to do some magnet exploration of our own.  Abby helped me collect a variety of objects around our house.  Then she guessed which things would be magnetic and which things wouldn’t.  These were her guesses:

Is it Magnetic Guesses

Then she gave it a try and came up with these results:

Is it Magnetic Results

Afterwards, she thought it would be a fun idea to try and pick up all the magnetic objects at once with her horseshoe magnet.  She managed to do it after a couple tries!

Horshoe Magnet Preschool Learning

Our last activity was homemade maracas.  The idea came from Made Everyday and was a lot of fun!  It was great for this time of year since you need Easter eggs and we are all getting excited for Easter around here. 🙂

The girls spilled spooned some popcorn seeds into their eggs and then I helped them tape them between two plastic spoons.

Homemade MaracasHomemade Maracas 1

I let them use permanent markers to decorate their eggs which was a debatably good idea in Evie’s case.  She loves using markers, but doesn’t get the whole – when you aren’t coloring yet are still holding your marker, it continues to color things for you.  Oh well.  We weren’t planning on keeping our living room rug forever anyway, right?

Homemade Maracas 3Homemade Maracas 2

Shake, shake, shake!

Homemade Maracas 4

Muffins were a yummy snack for “M Week!”  Check out our current favorite, Raspberry Yogurt Muffins.  Yummy in the tummy!

Raspberry Muffins are Yummy!

Raspberry Yogurt Muffins