L Week

L is for letter!  My friend, Brittany, had just visited us (one of my girls’ favorite people) so Abby thought we should write a letter to her.

L is for LetterL is for Letter3

Brittany is so wonderful that the girlies got a letter back in a matter of days!  It was an exciting moment. 🙂

Letter from Brittany!

Abigail’s handwriting practice and tracer page.

L handwriting preschoolL Tracer Page Preschool

Abs was so excited about practicing her letter “Ll’s” all week.  She was loving writing them with sidewalk chalk outside.


Color, cut, and glue objects that begin with “L.”  For our block letter, Abby practiced some lacing.

Objects that start with LlLacing Block Letter L Preschool

We tried making some homemade lemonade which was a lot of fun!!  The girls thought it was great!

L is for Lemonade!

First, I sliced a lemon in half and let them each try sucking on it.  They were forewarned it would be very sour!!  As expected, I got some pretty good little pucker faces afterwards.  To my great surprise, they both went back for more and would have kept at it if I didn’t cut them off and continue the process. ha!

Lemon TastingLemon Tasting1

Lemon Tasting2Lemon Tasting3

Next, we dropped their lemon wedges into ziploc bags and the girls added about 1/2 cup of water and 2-3 teaspoons of sugar to each bag.  Then they squeezed their lemons and shook their bags.  I taste tested a couple times to make sure they were sugared enough.

Lemonade - adding sugarHomemade LemonadeMixing up Homemade Lemonade

When their lemonade was ready to go, we stuck a curly straw in and they slurped away!  I think it was a successful experiment.  Abby later was telling Daddy all about it, “And lemons are sour!  Until we put salt in!”  I quickly assured him it was actually sugar.

Lemonade Slurping

Lemonade with a curly strawLemonade!

For Abby’s quiet time, I set up a little laundry station where she could “wash” her dollies’ clothes and hang them up to dry.  We used an empty plastic bin for her washer and a piece of yarn nailed to the wall for her clothesline.  It was a little tricky for her to manipulate the clothespins at first, but she quickly got the hang of it and thought it was pretty fun.

preschool laundry clothesline

L is for Laundry Preschool

Abigail still enjoys the rock ladybugs from her ladybug number leaf matching activity.  She can easily count to ten, but will often get distracted when I’m having her count something.  Instead of carefully pointing to each object as she counts out loud, she will start to trail her finger, look away, and count until she runs out of numbers.  This was good for her since it made her slow down, look, and think about what she was counting.

Ladybug Counting

The concept of long vs. short was pretty familiar for Abby, so this was a quick worksheet.  She enjoyed it because she got to use glue, while being closely supervised.  I let her use a glue stick independently on two different occasions now and both times she ended with glue smeared all over her papers and empty glue sticks.  According to her, “I just got kind of excited there about my glue!” haha

Long or Short Worksheet   Long or Short Worksheet Preschool

Our lion craft involved paint, which is always a thrill.  Abby dipped a fork in orange paint and used it to make a mane all around her lion’s face.  Afterwards, I let her use up her pile of paint on some scrap paper and that was probably her favorite part.  Messiness is best!!

Fork Lion Mane Preschool Craft

Duplo counting stacks were another way we reinforced careful counting this week.  Abby really enjoyed building the lego stacks just like the pictures, carefully selecting the right colors and doing it all by herself.

Lego Counting

Lego Math Duplos

We did some light experiments before bed one night.  We had just purchased a cheap flashlight, since we somehow didn’t have one up until now.  The girls each took turns running around the dark house and playing some sort of hide and seek game with us.  Then Abby helped collect a few household items and guessed which ones the flashlight would shine through and which ones it wouldn’t.  She was actually right for every guess, except for the aluminum foil.  The aluminum foil and the book were the only two it couldn’t shine through.

What can light shine through

We had Abby practice shining the flashlight at specific objects throughout her room. Then it was time for the finale.  Using a colander, we held the flashlight underneath and created a star filled room!  It was hard to capture on camera, but really awesome!!  You should definitely try this at home. 🙂

Flashlights are fun!Flashlight Sillies

Bedtime Stars

Making StarsLight Star Show


K Week

We attempted key paint stamping to fill Abby’s block letter “K.”  It was definitely messy, but she thought it was fun.  I ended up having her use a little paint brush to coat one side and then she would pick it up and flip it onto her paper.

Key Paint Stamping Block Letter K

Abigail’s letter “K” tracer page.

K Handwriting Page for PreschoolersKk Tracer Page

Handwriting practice and what things begin with “K?”

Kk Handwriting PracticeWhat begins with K

I had fun making some interactive pages to go with “The Three Little Kittens” children’s rhyme.  Abby loved learning it and playing with the little mittens.

3 Little Kittens Activity Page

Three Little Kittens Preschool Activity

K is for Kittens Preschool Activity

Three Little Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens

I made the girls little kitten ears to wear and *gasp!* drew on their faces with marker to complete the look.  They thought it was the best!!  Evie decided she wanted her whiskers and nose washed off long before her big sister.  Abby kept hers on (and stayed in character) until her bath at the end of the day.  She found a pair of socks to wear as “mittens” later on, but I missed a picture of that.  She has been role playing a kitten (Rosie) every day since.

You look like a kitten!

My little kittenKitten Costume

Kitten EarsKitten Dress up

My Little Kittens

Abby loved making her own little kite.  I cut out a diamond shape for her to color and then punched a hole at the top and bottom.  Through the bottom hole, I tied a tail string for her to thread colorful straw pieces on.  Through the top, I tied a piece of yarn she could hold to “fly” her kite around the house…. which she did very enthusiastically up and down the hallway until she had pelted into Evie one too many times and we had to call it quits.

Kite Preschool Activity

Kite Preschool CraftKite Straw String Activity

We attempted a homemade kaleidoscope.  Abby’s favorite part was getting to decorate the outside of a toilet paper tube roll with pieces of craft tape.  She got to choose from a variety of kinds, cut off pieces, and stick them on all by herself and she was loving it!!

Homemade KaleidoscopeCutting Tape!Kaleidoscope Preschool Activity

I folded up a piece of aluminum foil (sorry, I didn’t have any reflective or mirror paper available like all the pinterest sites called for) into a triangle shape and put that in the tube, leaving about 1.5″ of empty space at one end.  Then I shoved in a plastic circle.  Abby picked through my sequins and dumped her favorites on top of that.  Then I taped a second plastic circle on the end to hold the sequins in.  On the opposite end, we taped a little paper circle with a small peek hole in the middle.  It didn’t end up working the best, but it was still enjoyable.  Evie thought it was our usual “tooter horn” tube at fist.  After some persuasion, she attempted “looking” through it, but she never quite caught on. haha!!

Toilet Paper Tube Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope FailTrying out the Kaleidoscope

J Week

Abby’s handwriting and letter “J” tracer pages.

J Handwriting PageJ Tracer Page

J is for jellyfish!  I’ve done this craft with children I’ve cared for in the past, and I typically like to use a paper bowl since it’s a little sturdier to work with.  However, when you aren’t as prepared as you should be, a coffee filter works in a pinch. 🙂

Jellyfish Craft with Coffee Filter

First, Abby chose a color and painted her coffee filter.  After it dried, she cut eight strips of blue streamers for the tentacles.  She enjoyed taping those on.  Then we glued on some big googly eyes and I helped her tape a string to the top so she could make her jellyfish “float” around the house.

J is for Jellyfish PreschoolJ is for Jellyfish

Find and fill in the letter “Jj” page.

J Find Page

Jello starts with “J” so we had to make a batch of that.  We usually slice up a banana and pour in a can of fruit cocktail to make it more exciting.  The girls were excellent helpers.

J is for JelloCutting up banana

Jello starts with JMaking Jello!

…. and excellent taste testers. 🙂

Yummy jello!Jello!!

What starts with the letter “J” cut and paste page.

What starts with the letter J

Abigail made some jingle bell jewelry (a bracelet) using a pipe cleaner and jingle bells.  Not that I ever have to wonder where she is (talk, talk, talk), but there was absolutely no doubt left when she was jingling around the house with this all day! 🙂

Jinglebell JewelryJinglebell Bracelet

Finally, Abs glued “jewels” in her block letter this week.

J is for Jewel Preschool CraftJewel Preschool Craft


I Week

This is majorly overdue, but I’ll just blame that on my children and the brand new little guy who has been staying with us.  Things have been a bit more chaotic around here, to say the least.  The best is definitely the appalled looks when I drag around 2 kids and a newborn while I am massive at 30 weeks pregnant.  The looks of extreme confusion and pity I get are pretty priceless.  I can see it all over their faces, “Aww, look at that sweet baby!  WHOA!  That mom is still HUGE!  Poor thing.  I’ve never seen anyone struggling that much to shed their baby weight!”  I’m quickly learning not to care about what other people think of me.  Even most of the people who recognize the situation think we’re crazy (it’s okay…. by now, we know we are!).

Letter Ii post – here we go!

I is for insects!  Abby filled in her block letter “I” with insect stickers.  I also found some fun insect images from Google and laminated some insect cards for her.  She loved hearing the names and learning a few facts about each one.

Block Letter I for Insects

Preschool Insect Cards

Abby’s letter “Ii” handwriting and tracing practice.

Letter Ii Handwriting PracticeI is for Itchy Tracer Page

This was a fun “I” craft that allowed for beginner scissor practice, which is always a hit.  I gave Abby rectangular strips of paper and she cut each one into smaller pieces.  Then she glued them as kernels on her Indian corn.

Indian Corn CraftScissor Cutting Practice

Indian Corn Fall Craft Letter I

Find and color in the letter “Ii” page.

Find Letter Ii Page

I combined Abigail’s “I is for” and “J is for” pictures this week and had her sort them onto the correct page.  She thought that was pretty fun.

I and J Sort

Ii is for page

Ideally, I wanted to use marshmallows for this activity, since it would still be possible to see the igloo afterwards, but I didn’t plan ahead enough so we ended up using cotton.  Abby still thought it was fun.  You can’t go wrong when you get to glob glue around, right?

I is for Igloo Cotton Craft

I is for Igloo Cottonball Craft

Finally, the girls got to try out some ice experiments this week!  First, we talked about how water turns into ice in the freezer and Abby got to pour some water into our ice cube tray.  We added a drop of food coloring to a few of the sections and popped it in the freezer for later.

Preparing Ice

After quiet time, the ice was ready!  First, I gave Abby a bowl of hot water and a bowl of cold water and she got to put one ice cube in each bowl to find out which one would melt faster.

Melting Ice

Hot and Cold Water with Ice

Our next ice experiment used the colored ice.  It was kind of a fail, but the girls still thought it was exciting.  I poured some baby oil in a baking dish and as the ice melted it was supposed to form colorful droplets all around in the pan.  You can sort of see that happening here, but not as well as it did on pinterest. haha

Colorful Ice with Baby OilBaby Oil with Ice

Melting Ice in Baby Oil

Our final ice experiment was the best!  The girls each got to set an ice cube in a bowl full of water.  Then, they tried laying a string on top of the ice and nothing happened.  But once we tried again, this time sprinkling a little salt on top of the string/ice and waiting about 10 seconds, the string stuck to the ice!  I was impressed how long the string stuck on the ice.  The girls each played with theirs for about 5-10 minutes before it broke off and we had to do it again.  Evie was so proud that she got to do the experiment too.

Salt, Ice, and String ExperimentIce Experiment with Salt and String

Ice on a String!Ice Stuck on a StringProud Girl


H Week

Abby used heart stickers to fill her block letter H this week.

H is for Heart

I had Abigail practice writing uppercase H on a blank piece of paper first.  Then she enjoyed trying out her second letter tracing sheet.  I thought she did really well with that again.

Letter H Writing Practice

H is for Horse Tracing Page

Confessions of a Homeschooler had some hippopotamus size sequencing cards available.  After Abby had them sorted appropriately, I asked her questions like, “Which hippo is the biggest?”

Hippo Sequencing

Hippopotamus Size Sequencing

Our letter Hh color, cut, and glue page.

Word that start with H

Since we actually had our letter Hh week prior to Thanksgiving, we made a turkey with hand traced feathers!  Abby enjoyed practicing tracing around her hand.

Handprint TracingHandprint Craft

Handprint Tracing Turkey Craft

Inspired by my old Bethel College days, we made homemade harmonicas!  Abs had a little trouble blowing, because she somehow forgot how to blow. haha  The harmonica pictured in the back is actually one I made in a college teaching class. haha  Don’t ask me why I’ve saved it all these years.  The tutorial for the one Abby made can be found at Make it and Love it.  While this one worked okay, the one I made back in college still is the best model I’ve found!  We would have done one similar, but I didn’t have any of that type of tape.  I’m not really even sure what kind of tape that was.  It looks similar to masking tape, but it’s smooth on top, not the more textured feel of your usual masking tape.  Hmm… I’ll have to look around the craft section next time I’m at Wal-mart.

Homemade Harmonica Instruments

Harmonica Craft

Honey-nut Cheerios, diced ham, and hot chocolate were a few snacks we had to celebrate letter Hh!

G Week

I didn’t catch all the way up through letter “I” this weekend, but at least this is some progress! 🙂  Letter “Gg” week……

G is for green, glitter, and glue!  And that’s what Abigail used to fill her block letter “G” this week.  I had her use a small sponge on a stick to wipe glue all over her letter.  Then she shook green glitter on until she was satisfied.

Green Glitter

Letter “Gg” writing practice.

Letter G Writing Practice

This week, we started something new – letter tracer pages!  I had made a bunch of these, but wasn’t sure if Abby was ready to use them yet.  I helped guide her hand for the first one and to my surprise, she did great with the rest!  I think we’ll keep this as an activity each week from here on out.

Gg Tracing Page

G is for goat.  My girls love animals, so they had no problem loving up on some of my little sisters’ goats. 🙂


This was my favorite “G” activity.  I made gumball machine counter pages and slipped them in sheet protectors so we can reuse them!  Abby enjoyed getting to use so many dot stickers.  The stickers peeled off of the sheet protectors really easily too, so they can also be reused!  Double win. 🙂

Gumball MathGumball Counting

Gumball Machine Math

Gumball Counting Sheets

F Week

F is for FUN, am I right?!?  I don’t really know why, but that’s what popped into my head.  Anyhow….. Abby used feathers to fill her block letter “F” this week.


Abigail’s capital “F” letter writing practice page.


This flower craft was a lot of fun! (See?  F is for fun!)  First, she painted a paper plate yellow.  After it was dry, she used her scissors to cut slits along the outside and create petals.  Then, I gave her a few, rectangular strips of black construction paper and she cut it up to make a bunch of sunflower seeds.  Finally, she glued the seeds all over the middle of her flower.  I thought it turned out cute!  I was really happy with this idea since it was the perfect scissor practice for Abby.  She isn’t to the point of trying to cut something out along a line or anything, but she loves working with her scissors (see smug smile).  She could focus almost completely on simply holding and mastering the open/close concept with her scissors since she was literally just cutting across the rectangle to make a small square shape fall off.



We were in the midst of Fall season during this letter, and we made sure to utilize the beauty!  Abby helped me glue together this fox face.  She enjoyed it, but REALLY loved creating her own unique fall masterpiece afterwards.  I let her cut up some scraps of paper and use the leftover leaves we had collected and she had a blast cutting and gluing!



On one of our many walks, we collected a bunch of beautiful leaves and Abby made a crayon leaf rubbing book with her favorites.  I thought it would be fun if we wrote the name of each tree above the leaves, but we never actually got that done.  Maybe next year. 🙂


Learning about “F” made a good excuse to visit Papa’s farm!




Abigail loves beads.  She always has enjoyed sorting and manipulating them, so I wasn’t surprised when she got a kick out of this activity.  She got to pick through all of my beads and thread her favorites onto a pipe cleaner.  Once it was full, I helped her twist it into a fish shape!




Going with the fish theme, the girls enjoyed fish (goldfish crackers) for snack a couple times this week.  Abs also worked on her math skills with this fish counting sheet.  I’m hoping to create my own and at least go up to ten, but that’s a future project since I missed getting it done this week!