Learning to Recognize Family Names

I wanted a simple, fun way for Abby to start recognizing the names of everyone in her family.  She knows which letters our names start with, but now she can clearly see all the letters.

Name PracticeName Spelling Practice

I printed off 4 sheets of white cardstock, each with one of our names at the top.  I taped a picture of each family member on as well and stuck them in clear sheet protectors for long lasting use!  I printed off another sheet of cardstock with all four names on it and cut them up into individual letters.  Those I covered with contact paper before sticking some velcro to the backs.  With more velcro on the outside of the sheet protectors, Abby can practice spelling our names independently and I can even check them later to see how she did!  She has an easy time putting her letters in the proper order while using the name above as a reference.  I’ll probably let her get familiar with this process a few more times and then try covering up part or all of the name and see how she does!

Name spelling DaddyLearning to spell names

Learning my NameName Evelyn


Felt Pizza

Abby was having quite a bit of trouble going to sleep at bedtime over the past couple months, so we decided it was time to nix the afternoon nap thing.  It was definitely a bit of a struggle at first (major melt downs every evening for a while there….), but it’s going much better now and bedtime/sleeptime happen almost simultaneously and that is awesome! ha

Getting rid of naps, most definitely doesn’t mean getting rid of quiet time though!  That time of day not only gives me a chance to accomplish things (or more likely breath a sigh of child free relief) but Abby really benefits from taking a little break.  I love that this time encourages her to think for herself, use her imagination, and play independently.  Her quiet time typically lasts a couple hours (approximately from noon to 2).

For the first almost hour of quiet time, Abigail reads books from her overflowing bookshelf or plays with her babies (changing their clothes is a current favorite).  After that first span of time, I bring her in a new activity to play with and explore.  This, felt pizza, is one of them!  I made one whole pizza and one sliced up so she can serve it on little plates.

Felt Pizza Quiet Time Activity

This was really simple to make and stores easily in little ziploc baggies.  Our toppings are: sauce, pepperoni, green peppers, sausage, and cheeses!  I’ve seen other people use mushrooms and black olives, but…. yuck. 🙂

Quiet Time Felt Pizza SliceFelt Pizza Slices for Quiet Time